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viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Dj F aka Ideograma - A Reflection For The Ubiquity [Semantica]

A1 - Suspense

A2 - Expansion Permanente

B1 - Laura

B2 - Eclosion

DJ F aka Ideograma appears on his second 12" for Semantica Records for a diverse Techno session. Styles range from pumping, white-noise coated jacks to some real crafty Latin-synched shakers like 'Expansión Permanente' and 'Eclosión' at perhaps unconventional tempos.

Redshape - In Trust We Space [Prensent]

A -  In Trust We Space

B - Laser!

Out of the blue we have a new Redshape! After a year of silence he is back and delivering one of his best works so far. Cutting edge dancefloor material that will keep them moving like there's no tomorrow..

jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Vakula - Unthank 2 [Unthank/Firecracker]




The second Unthank release by Vakula delivering some nice deep tracks on the Firecracker sub label. A strong contrast to the debut Unthank EP from Bakey Ustl, this 3 tracker contains influences as diverse as Aphex Twin, Claro Intellecto or even DBX.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

V/A - Uncanny Valley 004

1 - Sneaker - You think you think

2 - Cvbox - Machinematch

3 - Stefan Lohse - Platschern

The Uncanny Valley-quartet is rounded up by the Ace of Spades. Before starting to release its first Artist-EPs, the compilation-series is rounded up for now with the roughest EP so far. Sneaker’s You Think You Think! takes no prisoners and comes with a dark bass line you can't really resist. The track is a musclebound monster and includes claps that are out of control and freaked out vocals by Sneaker himself. No less rough is cvbox' machinematch, even if its acid-thunderstorm builds up far more subtly. Finally, Plätschern by Stefan Lohse takes us on a 100-BPM-journey straight into analogue wonderland...

Chris Gray - FMlk3 [Freebeat]

A1 - FMIk3 Dark

B1 - FMIk3 Cloudgate

B2 - FMIk3 Tranquil

The first release on the new Freebeat label from Spain, associated in part with Downbeat label . Chicago producer Chris Gray (Deep4Life) contributes the music on the label's debut twelve. "FMIK Dark" is hypnotic and groovy Unique percussion rattles on and on while small fluctuations and nuances in the groove provide variation for the dancers. "FMIK3 Cloudgate" is more techy and dark in its outlook but still retains the unique, rattling percussion that’s synonymous with this producer. Towards the end of the track we get a huge bassline drop along with a killer flute solo that makes for some intense energy. One of those tracks that evolves into something pretty special after a dramatic build up. "FMIK3 Tranquil" closes the EP and has ethereal, dreamy soundscapes alongside cascading flute elements from the beginning. Its steady, restrained drums and floaty, concentric feel make it ideal for the early sunrises or the long drive home. Introspective, radiant and dreamy.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Melbourne Deepcast 038 Mark E

Tetrode Sessions live with Specter, Chicagodeep & Steve Tang

Live beat down with DJ's Specter, Chicagodeep, & Steven Tang.

Tetrode Sessions Live 4-16-11 part (1 of 2) Specter, Chgodeep, & Steven Tang by chicagodeep

Tetrode Sessions Live 4-16-11 (2 of 2) Specter, Chgodeep, & Steven Tang by chicagodeep

Doozer – Hope MixTape


Black Jazz Comsortium project – Inside you – Deep Explorer Music
Big Strick – Black Tape – FXHE
Rick “The Godson” Wilhite – Dark Walking – Still Music
Kyle Hall – Ghosten – Third Ear
Dj Jus-Ed – Sunday Morning Blues – Underground Quality
Larry Heard – Luminous Energy – Track Mode
Steven Tang – Over Easy – Altered Moods
Demetrio Giannice – November – Third Ear
Vakula – Touch – 3º Strike
Juju & Jordash – Jazzy Trance – Dekmantel
Kzrc – Thoughts… Sunny Day – Ndatl
3 Chairs – Camillion – 3 Chairs
Warren Harris – Cottage – Sound Signature

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

David Alvarado/Santiago Salazar - La Soledad [Historia y Violencia]

A1-  David Alvarado - La Soledad (Raiz remix)

B1 - Santiago Salazar - Caja De Luz

Los Angeles legend David Alvarado is making a special appearance on H&V. David has always been a big inspiration - a classic DJ/producer and artist of the highest degree. Santiago pays homage to Carl Craig's uber-classic 'At Les'! This release sees both Santiago Salazar and David Alvarado forge instant classics that transcend time and trend....

Gerd - Time And space - Clone Basement Series

A1 - Time & Space (2011 version)

A2 - Time & Space (original verison)

B1 - Time & Space (Duplex South Side remix)

B2 - Time & Space (Duplex North Side remix)

Surprising release by Gerd on the Basement Series with an old classic themed techno track he found on a dusty DAT tape while archiving some old recordings. Somehow a traditional techno track with metalic basslines, stellar string sounds and retro futuristic vocals with a classic theme... time & space. The original slower paced version did get an reshape/makeover that gives it a 2011 update that will be a standard record in the box for many! Remixers on duty are Rotterdam's Duplex duo who are back in business and deliver two remixes.

martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Midnight Hours - Midnight Hours Three




The third installment from the Midnight Hours! Classic Detroit House tracks.

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Juergen Junker/Lowtec - Laid 11

A1 - Juergen Junker - From Day 1 On

A2 - Juergen Junker - What The Doctor Ordered

B - Lowtec - Panther

Split ep with some deep rhodes and chord driven tracks by Juergen Junkers and Lowtec.

Ekoplekz - Fountain Square [Mordant Music]

A1 - Daytron Romance

A2 - Doctrine 81

B1 - Arkrite

B2 - Temporal Drift

Four dreamy electronic visions taken from the Memowrekz double tape release for this limited vinyl excusion in the inimitable Ekoplekz style.

domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

John Beltran - Ambient Selections [Delsin]

01 - Collage Of Dreams

02 - Miss Weird

03 - Sweet Soul

04 - Soft Summe

05 - Morning At The Window

06 - Anticipation

07 - Brilliant Flood

08 - Water Colored Dreams

09 - Snowdrifts

10 - Everything Under The Sun

11 - Expecting

12 - Sub Surface

13 - Gutaris Breeze

14 - Collage Revisited

15 - Vienna

Delsin is proud to present this "Best Of Ambient"-compilation by one of their all-time electronic music heroes John Beltran. 16 tracks presented on triple vinyl and cd, including 'Collage Of Dreams' as featured on HBO's Six Feet Under series and other material from his sought after albums originally released on Peacefrog and R&S and more. With extensive liner notes from the artist himself.

2DeepSoul - The Deepness [Altered Moods Recordings]

Upcoming EP on Altered Moods Recordings featuring 2DeepSoul, the collaboration of longtime Collective members Serendipity (Rai Scott) and Trackmachine (Brad Peterson). If you liked them individually, imagine what kind of deepness they can show you when they're united.

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Aroy Dee - Beauty & Life [Mos Recordings]

A - Beauty

B1 - Beauty (Ra H Cabinet mix)

B2 - Life

Label boss Aroy Dee signs for his already 8th release on his own MOS Recordings label. The track 'Beauty' reminds his label's first release, a basic dreamy melodic house track. On the b-side we find man of the moment Rabih Baeani aka Morphosis dropping a heavy remix. Hot on the heels of his praised 'What Have We Learned'-album takes his dark dusty 'Cabinet'-remix all things in perspective.

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

DJ QU Special Album Mix – Gymnastics




3.Mud the Congo

4.Get Sum



7.Mixing Room (What We’ve Concluded Thus Far interlude inside)

8.Step Back Up

9.First Down

10.Slidin Thru

11.Opened Arms

12.Opened Arms-Bonus-(unreleased original version not included in the album)

13.Jus-Ed’s Aerial


miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Daniel Andréasson – The Sentinel [Tabernacle]

A1 - The Sentinel

A2 - Ibis228

A3 - Flight 303

B1 - Gerdsken


Alingsås, West Sweden is our next port of call. Daniel Andréasson, a keen photographer and self-confessed acid addict joins the label with an introspective yet versatile 5 track E.P.

Room.Fm Nr. 45: Neville Watson (Hour House is Your Rush)

Andy Stott - Passed Me By [Modern Love]

A1 - Signature

A2 - New Ground

B1 - North To South

B2 - Intermittent

C1 - Dark Details

D1 - Execution

D2 - Passed Me By

This album – mini-album, EP, doublepack, call it what you will – is an uncompromising and hugely absorbing work, by turns brutal and beautiful, from one of the UK’s most talented and criminally underrated producers. It’s really good to have him back.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Wax - NO.40004

A - Untitled

B - Untitled

Fresh outta Shed's Berlin matrix, two optimized Techno-House killers! A-side whips dancers into shape with proper early '90s Detroit styles, all cracking hanclaps, fizzing hi-hats and a Reese style sub for your behind. B-side is a bit more pumping and dubby, with deftly diffused dub chords and hydraulickin' bass pressure.

Marcelus – Getthecurse podcast [Gtc135]

Marcelus - Ep 2 [Deeply Rooted House]

A1 - Shape

A2 - Life Cycle

B1 - Sulfuric

B2 - Mutation

Marcelus returns to Deeply Rooted House with a exciting twelve inch 'Ep. 2'! Rawer stompin tracks that never fail to capture that essential funking groove that make the difference between a standard techno track and a track that stands out! Somehow drifting between new school techno and old school early 90's acidic Chicago house Marcelus surely merged best of both worlds into 4 subtle and haunting Techno tracks with an unstoppable groove.

Tyree - Nuthin Wrong - Mojuba Underground

A - Nuthin Wrong

B - Track 2

Mojuba is very proud to present a new little daughter to the label family called Mojuba Underground. From now on Mojuba Underground will be the home for unforgettable, rare, obscure licensed tracks that left a huge impression on us during all the years at the clubs. The start is made by Tyree aka Tyree Cooper with Nothin Wrong licensed from a classic Dance Mania 12″ released way back in 1995. This track has the magic combination of being emotional and soulful in terms of house and straight forward funky and kicking in terms of techno.

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Phidias & Freund Der Familie - Black Secret 1/2 - Freund Der Familie

A - Phidias - Cygnus Astratus

B - Freud Der Familie - Hydra (radio edit)

Berlin label Freund Der Familie launched in 2008 and have since dominated the release stream with their own productions. This time, with Black Secret 1/2, the label welcome Phidias, a name we're admittedly unfamiliar with. "Cydnus Astratus", much like its producer, is brimming with mysterious suspense. Crackling samples and deviating soundscapes scramble over the steady rhythm in an ambient yet minimal approach. On the B, FDF themselves head for the darkness. Ascending creepily, it drips with raw, echoey points and high frequencies to rival any horror movie. Black Secret 1/2 is a heavy and atmospheric record from FDF and Phidias, an artist that we'll hopefully hear more from in the future.

Deep Explorations 01 featuring Jane Fitz


Tracklist Deep Explorations 01 

01. Reggie Dokes-Mother Africa (Dubbyman’s tribute mix)- Deep Explorer 018
02. Specter-Windtalker-Deep Explorer 013
03. Above Smoke – Feel to learn- Deep Explorer 004
04. Dubbyman feat Jus-ED -Sunday manifesto-Deep Explorer 014
05. W&P Hgg – Edit Gospel nº3 – Deep Explorer 019
06. Baaz – Memories – Deep Explorer 013
07. Reggie Dokes – Mother Africa – Deep Explorer 018
08. The Lady Blacktronika – If some rain – Deep Explorer 016
09. Ernie – The Alcoholics – Deep Explorer 020
10. Kai Alce – Ooohhh!!! (Dubbyman remix) – Deep Explorer 015
11. Above Smoke feat Marvin Balton -Sweet love (Vocal mix) – Deep Explorer 007

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Braille - The Year 3000 [Rush Hour Direct Current]

 A - The Year 3000

B - Leavin Without You

Braille comes with his first single for Rush Hour and what a debut it is! The mind behind Braille is better known as Praveen, who forms Sepalcure together with Machinedrum. He uses this new alias for his house orientated output. 'The Year 3000' is a vocal house mover of anthemic proportions. It craftily reworks a classic Chicago house vocal and gives it new life back into the future. Banging! 'Leavin Without You' is built around a heartfelt vocal soul sample, which cuts in and out of the mix leaving room the music to take off leaving planet earth. Braille creates a perfect balance between the old and the new and shows us the way forward.

Ricardo Miranda - Thank You Chicago [Reincarnation]

A1 - Delayed Reactions

A2 - Thank U Chicago FX

B1 -Thank You Chicago

B2 - Thank U Chicago Dub

Chicago based Ricardo Miranda joins the Reincarnation family with a deep deep EP. ‘Delayed Reactions’ is a long journey with deep subtle yet round sound and killer piano licks, ‘Thank You Chicago’ is Ricardo’s homage to the Chicago house masters.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Reggie Dokes - High Tek Soul - Kuumba Music

A1 -Sanctuary

B1 - Sustain

B2 - Perceptions

Reggie Dokes and DNP are on a mission to captivate the mind and soul with creative and inspiring techno. The first release has been set in motion with three tracks that are moody, eclectic and dancefloor friendly.

Vril - 5-7 [Staub]




Vril comes with his second 12 on Giegling Staub delivering some gritty chord driven techno tracks.

Dubbyman / Monday Black part VI

live recording/ Kleine Reise-Berlin_30.03.2011 no tracklist - jus`pure underground house music!

martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Juergen Junker - Unhampered By Regulations Vol 1[Neurhythmics]

A - Unclean Mutha

B1 - Working here For Real

B2 - Honey

A few years have passed and Neurhythmics resurfaces after like-minded souls decided to bring it back. Juergen Junker returns with a 3 track 12” that stems from a live-set concept he created over the last few months. Raw as you like, it takes a distinct bow towards the earlier days of the windy city. Dirty, knackered sounding drums, and cut-up vocal bits fused together to a driving force that is hard to resist.

Pariah - Train Wreck Mix


Levon Vincent - Tyner - Soul People Music
EMG - Living - LiveJam Limited
STL - Easy Morning - Something
Levon Vincent - Solemn Days – Deconstruct Music
G Strings - The Land Of Dreams - Seventh Sign
Rivet - Vermont - Naked Index
Marcellus Pittman - Obsession – FXHE Records
DJ QU - Everybody's Dark - Soul People Music
Omar-S - Busaru Beats - Sound Signature
Glenn Underground - May Datroit - Peacefrog
Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Trackin - Fit Sound
Rick Wilhite - Get On Up! (Theo Parrish's Late Dub) - Rush Hour
The Analogue Cops - Shubi Shubi - Sabotage
WK7 - The Avalanche (Hardcore PCK Mix) - Power House
Brooks Mosher - Mass Transit - Dolly
Fingers Inc. - I'm Strong (Instrumental Mix) - Clone Classic Cuts
Head High – It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion) - Power House
EMG - Up The Magic Train - LiveJam
Soul Capsule - Waiting 4 A Way - Perlon

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Synthonic Matter/Stl- Homespun Remedies [Something]

Still with us


Loops 1-4


What happened with to all that noise?

Stephan`s latest Something Vinyl Series includes the mighty deep jacking STL business as well as experimental home listening adventures under his Synthonic Matter project. Again a very personal feeling snapshot of someone´s life, transformed into sound and groove. Still With Us deals with the listeners inside emotions, since it is original meant about love and loss. Snapmode can do such weird things to you just like the title promises, while the Synthonic Matter track gets you in a one-man listening situation full of crazy happenings and creative power. But each being for it´s own and so you surely will find something personal for yourself on this record. A release which is hard to preview in short listening files, because of it´s extended playing time and variations in style. You´ll have to invite this vinyl to take a spin on your turntable. Homespun Remedies has not the intention to follow some kind of hype, trend or secret links. It´s just a honest reflection of living moments captured in music and sound waves to make your time vibrating, pleasant and emotional.

LWE Podcast 80: Octave One

01. Octave One, “Stella” [white*]
02. Octave One, “Meridian” [430 West]
03. Octave One, “Empower” [430 West]
04. Octave One, “Dema” [430 West]
05. Octave One, “The Greater Good” [430 West]
06. Octave One, “What a Revolution Is” [430 West]
07. Octave One, “P.I.E. – Perception is Everything” [white*]
08. Octave One, “Track 3″ [white*]
09. Octave One, “Blackwater” [430 West]
10. Octave One, “New Life” [white*]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased

LWE Podcast 80: Octave One (60:13)

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

John Daly - First Water [Plak]

A1 - Ab Uno

B1 - First Water

B2 - Night Moves

C1 - The Runner

D1 - Sunk

D2 - Last Call

John Daly with classy rooted house and techno tracks. A nice dubby influened affair combined with Chicago-ish elements.

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Big Strick - Detroit Heat [7 Days Ent]

01 - Intro
02 - State Of Emergency
03 - Maybe 1 Day (feat Tony Coates)
04 - Child's Play (Lil Strick mix)
05 - Fear No Fear (feat Don Q)
06 - A Soldier's Story
07 - War Dance
08 - Under Tone
09 - Bar Room Brawl
10 - What Up Doe (Omar remix)
11 - Yllabian Dogfight
12 - 100% Hustler
13 - Buckle Up
14 - Final Hour

Debut Album from Big Strick called "Detroit Heat." Strick has previously released some heat on FXHE Records. Here we have thirteen tracks of some original and raw dance music on his own label 7 Days- with contributions from Omar-S, Don Q, and Tony Coates.

Sven Weisemann – Berlin Techno Podcast 029