sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Omar S/Kai Alce - Jive Time: Unreleased Beats [Ndalt Muzik]

A - Jive Time(bonus beats)

B - Incognigro(bonus beats)

It says something about the production qualities of Omar S that he can make a stripped-back drum track sound like an essential purchase. This limited 7" offers two deliciously simple but bombastically effective drum tracks that should appeal to those who like to pepper their mixes with cute percussive interludes. Both tracks are stripped-down, 808-heavy grooves based on a pair of collaborations with Kai Alce that first appeared on the Jive Time 12" in December 2010. The percussion is of course spot on, with plenty of repetitive claps, 808 cowbells and, on flipside "Incognigro (Bonus Beats)", the most subtle of deep house chords. Excellent.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

STL - When The Time Has Come [Something Vinyl Series]

A1 - Loop1

A2 - Loop2

A3 - Loop3

A4 - Loop4

A5 - Walking Blind

A6 - Alpha Centauri

B1 - Death Proof

B2 - Supersonic

Music is about passion, not competition. In this spirit the Something vinyl series continues again with another STL record in his diy do-what-you-wanna-do style, including 3 house tracks aswell as a astro-science thrilling farspace interlude and loop introductions. The ascetic elements on this ep are the result of an isolated one man musical universe, where the love and passion for sound research is perhaps the strongest driving force behind the machines output. A bit of squelchy mircowave-acid, some sunny analog sequences and someting that seems to come out of a lovely b-movie track, where humanoids moving death proof onto the dancefloor feeling addicted to the groove. Something 18 is probably that kind of vinyl which can be enjoyed the most when the time has come to loose yourself and let things flow into the positive.

Anton Zap - Background Series #6 [Ethereal Sound]

A - Clarksville

B - Love Boat

After releasing a spate of 12s in the spring, Anton Zap has been rather quiet of late. This contribution to Ethereal Sound's continuing Background Series sees him in fine form, laying down two deep and loopy groovers for late night crowds. A-Side "Clarksville" sees him playing with rising and falling synths, cosmic effects and quietly bumpin' deepness, all wrapped up in his usual dozily hypnotic production. It's surprisingly light and airy, which is something that can't be said for the heads-down groove of B-Side "Love Boat". Atmospheric, percussive and eerily dark.

Balans 009 - Quince

Magic Mountain High (Move D & Juju & Jordash) LIVE @ Bird ROTTERDAM 2011-12-02

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

NP14 | Joey Anderson

Jus Ed & Joey Anderson - We Are Never Alone [Inimeg]

A1 - Jus Ed - Jus Flex Ed Up

A2 - Joey Anderson - We Are Not Alone"

B1 - Joey Anderson - Coal Iz The Color Of My Soul

B2 - Joey Anderson - Granite

Diverse cosmic House divinations from Jus Ed and Inimeg Recordings head, Joey Anderson. UQ don Jus-Ed sets the tone, taking the opportunity to step out of his usual 4/4 bracket with a beat-down and Bassy swinger at 113bpm with 'Jus Flex Ed Flip', but the star of the show is surely Joey Anderson. A-side he's playing ruff-but smooth with the balance of chaotic, alien signals and robust, Qu-alike rhythms on 'We Are Not', while flipside we find him scanning the extraterrestrial quadrants of 'Coal Is the Color Of My Skin', somewhere between Hieroglyphic Being and Jeff Mills, beside the rugged, prmitive pound of 'Granite'. Tipped for fans of DJ Qu, Africans With Mainframes etc.

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

The Analog Cops & Blawan - Cursory [Vae Victis]

A1 - Sickle

A2 - Aurum

B1 - Illy

B2 - Quarto

The Analogue Cops and Blawan rekindle their shared love of raw House and Techno with this ace 4-tracker, mixed up through machines and then recorded to tape. The project, a 6 hands affair, sees the duo teeming up for the second time in as many months, but this time the recording process provides a much more demented feel to proceedings, unleashing bare arrangements with a nice line in jazzy wooze that imbues the opening "Sickle" with an almost Sound Signature vibe, while closing track "Quarto" oddly reminds us of the raw machine funk of Prince at his LinnDrum prime.