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Julius Steinhoff - Out In The Woods - Geography

A - Mischeief Of One Kind & Another
B1 - Out In The Woods
B2 - Zealand

"Second drop on Geography records from Sweden, and delivering a nice ep by Smallvilles Julius Steinhoff that goes in the same deep, melencholic mood as the Aniara releases that somehow, just like this record, always reminds us of the endless forest and nature in the nordic territories. " Clone

Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid - Input Selector Podcast 084

LWE Podcast 75: Baaz


01. Vincenco, “My Vibrations” [Raw Elements]
02. Mike Dunn, “Deep Lat’n Soul Thoughts” [Deep Soul]
03. Classic Man, “Mellow” (From The Deep Mix) [Nervous Records]
04. Agnès, “Untitled” [white*]
05. Boobjazz, “Midnight Ceremony” [STIR15 Recordings]
06. Scott Grooves, “Feels So Good” [Soma Quality Recordings]
07. Marvin Dash, “Model Turned Programer” [STIR15 Recordings]
08. Unknown artist, “Untitled” [white]
09. W & P Hgg, “Sleep Scott Heron” (Deep Explorer Edit ft. The Lady Blaktronica) [Deep Explorer]
10. Boo Williams, “Day And Night” [Rush Hour Recordings]
11. Wbeeza, “All Those Beats” [Third Ear Recordings]
12. Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen, “Untitled” [Balance]

domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Norm Talley - The Journey (Remixes) - Third Ear

A - The Journey (Panther remix)
B -
In Yo Soul (Scott Grooves beats)

"The classic The Journey track remixed by Scott Grooves... essential Detroit house music.Beatdown Brother Norm Talley's 'The Journey' cut is given a much needed remastering (by Stefan betke aka Pole) and reissue treatment by Third Ear backed with 'In Yo Soul'. It's a pure lesson in house minimalism with a basic formula of 909 percussion, filtered strings and a killer bassline completely perfected for the club. Comes backed with the cool Beatdown track 'In Yo Soul' to kick your crowd into the groove." Rush Hour

Jacques Greene - Another Girl - Lucky Me

A - Another Girl
B1 -
Holdin On (Braiden remix)
B2 - The Look (Mark Flash remix)

"With the dust barely settling on The Look EP, LuckyMe start 2011 with another Jacques Greene 12” . Another Girl is a brand new A Side backed with remixes from London heavyweight and Rinse FM futurist Braiden and Mark Flash from the very legendary Underground Resistance movement !" Rush Hour

FaltyDL - Dummy Mix 64


  1. FaltyDL - Endeavour
  2. Floating Points - Peoples Potential
  3. Kerrier District & Black Mustang - Mad As Hell
  4. Konk - Your Life
  5. Oriol - LW
  6. Troubleman - Have A Good Time
  7. Rick Wilhite - Get On Up!! - Theo Parrish (Late Dub)
  8. Caribou - Sun (Midland Re-Edit)
  9. Martyn - Shook Up
  10. Scuba - Feel It
  11. Boxcutter - Factory Setting
  12. Anthony 'Shake' Shakir - Arise
  13. Derrick May - Strings Of Life (Teas)
  14. A Made Up Sound - Rear Window
  15. UR - Nocturbulous
  16. Derrick May - Strings Of Life

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Carl Craig - 20 Years Planet E (Essential Mix)

Mokira – Time Axis Manipulation - Kontra Musik

Tracks km018.1

A1 - Time Track

B1 - Time Track Silent Servant remix

"Part I – 'Time Track'. Mokira's Time Track is the deepest of dub music and electronic gear has seldom sounded this organic. Rolling cords and bassline builds slowly towards the dub meltdown. On the b-side Silent Servant (Sandwell District, Historia y Violencia) produces a rolling wall of sound. This is a high energy, metallic sounding dance piece ready to serve djs around the globe." Clone

Tracks km 018.2

A1 - Axis Audio

B1 - Axis Audio Echospace Model I

"Part II – 'Axis Audio'. Mokira once told Kontra-Musik that three analog tape echoes are needed to produce one Mokira track. When listening to the track Axis Audio you can hear why. Metallic bursts of sound hits like waves on an Irish shore in autumn. Kept together by a solid bassline and a fragile melody Axis Audio is an excursion in beautiful sounds. On the b-side, Echospace (Deepcord, Modern Love) makes you dance. It is distorted, it is minimal, it is raw and last but last not least, it is oh so funky." Clone

Tracks km018.3

A1 - Manipulation Musik

B1 - Manipulation Musik Redshape Tape Dub

"Part III – 'Manipulation Musik'. Manipulation Musik is the darkest and most cinematic piece on this collection of EPs. Delicate manipulated melodies and melancholic strings moves in and out of a crackling and distorted soundscape, telling an experimental sound tale with a sad ending. On b-side Redshape (Present, Delsin) makes a remix solely using sounds from the original. Redshape described his tape dub version like this: “think disco dub, plonk & pain”." Clone

viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Sankt Göran - Some deep and some don't mix

Chicago Skyway,Specter & ChicagoDeep Live Acid

The Great Traitor - The Great Traitor - Remnant Records

A - The Great Traitor
B - Echoes Of The Great Traitor ( Monolake Version)

" Ethereal avant-techno/breakbeats from an unknown US operator, backed with a sumptuous and extended Monolake version. 'The Great Traitor's self-titled entry weaves fragments from the legendary Conet Project shortwave recordings (if you don't know - go seek!) into a rugged mesh of hardcore breaks zip-locked with close and muggy atmospherics. In the hands of Monolake this becomes the 'Echoes Of The Great Traitor'. The shimmering pizzicato strings of the original are digitally iced and diffused into a gaseous state while the rhythm is subjected to typical Henke refinements. Its 'ardcore drum angles are erased to leave ghostly halfstep comtrails in the air, hanging over subliminal bass swells swooning with fragile yet dynamic force, the atmospheres oscillating between cloistered and wide open with dizzying, head pressure-altering effect." Boomkat

VA - My Friends - Shanti

01 - Anton Zap & Djungl - We Are Satisfied
02 - Rick Wade - Sexy Rostov
03 - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - Marwencol
04 - Lay-Far - A Piece Of Devotion
05 - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - Marwencol" (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra remix)

New compilation on Shanti Records including 4 deep tracks on a 12″ and 4 digital exclusives tracks. Tracks from Anton Zap & Djungl, Rick Wade and The Saint Petersburg Disco Spun Club.

Lowjac - Slowjac - Bliq

A1 - Frontal Rainfall
A2 - Hatfield Junk
B1 - Hatfield Junk (XDB Goodtimes mix)

"Deep detroit , basic channel inspired techno tracks. XDB delivers a cool bassline driven remix that goes somewhere between old chicago and more athmospheric techno." Clone

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Italojohnson - Italojohnson 3


"The mysterious Italo Johnson returns with his third masterpiece. The A-side brings back memories of Chicago, with an instantly recognisable sound. Slowly but surely the the track opens, working through a breakdown, a classic drum roll and a euphoric meltdown... B1 provides an unusual twist to the 12". There’s no space for compromises here; the acid hook & the industrial drumline give the track its meaning. Finally the second track on the flipside completes the whole package and is destined for the late night hours." Phonica

Cuticle - Confectioner Beats - 100% Silk

A1 - Merciful Swound
A2 - Flair
A3 - Towel
B1 - Approaching Global/Serenety's Sequel
B2 - Shrine
B3 - Nurbs

"Unstably zonked post-dancefloor amazingness from the triumvirate of Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell), Daren Ho (Driphouse) and Brendan O'Keefe (Nimby). Like Hell's skewed Yoyo Dieting take on Chopped 'N Screwed HipHop last year, this 12" takes a crooked look at the last 25 years of House and Techno, assimilating the sound from outside in and making it buckle into dizzying, disoriented refractions of itself. The label liken it to a Tron-esque matrix, which is pretty apt, but this is like Tron programmed by James Ferraro (f*ck, we'd love to hear him do a 100% Silk 12"!), full of blind jump-cuts into a hybrid analogue/digital multi-tiered cyber-clubscape for those who were barred from The Endless House. Dosed-up, we wander through catacombs of womb-like rooms, the individual sub-sub-genre sounds of each DJ blending into the next with nauseating effect (or perhaps that was the mescaline stars?)." Boomkat

MD0 - Sepone Wisdom - SD Records

A - Sepone Wisdom
B -

"Smashing debut by secretive new collective md0 on SD Records. Sepone Wisdom and Mwahaha are fresh and inspiring cuts of Asian electrowave meeting The Hague acid. Live drums with an irresistible acid line and lush vocals from Asian ladies give both tracks a unique blend of styles." Clone

Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument .01 - Dust Science

A - Strung Valve Checkout
B - Dada Fish Sticks

"Dadavistic Orchestra is a post-industrial ambient collusion between the Black Dog and 3 former members of legendary Dutch ensemble, The Psychick Warriors Of Gaia (Tim Freeman, Arbe and Robbert Heijnen). Doused in anti-establishment rhetoric, the project's first offering is two sides of beatless ambient drifts taking us right back to the mid-'90s. 'Strung Valve Checkout' roams through cybernetic fields of lonely piano keys and widescreen HD drones with a deeply-rooted feeling of cyber-tribal psychedelia. 'Dada Fish Sticks' is more blissed, but in that synthesized Dutch pharmaceutical sense, with a sharp edge that keeps you aware this is all a simulation. " Boomkat

Pangaea - Inna Daze / Won't Hurt - Hessle Audio

A - Inna Daze
B - Won't Hurt

"Over a year after his eponymous Hessle EP, Kevin McAuley augments his sound to a 130bpm (or thereabouts) style of deep Technoid ruffige compatible with label brethren Elgato or more recent 2562 beats. Squaring up to 'Inna Daze' we're faced with a rugged rollers figure, broad, shoulder swinging bass with a Monolake-esque finish synched to hip-tucking, fake-out drum programming pecked with feverish diva yelps and siren stabs. On the flip, 'Won't Hurt' starts out pensive but soon enough brings the bass weight like some 2005 DMZ classic, only at 130bpm and with hair-raising Detroit techno strings delivered like a true badman." Boomkat

Ron Trent - Lost Tribes Regained - Future Vision

A - Oduwold
B1 -
Open Roads
B2 - The Clan Speaks

"The first of a three part series titled Lost Tribes. Three instrumental house tracks all dance floor tested by RON himself. Oduwold, Open Roads and The Clan Speaks. Must for all Ibadan, Sacred Rhythm fans! More heat from Mister Trent." Clone

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Isaev B + Cutout Classics (Vol.3) - Balance Alliance

A1 – Isaev - Levitation Fligh
A2 – Isaev - Free Falling
B1 - Home & Garden with C. Damier - In and out” (JT Donaldson Prescription Kick Back Dub)
B2 - Ron Trent/Chez Damier - Warfare (Unreleased Studio Edit)

"New artist Isaev with Ron Trent and Chez Damier sharing 1 record. Deep classic house tracks" Clone

Christopher Rau – Background Series #5 - Ethereal Sound

A1 - Onion Smell
B1 - Tooth Brush & Rain

" Part 5 in the background series. 2 deep tracks from mr Rau with nice raw jacking beats layers under atmospheric sounds." Clone

G Man - Quo Vadis (reissue) - StyraxLeaves

A - Quo Vadis
B1 -
El Jem
B2 - Sparticus

ncredible techno record, Quo Vadis, El Jem and Sparticus was made in 1994/95, and released in 95/96. You can feel the influences of classic Maurizio and DBX here. Already one half of LFO, Gez Varley definitely proves with this record that he can be a genius!" Clone

James Kumo / Produktion Podcast / Deep Art Agency


1. James Kumo - Space Dancer [Dan Curtin Remix] - Metamorphic Recordings
2. James Kumo - Coming Home - Curle Recordings
3. James Kumo - Fluid - Ann Aimee Records
4. James Kumo - Walking Into Space - Falkplatz Records (June 2011)
5. James Kumo - Alphawave - Ann Aimee Records
6. James Kumo - Bang! - M_Grey Records (April 2011)
7. James Kumo - Trip Trap - Falkplatz Records (June 2011)
8. James Kumo - Dreams [Tribute to Delsin Mix] - Ann Aimee Records
9. *Ku.Bo - Detox - Self Defence Records (June 2011)
10. James Kumo - Slap! - M_Grey Records (April 2011)
11. James Kumo - Back At The Rex [Peter Van Hoesen Remix] - Curle Recordings

James Kumo // Produktion Podcast // Deep Art Agency by James Kumo

Houseville Of Skylax - Skylax Records

A1 - Jacob Korn – Falta de sueno
A2 - Mano le tough – Going the distance
B1 - Marcos Cabral – How we got there
B2 - Jaime Read aka LHAS – Party Talk

"Strong selection on This Houseville of Skylax ep feature 4 cuts by respectively Jacob Korn, Mano le Tough, Marcos Cabral (from Runaway fame),Jaime Read aka L.H.A.S. ranging from old school chicago to more modern german house." Clone

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

QUIETUS 007d - Bvdub – One Last Look At The Sea

1 . No Love Lost
2 . My Only Friend
3 . The House Above The World
4 . Just You Wait
5 . A Sisyphean Silence
6 . One Last Look At The Sea
7 . The Wall Between

"3 years ago I made an album titled “One Last Look at the Sea”… As many of you know, it was supposed to be released on Somnia, but the label closed. Then it was supposed to come out on 2 other labels, one of which also closed, and the other of which went on an indefinite hiatus.”

“So what I have decided to do is to offer my humble thanks to all who have supported not only Quietus in the past, but my music in general both past and present.”

Direct download: Mp3
Direct download: FLAC

Rude 66 – Two Worlds 1992-1998 - Crème Organization

01 - Two Worlds
02 - Rude 66
03 - Acid Trip Soft
04 - Two Much For Brown
05 - Hotrods
06 - Minus 8 Remix
07 - No Cure
08 - La Route
09 - Images
10 - Mosh
11 - Smog

"Rude 66 aka (the even cooler-monikered) Ruud Lekx presents a long-overdue retrospective compiling Acid, Techno, IDM and Ambient tracks from his DJAX and Acid Planet daze. In a similar vein to the legendary Unit Moebius, these tracks show the traces of Chicago House, Benelux EBM and Detroit Electro-Techno which informed the notorious West Coast sound, from snappy acid tweakers like 'Acid Trip Soft' to smacky techno on 'Too Much From Brown' and beatless sewer-scapes such as 'Images'." Boomkat

Policy - Speciality Party - Rush Hour Current Direct Series

A1 - Speciality Party (vox)
A2 -
Speciality Party (instrumental)
B - Lights Over Fort Lee

"Shocking debut entry from NYC's Policy on Rush Hour's excellent Current Direct series. Apparently signed up on the strength of a demo, part time movie director, Policy has a sharply defined programming style all of his own. This is best heard on 'Specialty Party' where flickers of not-quite garage patterns fall into bewildering, mutant Brokebeat formations, kinda like the runty offspring of Falty DL. With 'Lights Over Fort Lee' he displays an aptitude for sprawling, cinematic arrangements, again with a distinctly unique personality. Rush Hour are touting him as their contender for best newcomer of the year" Boomkat

Bjak feat Janet Cruz - Blessing In Disguise - Deep Explorer

01 - Your Love (feat Janet Cruz - main mix extended)
02 - Your Love (feat Janet Cruz - Above Smoke remix)
03 - Free 2 Love

"Opening with the magic of "Your love" where Janet & Bjak made a duet with an infectious chorus under a deep and solid song which one you will be ringing in your head for a long time.On the flipside, Above Smoke makes his interpretation of the same tune, hot beats for the floor in a hipnotic and progressive way.To close the Ep, the flip has a little house gem called "Free2love", performed by Bjak with a melancolic sound between Chicago and L.A. " Rush Hour

Einóma - Lost & Found - Shipwrec

A - Bla
B1 - BF
B2 - LF

"The record features one long new track on the A-side as well as two older and previously unreleased pieces for the B-side. The main track ‘Bla’ was conceived after editing real-time and live sessions made for gigs after the release of last years ‘Tvenna’ EP. The sound material ‘Bla’ was initially made from was quite old and the idea and title of the EP ‘Lost and found’ came about, reworking of older ideas in a new setting. The A-side demonstrates the more dancefloor side of Einóma while the B-side explores the more dark and dense regions Einóma have become more known for." Clone

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Satore - A Winter's Tale - Minuendo

01 - A Winter's Tale
02 - A Winter's Tale (Ernie remix)
03 - Wild Tide
04 - Wild Tide (Ordell remix)

"Minuendo arrives the 20th release signed by the comeback of Satore to the label that gave his first chance with First Causes Ep in 2009. Based in Madrid, the artist presents "A winter tale" , an ep full of stunning deep house where Satore shows his dub techno influences with a result perfectly suited to the dancefloor. Also the remix of the heads of Minuendo, Ordell and Ernie." Minuendo

Suspect - The Tevo Howard Files - Thug

A - Bleeding For Your (Tevo Howard remix)
B1 - Looking Down (Tevo Howard remix)
B2 - Stretched" (Tevo Howard remix)

Remix package of Suspect... not sure who the artists is, but the title suggest its another Tevo Howard project?! Retro Chicago tracks with analogue drums and synths." Clone

Deep Raw & Real Part 3 - Quintessentials

01- Lukatron - Aspect Ratio
02 - Radiq - Luv N Pain
03 - Cottam - "Work It
04 - Deymare - So Real

"Quintessentials again invited some hot producers for some deep, raw and real tunes and the result is a fine mixture of contemporary global house music. Part 3 features Lukatron, the new project by the classic man Luke Solomon (as already heard on his full EP, Quintessentials 17) and japanese wizard Radiq, who's in people's mind since his Philpot release. The flipside offers the mighty Cottam, famous for his self titled ''Cottam'' releases plus up and coming Deymare from Finland." Clone

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Marcel Heese - Promo Mix February


01 Sandwell District - [Sandwell District]
02 Vinalog - [Relative]
03 Marcelus - [Deeply Rooted House]
04 Sandwell District - [Sandwell District]
05 Frozen Border - [Frozen Border]
06 Skudge - [Skudge]
07 Ben Klock - [Ostgut Ton]
08 Robert Hood - [M-Plant]
09 Delta Funktionen - [Ann Aimee]
10 The Transhumans - [Transhuman]
11 Jeroen Search - [Orbis]
12 Dimitri Pike - [Wildtek]
13 Surgeon - [CLR]
14 Plant43 - [Semantica]
15 Pearson Sound - [Hessle Audio]
16 Peter van Hoesen - [Komisch]
17 Mike Parker - [Geophone]
18 Planetary Assault Systems - [Mote-Evolver]
19 Forward Strategy Group - [unreleased]
20 Redshape - [Delsin]
21 Shadow Runner - [Tesla Electronics]
22 O/V/R - [Blueprint]
23 Lucy - [Mote-Evolver]
24 Norman Nodge - [MDR]
25 WK7 - [Power House]
26 Shed - [Ostgut Ton]
27 Sandwell District - [Sandwell District]
28 Robert Hood - [Dekmantel]
29 Forward Strategy Group - [Perc Trax]
30 The Martian - [Red Planet]

Marcel Heese - Promo Mix 2011-02 by fac303

Skudge - Unknow - Skudge XXX


Proper techno tool from Skudge.

Underground Quality Radio Show - The Jam Session live @ Club Tape, Berlin

My Take On AMR (Altered Moods Recordings) by ChicagoDeep

Track list

Jenifa Mayanja-Desire More
Malcolm Moore-Looking U In The I (Dreamily)
Steven Tang-Over Easy
Serendipity-Trust Your Feelings
Rezkar-Mystic Jungle
Trackmachine-The Awakening
Malcolm Moore-Red Eyes And Blueberries
Chicago Skyway-Pilsen Sunrise
Serendipity-See The Beauty
Rick Wade-Interstate 94
Specter-Short Stack
Chris Gray-Mysteries Of The Ampalaya
Malcolm Moore-Interstate 80
Malcolm Moore-Luvfatuation (Lost In Ames Deep Pain Mix)
Trackmachine-Futuristic Journey
Malcolm Moore-N. O. M. A. D. Mood

My Take On AMR (Altered Moods Recordings) by chicagodeep

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Joy O - Wade In / Jels - Hotflush Recordings

A1 - Wade In
A2 - Jels

"These two productions take a more straightforward approach, toeing along the lines of classic house music, infused with this talented producer’s own signature style, weaving rolling acidic basslines in “Wade In” and uplifting melodies in “Jels” and over shuffling Roland drums and blissful atmospherics." Stholdings

ORACY presents Some Real House Classics & More!

Prostitune - Justfixit - Just Another Beat

A - Justfixit
B - NJ Turnpike

Warm chord driven techno tracks with a slightly more laidback feel to it.

Szare - Horizontal Ground 08

A1 - Document
B1 - Pressure
B2 - Triplicate

"Finished product off the Horizontal Ground production line: three tracks of dry groove mechanics from Szare. It seems each new Szare 12" shows a carefully considered, incremental evolution in his style. The A-side shapes those trademark subs with leaner muscularity while teasing in a Millsian, SITS-style synth drone. The B-side comes confidently funkier, all slipping, Housed-up gear changes for the dancers, followed by a sticky, minimalist electro swinger." Boomkat

Reggie Dokes - House Is My Soul - Ojo De Apolo

A1 - House Iz My Home
A2 - House Iz My Home (Mindlo Deeper Mix)
B1 - My Soul Reaches Up
B2 - She's On My Mind

"Mr Dokes with his trademark sounds and beats doing good for the house nation! House Iz My Home comes in a remix version of Mindlo aswell. Another dope Reggie Dokes record!" Clone

214 - Drift Diving - Harbour City Sorrow

A - Drift Diving
B1 -Porous Surfs
B2 -Sidestepping

"Seattle's 214 (TwoFourteen) is next in line for some HCS ear candy. His Miami roots are clearly present in his strong booming beat programming but Puerto Rico born Chris Roman has more tricks up his sleeve as his style crosses many borders. It's a solid electro-techno affair on this EP. Drift Diving could easily be a Warp/Schematic like track from the IDM heydays. Sharp electro rhythms combined with deep string laden melodies, pads and very strong attention for detail are the ingredients for this beautiful piece of machine funk. Porous Surfs on the flip is an epic ambient scape that sounds if it comes from 4000 feet deep. The EP finishes off with Sidestepping, an electro-techno track that has a smart modern arrangement with very big bombastic string parts that will appeal to fans of ERP and the likes" Clone

Rivet - Inside Looking Out - Naked Index

A - Inside Looking Out
B1 - Hovedtelefon
B2 - Vermont

"Three tracks of spectral Techno with a real rugged finish from someone called Andy Rivet - on what would appear to be a Frozen Border-affiliated imprint (their email address is the only give away). The A-side is a relentless dry groover deploying swooping subbass and sandpaper-textured rhythms with moody pads. B-side features one dub-touched roller and a killer Breakbeat-driven jack-off kinda reminding of Shed's recent Power House productions." Boomkat

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miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

DaRand Land - Foregrounds And Backgrounds - Downbeat

A1 - Think-ing
A2 - Middelesex (D4l Edit)
B1 - More Than Roots
B2 - Interlude -3 Of Me
B3 - Glowing Night ( Lau Meets Land Mix)

"The 4th Downbeat release is by DaRand Land. A talented producer who in the beginning of the century, released several jewels on Deep4life. Now, after years of introspection, he presents 5 deep house tracks with warm and smooth synth lines where it can be guessed his self-confessed predilection for Larry Heard and Wayne Gardiner. Music with soul for dancing with eyes closed. " Downbeat