lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Alienata - Life Notes Radio Show On Viasound

Peace In The Streets Mixed by Levon Vincent


Low / MD
Fingers, Inc. - The Path
Dj Qu - Prayer
Ame - Fiori (Dixon Mix)
Martyn - 24 (Redshape Mix)
Dj Qu - Mixing Room
Morphosis - Cetrik
Ron Trent - Feel the Rhythm
Ability II - Pressure
Tim "Love" Lee - The Tortoise
Throbbing gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
Simoncino - Touch
Sudge - Void (Conforce Mix)
JC Freaks - The Wandering
Fred P - Incredible Adventures of…
G-Marcell - Four Winds
Marshall Jefferson - Stay in the Life

Jose Rico - Yagoba Itzoiten [Downbeat]

A1 - September Rain

A2 - September Rain (Urtzi remix)

B1 - Stage

B2 - Ciclico

After being enclosed for several years with his MPCs and synthesizers, José Rico carries out the fifth Downbeat 12”, influenced heavily by Detroit, Chicago and the gorgeous chords of jazz. The record starts with “September rain”, a classic deep house track with warm percussion, deep synths and an untreated piano. Perfectly capturing the mood of its title. Urtzi reworks it into a darker, more downbeat affair with spooky synths and a warbled bassline. Again the beauty lies in its restraint and sophistication. Flip over for “Stage” and its untreated drums, Hammond, vibes and keys placing it somewhere between Tetrode and Deep Transportation. Possessing an infinite quality that desires the track to be endless; definitely a record for the hazy daytime hours anyway. Finally we close on “Ciclico” and its strange but welcoming piano stabs and wobbly bassline. Gorgeous, and completely hypnotic. A diverse release for deep house lovers.

Hieroglyphic Being/Specter/Aroy Dee - Elusive Triumph [Sequencias]

A - Hieroglyphic Being – Night Thoughts(2AM remix)

B1 - Specter – Padded Cell

B2 - Aroy Dee – Shuffle

In the list of ways to impress with your debut release, Sequencias score highly with this triple drop of typically forward thinking house manoeuvres from Mathematics boss Jamal Moss, Aroy Dee from the M>O>S stable and your man Specter. Jamal Moss heads the queue with the disjointed, primal thump of “Night Thoughts (2am Mix)” under his Hieroglyphic Being guise, presenting the sort of almost scary house deviation that somehow crams several disparate elements together under one unifying, if off kilter rhythmic thrust. Those who were taken by the alien sounds of “Pipe Bomb” Specter’s release on Sound Signature earlier this year will no doubt be interested by “Padded Cell” which delights via the growing acid oscillations and the percussive sensations that positively bounce off the elastic bassline. Aroy Bee closes proceedings in fine style via “Shuffle” which is dipped in that all too elusive vintage techno flex, sounding very much like the product of 1980s Detroit as opposed to modern day Amsterdam.

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Basic Soul Unit - Soulspeak [Dolly]

A1 - Soulspeak (Shed remix)

A2 - Soulspeak

B1 - The Long Way

B2 - Flying Through The Fog

BSU delivers his personal blend from Chicago house, Detroit Techno, UK post Detroit techno.No one less then Shed is on remix duty here.... His mix comes with a rough attitude taking it into a direction of some of the famous early UK producers like Aphex Twin and Global Communications.

Omar S. - High School Graffiti

Scion A/V Presents: Omar S. - High School Graffiti by ScionAV

miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Kowton - Show Me [NakedLunch]

A - Show Me

B - Keep Walking

After drops across Idle Hands, Keysound and a highly limited collab with Peverelist, Kowton sees his stock rise even further with this release on the Irish imprint [Naked Lunch]. "Show Me" presents a high pressure twist of half step action and brushed 808 strokes amidst a decidedly uneasy concoction of ghoulish textures, percolating bass and clock strikes. Flipside endeavour "Keep Walking" retains its own quirky charms too, the sinister vocal sample creeping through a sub heavy house bump flushed with spectral melodics. The sideways organ stabs that provide the aforementioned bounce perfectly encapsulates the ease with which he infuses dark, deep elements with seductive, sultry warmth. Presented on devilishly red vinyl, this represents another fine release in the [Naked Lunch] canon.

Aybee/Miles Sagnia - Eternal Radiance [Atmospheric Existence]

A1 - Aybee - A Glance

A2 - Aybee - Isis

B1 - Miles Sagnia - Journey 2 Forever

B2 - Miles Sagnia - Journey 2 Forever" (Visual Foci reprise)

There are few artists who manage to successfully develop a signature style that not separates them from the rest. Aybee is one of those rare few that has managed to conquer a range of styles within his work from soul, techno, house and hip-hop under his many monikers. This time we see the US artist team up with Miles Sagnia for two cuts each on the Eternal Radiance EP on Sagnia's Atmospheric Existence imprint. Taking over the A-Side, Aybee serves up "A Glance" which oozes with classic US house charm. Acoustic piano chords and are layered on top of a chugging bassline and electronic melody, tightly produced and melting in its warmth. "Isis" gets heavier with a more underground vibe of crashing echoes and tinny drum arrangements. On the flip, Sagnia's "Journey 2 Forever" fuses multi-tracked choral chants, the impeccable sound of the Hammond and a rapid techy groove. His Visual Foci Reprise of "Journey 2 Forever" ditches the chants, instead opting for a sensual male vocal.

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Tang - Bass Synergy [Emphasis Recordings]

A - Bass Synergy

B1 - Drone

B2 - Synchronism

Over the past year with releases on Aesthetic Audio, Machining Dreams, Eargasmic, & Syncrophone, Chicago DJ/producer Steven Tang had left his label, Emphasis Recordings on hiatus. Its been almost 2 years since the last Emphasis release.

Kuba Sojka -The lost city of music/Muno podcast 26

Dadub – Monad VIII [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

A1 - Hadean

A2 - Ilya

B1 - Amnion

B2 - Biopoiesis

Dadub built Monad VIII upon the concept of systems. It’s an EP where molecules, hyper-structures, sonic cells shuffle together to form a subaqueous dub landscape. This is a vision of creation as a fluid, self-organizing structure. It soundtracks the earth submerged underwater in ‘Hadean’ and charts the cradled development of human life with ‘Amnion’. The crux of Monad VIII is ‘Ilya’ an odyssey dedicated to Ilya Prigogine, whose research into dissipative structures and complex systems won him a Nobel prize and inspired Dadub to explore the limits of the Monad to an almost quantum level. Dadub have created an experiment into the creative process which has produced four systematically ecstatic results.