sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Omar S/Kai Alce - Jive Time: Unreleased Beats [Ndalt Muzik]

A - Jive Time(bonus beats)

B - Incognigro(bonus beats)

It says something about the production qualities of Omar S that he can make a stripped-back drum track sound like an essential purchase. This limited 7" offers two deliciously simple but bombastically effective drum tracks that should appeal to those who like to pepper their mixes with cute percussive interludes. Both tracks are stripped-down, 808-heavy grooves based on a pair of collaborations with Kai Alce that first appeared on the Jive Time 12" in December 2010. The percussion is of course spot on, with plenty of repetitive claps, 808 cowbells and, on flipside "Incognigro (Bonus Beats)", the most subtle of deep house chords. Excellent.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

STL - When The Time Has Come [Something Vinyl Series]

A1 - Loop1

A2 - Loop2

A3 - Loop3

A4 - Loop4

A5 - Walking Blind

A6 - Alpha Centauri

B1 - Death Proof

B2 - Supersonic

Music is about passion, not competition. In this spirit the Something vinyl series continues again with another STL record in his diy do-what-you-wanna-do style, including 3 house tracks aswell as a astro-science thrilling farspace interlude and loop introductions. The ascetic elements on this ep are the result of an isolated one man musical universe, where the love and passion for sound research is perhaps the strongest driving force behind the machines output. A bit of squelchy mircowave-acid, some sunny analog sequences and someting that seems to come out of a lovely b-movie track, where humanoids moving death proof onto the dancefloor feeling addicted to the groove. Something 18 is probably that kind of vinyl which can be enjoyed the most when the time has come to loose yourself and let things flow into the positive.

Anton Zap - Background Series #6 [Ethereal Sound]

A - Clarksville

B - Love Boat

After releasing a spate of 12s in the spring, Anton Zap has been rather quiet of late. This contribution to Ethereal Sound's continuing Background Series sees him in fine form, laying down two deep and loopy groovers for late night crowds. A-Side "Clarksville" sees him playing with rising and falling synths, cosmic effects and quietly bumpin' deepness, all wrapped up in his usual dozily hypnotic production. It's surprisingly light and airy, which is something that can't be said for the heads-down groove of B-Side "Love Boat". Atmospheric, percussive and eerily dark.

Balans 009 - Quince

Magic Mountain High (Move D & Juju & Jordash) LIVE @ Bird ROTTERDAM 2011-12-02

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

NP14 | Joey Anderson

Jus Ed & Joey Anderson - We Are Never Alone [Inimeg]

A1 - Jus Ed - Jus Flex Ed Up

A2 - Joey Anderson - We Are Not Alone"

B1 - Joey Anderson - Coal Iz The Color Of My Soul

B2 - Joey Anderson - Granite

Diverse cosmic House divinations from Jus Ed and Inimeg Recordings head, Joey Anderson. UQ don Jus-Ed sets the tone, taking the opportunity to step out of his usual 4/4 bracket with a beat-down and Bassy swinger at 113bpm with 'Jus Flex Ed Flip', but the star of the show is surely Joey Anderson. A-side he's playing ruff-but smooth with the balance of chaotic, alien signals and robust, Qu-alike rhythms on 'We Are Not', while flipside we find him scanning the extraterrestrial quadrants of 'Coal Is the Color Of My Skin', somewhere between Hieroglyphic Being and Jeff Mills, beside the rugged, prmitive pound of 'Granite'. Tipped for fans of DJ Qu, Africans With Mainframes etc.

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

The Analog Cops & Blawan - Cursory [Vae Victis]

A1 - Sickle

A2 - Aurum

B1 - Illy

B2 - Quarto

The Analogue Cops and Blawan rekindle their shared love of raw House and Techno with this ace 4-tracker, mixed up through machines and then recorded to tape. The project, a 6 hands affair, sees the duo teeming up for the second time in as many months, but this time the recording process provides a much more demented feel to proceedings, unleashing bare arrangements with a nice line in jazzy wooze that imbues the opening "Sickle" with an almost Sound Signature vibe, while closing track "Quarto" oddly reminds us of the raw machine funk of Prince at his LinnDrum prime.

martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Jrico & Djf - The Colour Of A Place Where We're Space [Freebeat]

A - Shyncrono

B1 - Freebeat

B2 - The Clock

Deep, smoky House music from two Spanish producers, Tesla Records' DjF and Downbeat associate JRico. A-side features the deep, almost mystical transportation of 'Shyncrono' working a dusky shade of House akin to Kassem Mosse or Legowelt's most melancholy Detroit/Chicago moments. Flipside 'Freebeat' rides a plump, grumbling bass and under twinkling, fragrantly far eastern melodies and 'The Clock' checks a more stripped down, ghostly 4/4 groove for the most smudged ends of the morning.

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Talking Shopcast 13: DJ TLR


01. Xosar, “2012″ [white]
02. John Heckle, “Last Magic Maker” [Crème Organization*]
03. Alex Israel, “Welcome To Guntersville” [WT Records]
04. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui, “More Then A Cat Has Ever Seen”
[Crème Organization*]
05. The Actor, Picture 210 [Trumpett]
06. Marco Passerani, “White Dwarf” [Running Back]
07. D’Marc Cantu, “10x As Strong” [Lux Records]
08. Steve Summers, “Different Paths” [L.I.E.S.]
09. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui, “The Feeling” [Crème Organization*]
10. Willie Burns, “unreleased remix” [Crème Organization*]
11. Chicago Skyway,” Marie” (Aroy Dee Edit) [M>O>S Recordings*]
12. Argy, “Daze To Come” [Versatile Records]
13. Orgue Electronique ft. Robert Owens, “Our House” (KiNK & Neville Watson Ruff Kut1) [Crème Organization*]
14. Xosar, “Bangladeshi Pagan House” [white]
15. Larry Heard, “Winterflower” [Rebirth]
16. John Heckle, “On the Fields” [Crème Organization*]
17. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui,” Trackman Lafonte” [Crème Organization*]
18. DJ Overdose, “Fabriek” [Crème Organization*]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

A Drummer From Detroit - Drums #1 [Fit Sound]

A - Part1

B - Part2

Naturally for a producer who prefers to remain anonymous and call themselves A Drummer From Detroit and name their debut EP Drums, both tracks here veer into dextrously percussive house territory. Amidst the dizzying, jazz influenced rattle of Shake Shakir style rhythms that characterise the A Side workout our erstwhile protagonist weaves in desperate vocal strains and overtly dramatic piano and horn stabs which only serve to increase the panic inducing pace. The flipside treatment is slightly slower in its execution, yet increases the jazz funk melodic elements which make it the less a hectic and more involving production.

Damon Bell - Kush Musik Wax [Deepblack]

A1 - Ezuku

A2 - Idiya

B1 - Kymestry

B2 - Ezuku(Aybee Gorilla dub)

Oakland based Damon Bell curates his first vinyl release with >Kush Musik Wax<. Damons productions are always rich with mood, swing, and depth. This release plays on Damons archival tendencies as a DJ leaning heavily on his influences of Dub, Jazz, and all things Deep. The release starts off with Damons much heralded >Ezuku< which found its way onto the playlists of Rick Wilhite amongst others. >Idiya< displays Damons flair for arrangement as he twists the vibe midway thru landing you in a completely different space than the opening. >Kymestry< is an uplifting Deep House trip that brought a smile to the face of Ron Trent while at the Deepblak studios. Closing things out is label head AYBEE with a Deep mid-tempo Dub of >Ezuku<.

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Marvin Dash - Workshop 14 [Workshop]




Veteran of the German House scene, Marvin Dash aka Ronald Reuter lays down three authentically deep and heavy grooves for Workshop. A-side is suave, mid-tempo nod to Detroit Beatdown inspirations with that effortless sense of German finesse and soul control. Flipside there's a disco-looping killer, hitting the groove somewhere between KDJ and NWAQ and bound to become a permanent fixture in a lot of record bags, before finishing on a weirder, left-field boogie-House number.

Orpheus - Path From Hades [Sequencias]

So after the “Elusive Triumph” of our first release finally came firmly into our grasp, we at Sequencias here in New York thought it was time to take things in a parallel direction without retracing our steps. Drafting three top names in underground deep house for a label debut is no mean feat, but how do you follow up on a surprise coup like that? We thought it was time to go even deeper, and we couldn’t think of a better way of doing that than getting an experienced player to unveil a new alias for our second offering. Things being as they are, we’re trying to keep it a bit low here, but what we can let you know is that his discography stretches back to 2005 and that he’s appeared on the illustrious Bunker Records. This should give you a good idea of what to expect: deeper-than-deep, dirty, and gritty house that jacks with the best the movement has to offer. We have to say that Orpheus firmly delivers here, and we hope you’ll be as pleased as we are with the three dark and introspective offerings he unveils for his new project here at Sequencias.

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Chicago Skyway - Londinium [Uzuri]

A1 - London Streets

A2 - London Streets (Hakim Murphy remix)

B1 - Traffic

B2 - Noise

The Londinium EP is the latest release on Uzuri Recordings and welcomes Chicago Skyway back to the fold. Not that he’s been away too long, having produced a full 12” release and contributed to the ‘From Chicago Turin Amsterdam & Dublin With Love EP’ just last year. We also welcome Hakim Murphy to the label – with his credentials it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed!As the title suggests, this release was inspired, conceptually at least, by our nation’s capital, and it’s apparent that Sean has spent quite enough time here to get the gist of the place, with the B-side tracks entitled Traffic and Noise, respectively. I’m sure he loves it here, really.Musically, he keeps it closer to his Windy City heart – very clearly reflecting his roots, in fact.

EQD - Equalized #005 [Equalized]

A - Untitled

B - Untitled

Lethal Techno trax from René Pawlowitz aka Shed in EQD mode. Once again we're floored by the ferocity and hard-nosed discipline of his productions, from the monstrous modulations and Industrial-edged transmission on the A-side thru the unrelenting peak of the B-side.

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Kowton - Field Recording 031


asusu | tmthp
dj qu | the zones
vinalog | ?
mike huckaby | wavetable no.9
move d | b1
farben | so much love
and | hydrothermal
skudge | man on wire
levon vincent | revs / cost
appointment 4 | a1
raime | if anywhere was here he would know where we are

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Yør - After Strange Gods mix

Louche Podcast 060 - Dubbyman

A Made Up Sound - Take The Plunge [AMS005]

A - Take The Plunge (beatmix)

B1 - Anger MGMT

B2 - Take The Plunge (First Thought)

Here comes a much anticipated first A Made Up Sound release in over a year. The last was his ‘Rear Window’ excursion on Delsin (and of course the small matter of the most excellent Fever full length as 2562) but now the man like Dave Huismans is back. Back with a track many fans will already know from 2562/A Made Up Sound DJ sets over the last few months. ‘Take The Plunge’ is a deconstructed, electric workout of weird machine sounds and thudding kicks, under lapping beats and raw energy. A beat-less version comes on the flip with great reactions pouring in for it already, whilst you also get ‘Anger Mgmt’ a drunken, stumbling ride through metallic percussion, broken drums and desecrated urban landscapes… no one does patchwork rhythms quite like this man.

Smoke Machine Podcast 032 - Nuel

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Theo Parrish - STFU [SoundSignature]

A - STFU (long mix)

B - STFU" (short mix)

Limited, blink-and-miss drop from Theo on his Sound Signature imprint. As you might guess from the title, 'Shut The F*ck Up' is one of his grimier, more rugged productions, cutting out any bullsh*t for a bare bones MPC and synth jam in two versions. On the longer session he lets rip with gritty, downslow, jazz-timed rhythms synced to a snaky, ranting acid sequence in a cryptic, esoteric dialogue on dancefloor physics and Afro-futurism. Flipside he reigns himself in for a shorter version concentrating on swaggering drum fluctuations and that abstract acid chat. Basically, it's sounds like nobody else out there.

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

D'Marc Cantu - Fallen [Creme JAK XL01]

After several releases on Creme and M>O>S, Nation as well as collaborations as 2AMFM, Saturn V, X2 etc, here is D'Marc Cantu's debut Album on Creme JAK.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Yør - Rave [Purple Maze]

After some challenging an experimental offerings last time out, secretive musicos Purple Maze are to release their second offering, the Rave EP. It comes from equally low-key producer Yør, and is a release that operates a little closer to the dancefloor than maze 001.Despite the opening track’s title, though, ‘Rave’ is still no mindless banger. It’s heavy, analogue and deep house with a well-swung kick swaying back and forth to start it off. Soon as some minor chords drop in from above, though, the air turns dark and somber and things wallow. But with the arrival of some sandy hi-hats and grimy percussion, the mood grows optimistic rather than pessimistic, and picks up momentum as a result.‘Golden Boy’ is slightly more mobile from the off. Again taught analogue bass notes start it, but nebulous samples and percussive sounds flesh out the structure as a panning tick grows louder and a radiant synth line weaves its way throughout the whole mix, threating to explode into euphoria. As a result you stayed lock in, willing it to break out, but it doesn’t… the subtle joy of the chase is immeasurable.‘2712’ is like eavesdropping on a busy dancefloor from somewhere underground: The whole thing is in fine grain, with soft focus beats and indecipherable voices all muffled by static and tape hiss. It fades and dissipates with no warning and sounds as if it started long before we tuned in, and will go on long after the thing finishes… eerie, earthy stuff.

Maze002 - Yør - Rave EP by PurpleMazeMusic

Gerry Read - We Are [4th Wave]

A - We Are

B - Narry

Unique minimalist Tech-House sound designs from the increasingly on-point Gerry Read for Ramp's Fourth Wave offshoot. With 'We Are' Read slips somewhere between the texturhythms of Matthew Herbert or Farben and the low-slung swing of Joy O and Theo Parrish, all simulated surfaces and speaker-pushing bass shapes with a real crispy shake. Flipside with 'Narry' the Herbert analogue is clearly apparent on a nudged, looping House groove with bags of augmented soul flavour.

Levon Vincent - Impressions Of A Rainstorm [Novel Sound]

A - Impressions Of A Rainstorm

B1 - Revs/Cost

B2 - Pivotal Moments In Life

Timeless, instant-classic material from the one and only Levon Vincent! Having played our copies of 'Man Or Mistress' and just about every other Levon 12" to the hilt by now, new material is always welcome, but he's spoiling us here. The A-side is a modern tribal House masterpiece, shaking the drums into a mammoth, speaker-owning subbass while layers of star-screaming synths expand and envelope your mind with jaw-dropping psychedelic dynamism. Then there's the B-side. 'Revs/Cost' opens the account with steppin' snare punctuations and rib crushing subs before a lashing dub chord rifles thru the whole thing, syncing with a flooded subbass to spine-chilling effect. For measure there's also the staggering 'Pivotal Moments In Life', a life-affirming piece of House music if we've ever heard one. Damn, the production values are just insanely high on each track. Calling this record anything less than essential would be a par.

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Madteo - Timesmithing [Meakusma]

A1 - Miss Tery Flavor

A2 - Banging On The Ceiling

B1 - Use It Lose It Music

B2 - Do The Wright Thing

B3 - Falcao

Brooklyn based Madteo returns to meakusma after his critically acclaimed 'Sinister Ministers' 10inch released on the label in spring 2009. His signature stylistic approach still borders on deep, ambivalent and engaging House music and Hiphop influences. The five tracks here are some of the strongest material he has produced, with basslines, melodies and moods shifting in and out of focus all the time and once again setting a rough yet subtle mood. The 'Bangin on the Ceiling' track features a new collaboration with Hiphop legend Sensational.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Sistol/Pole - The Synth Remixes [Slices Of Life]

A - Vladislav Delay as Sistol - "Keno" (The Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix - extended version)

B - Pole - "Silberfisch" (Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix)

Everyone's dream music teacher Mike Huckaby lets loose on Vladislav Delay and Pole on this excellent 12" for Slice Of Life. Huckaby's S Y N T H remix of "Keno" was a considered highlight of Remasters & Remakes, Halo Cyan's exhaustive remix project of Delay's SISTOL recordings from the late 90s. Released only on the Double CD and as download, it was begging for a vinyl release, and thanks to Slice of Life that is now possible. One long, bubbling Motor City groove primed for the early hours of a sweaty basement, it is complemented by Huckaby's equally fine revision of Pole's "Silberfisch", all driving sub bass intricacies and tightly wound metallic percussive grooves.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Ricardo Miranda - 102point7 [ Stilove4music]

A - 102point7

B1 - Rotary Cells

B2 - Greenline

Chicago's Ricardo Miranda makes his debut for the ace Stilove4music label, maintaining a fine year in which he has already dropped some serious heat on Rush Hour sub-label Hour House Is Your Rush and his own Noble Square imprint. Title track "102point 7" is all jagged synths, throbbing arpeggios, slashing claps and a rolling acid groove, marking it out as one of his most incendiary productions to date. On the flip "Rotary Cells" is deeper still, a 909-led jacker with undulating layers of sub bass augmented by a wonderfully woozy vocal which extols the virtues of true Chicago House. This is followed by "Greenline", a stripped back jam with scuttling hats and the kind of paranoid synth melody that wouldn't sound out of place in Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky series.

Above Smoke/Ernie - Four Suns [DeepExplorer]

A1 - Ernie - Delicious Time

A2 - Above Smoke - Running

B1 - Above Smoke - Groovin You

B2 - Ernie - Funny Break

Above Smoke & Ernie on this new four track from Deep Explorer. Ernie starts the fire with “Delicious time”, a killer gospel house song with acid turns for those late night moments. “Running” represents the jazzy deep face of Above Smoke. “Grooving you” ups the tempo with lots of groove. Finally Ernie closes the 12″ with ”Funny break” a tense downbeat house experience…

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

LWE Podcast 101 - Aybee


01. Herbie Hancock, “Tools” [white]
02. Aybee, “Ozzie Davis” [Future Vision]
03. Aybee, “Nigg#z and Space Machines” [Deepblak]
04. Prof. Delacroix, “Build Her” [Deepblak]
05. Mist Works, “Common Question” (Aybee’s Immortal Mix) [Atjazz Record Co.]
06. Ron Trent, “Manifesto” (Aybee’s Blak Space Federation Slap) [Deepblak]
07. Orion 70, “Enki” [Deepblak]
08. Orion 70, “Blak Planet” [Deepblak]
09. Aybee, “Love Of” [Deepblak]
10. Aybee, “Solaris” [Deepblak]

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

The Please - 's-Gravendijkwal [Purple Maze]

A1 - Abodigital Dishwasher

A2 - Laserguided Weapon

B1 - Sampler Crack

B2 - Sealed With A Kiss

Anonymous new Dutch imprint Purple Maze is to make its entrance into the under world of electronic music courtesy of a 4 track EP from The Please on September 26th 2011. The Dutch duo comprised of Hans Verhaag & Minggus Dorpmans favour lo-fi, often slo-mo sounds that cross pollinate house music with a whole other world of leftfield electronic sounds, and do just that on this new EP. A1 ‘Abodigital Dishwasher’ is a raw and lazy house beat that’s fleshed out with plenty of reverb, a languorous bassline and some warm male groans. It’s unhurried to the point of almost being stood still, yet as it slowly churns you can’t not listen in….‘Laserguided Weapon’ is a much more kaleidoscopic cut with glassy sounds, tinkling melodies and drippy keys all running down the face of some Fly-Lo like syncopated hip-hop beats, whilst ‘Sampler Crack’ is a moody and broody wedge of knackered, rough edged house that eventually splutters and spurts into life as something much more rhythmically complex but equally beautiful.The wide-reaching EP closes with ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ which glistens like chillwave, samples soul vocals expertly and marries the whole thing with plucked guitars and louche drums… it’s dynamic and dense, but hugely evocative just like the EP overall.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

LWE Podcast 100: Chicago Skyway

Black Traxx, “Holiday” [Night Club Records]
Markey, “5 Minute Workout” [Cajual Records]
Deymare, “Your Love” [Boe Recordings]
Ethyl & Fiori, “Malmö” [Quintessentials]
Marc Vacher, “I Know” [Boe Recordings]
Jump Cutz, “Why You Wanna Play Me” (Norman’s Original Rare Groove Mix)[Luxury Service]
Groove Committee, “Let’s Groove It” [Nu Groove]
TNT Subhead, “Deep Shit Show” [Groovement Records]
Joe Drive, “Azimuth” [Mathematics Recordings]
7 Citizens, “Quietus” [Praterei Records]
Perseus Traxx, “NR-707″ [Boe Recordings]
Steve Poindexter, “Computer Madness” [Muzique Records]
Joseph Bacchilega, “Human Form” (Piero Russo/ESOM Re-Form) [PulseWave]

01. Chicago Skyway, “Plan B” [white*]
02. Chicago Skyway, “Joaquin Looks At The Stars” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
03. Chicago Skyway, “Butterfly’s Flight” [white*]
04. Chicago Skyway, “Confusion” (Wait Mix) [white*]
05. Chicago Skyway & Dcook, “Lager Dream” [white*]
06. Chicago Skyway, “Wreckage” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
07. Chicago Skyway, “Bad Driver” [white*]
08. Chicago Skyway, “Purgatory” (Yesi’s New Hair Cut Mix) [white*]
09. Chicago Skyway, “Noise” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
10. Chicago Skyway, “Chicago Skyway Theme” [white*]
11. Crystal Maze, “Crystal Maze” (Chicago Skyway Remix) [aDepth Recordings]
12. Chicago Skyway, “122606″ [white*]

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Juan Pablo - Mother mountain [Frigio Records]

Frigio presents “Mother Mountain EP” by Juanpablo. Featuring a remix by Arcanoid (Tesla), vocals by Josh Werner (Gramaphone, Antennae, Chicago) and a special collaboration by Vinz Vincenzo.
Following his “Dream EP” release last year that featured an amazing J.T.C. remix, Juanpablo drops us this time another especial EP called “Mother Mountain”. Last year his song Dream was reviewed by some specialized media as hard to describe but easy to love and we think that the first track on this record Mother Mountain will get a similar description.
Sea People is the second track and for this song Juanpablo has invited Spanish producer Vinz Vincenzo to collaborate with him in the production. This artist has been around for a long time and has made a lot of music in many different types that are not only from electronic genres and this gives a plus to the end result of this production.
And lastly, we have a remix of Mother Mountain by the mythic Spanish producer Arcanoid who has released on labels such as Tesla, Semantica, etc. His remix is pure techno, very hypnotic, dark and mental but always with his personal touch.

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Andy Stott - We Stay Together [Modern Love]

We Stay Together' is a brand new doublepack from Andy Stott, a companion piece of sorts to the radical inversions of the 'Passed Me By' EP released earlier this year. Its predecessor left many heads dazed upon impact - in the best possible sense - and these six tracks, produced in its wake, amp the pressure to throttling degrees. Entering the digital compression chamber of 'Submission' you become a willing participant, before the lights are cut and you're forced to adjust to the humid atmosphere and bruising, muscle-contracting darkroom throb of 'Posers'. Suitably initiated, the EP's fearless centrepiece 'Bad Wires' plunges into full on mud-party mode, dropping the tempo while intensifying the kinaesthetic funk with slow, clusterf*cked syncopation until you're drowning in synthesized oil and crushed-glass textures. Fully submerged by 'We Stay Together (Part One)' time becomes elasticated like worn VHS tape, calling to mind Jamal Moss and James Ferraro soundtracking a rave in a sodden, flooded sauna, before inescapably tumbling into the sheer black hole of 'Cherry Eye' and left to the slompy jack of 'Cracked'.

Vakula - Dub As Always/Untitled [Shevchenko]

A - Dub As Always

B - Track2

Ukranian-based House producer, Vakula presents th third in his boutique series, Shevchenko. A-side is a chunky Dub-House roller and the flipside contains 13-minutes of raw, spitting-circuit Techno done tracky, pure and analogue for the Jack.

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Joey Anderson (Inimeg/Strength/UQ) - Batti batti mix


1.Come This Far (FRED P Reshape)
2.Midnightopera (Workshop)
3.Scenario (Dettman&Klock)
4.Simple than Sorry (Omar S.)
5.bamboocity (Kuniyuki)
6.Pipebomb ( Specter )
7.The Law ( Dj Qu )
8.DEEPER ( Levon Vincent)
9. In a while ( Ben Klock )
10. REMOTE PEOPLE (Further Details)
12. Sorcery ( Joey Anderson ) cdr

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Yasuo Sato - The Hikari [Aesthetic Audio]

A1 - Spacelight

A2 - Gammawave

B1 - Mirage Of Night Sky

B2 - Stringent Jade Stone

Yasuo Sato’s formula for the number 13 release from Aesthetic Audio is an wonderful rollercoaster of deepness, raw substance and timeless music that clearly will keep heads nodding … can you see the light? This Side: Spacelight: begins the journey in pure deepness … beautiful chord structures & melodic synth arrangements give the project immediate lift off. Gammawave: is a bit of a bumpy and still gorgeous ride all at the same time … deepness all over the place, and then the lush chords arrive taking you to St. Elsewhere … That Side: Mirrage of Night Sky: is no frills raw essence and deepness. This dark beauty continues to build until your mind renders itself inside of the rhythm … Stringent Jade Stone: is sheer art, and the very essence of underground. This beautiful beater has very honest and innocent intentions … to leave a beautiful imprint on the canvass in your mind.

Steve Summers - In the Mode for Love [L.I.E.S]

A1 - In the Mode for Love

A2 - Different Paths

B1 - Nethermead Arches

B2 - Sunrise in Your Eyes

Jason Letkiewicz aka Steve Summers latest EP moves forward from his previous efforts touching upon the seedier and more jacking side of House music once was. Bringing to mind images of a more dangerous and exciting city where crack heads roamed free, hookers hooked, fiends copped bags and music existed as a reactionary reflection of its surroundings. Directly influenced by these times, Summers took his arsenal and concocted an emotional four song record that nods to this period as well as foreshadows the impending doom of a city wrapped in an airtight bubble.