martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Vedomir - Vedomir [Dekmantel]

Dekmantel proudly presents the return of Vedomir to their imprint – with nothing less than a full length album this time. Ranging from downtempo, almost jazz-like slowburners to haunting Chicago house with a true analog feel, and from dark electro stuff, to the beautiful ambient soundscape: this record is a piece of stunning musical versatility.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Kai Alce feat Azulu Phantom - Willow [Deep Explorer]

A1 - Willow(feat Azulu Phantom)

A2 - Track #3

B1 - Willow(Deep Explorer remix)

This is the long awaited comeback of mr. Kai Alcé to Deep Explorer Music. This time in company with Azulu Phantom on the vocals. After the Power Thru EP for NDATL, here comes “Willow” Also a bonus track from Kai Alcé called “Track#3″ and a “Deep Explorer mix” for Willow on the flipside.

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Vanguard Sound Vol 3 - Chris Mitchell/DJ Spider/Hakim Murphy / Amir Alexander [Vanguard Sound ]

There's some serious ruffness to this breakout four track compilation from the shadowy Vanguard Sound collective. The Detroit roots of the label shine through, not least on Amir Alexander's tough, haunting jacker "Violence". Militant samples and scuffed arpeggios scream Motor City from the off, much like the stripped sci-fi techno of Chris Mitchell. DJ Spider's "Tribal Mechanism" creates an industrial nightmare out of a rootsy percussion premise, and Hakim Murphy excels with a stalking slice of stripped down menace, capitalising on a broken kick pattern to deadly effect. For a taster of what else Detroit has in store besides the big names, this record shows a lot of promise.

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Juno Plus Label Podcast - Dekmantel (mixed by Juju & Jordash)


1. Anthony Shake Shakir Meets BBC – Honest Jon’s Records
2. Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes – Trouble – Lafayette
3. Terrence Parker – ? – Intangible Records
4. Dijkhuis – Salt Caramel – Night Gallery
5. Steve Summers – The Sunrise In Your Eyes – L.I.E.S
6. Theo Parrish – Voice Echoes In The Dark – NDATL
7. MC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero – UFO’s Exhibit B – Nettwerk
8. NCW – My Braindead Acid – Apartment Records
9. X-Ray – Let’s Go (Dub Mix) – Transmat
10. Richard H. Kirk – Martyrs Of Palestine – Rough Trade
11. Hashim – Bonus – Cutting Records
12. Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Cutting Records
13. Alleem – Release Yourself (Dub) – NIA Records
14. JTC – King of the box – Creme JAK
15. Konk – Your Life (Dub) – 4th & Broadway
16. Cloud –Steppin’ Out Jam (Special Instrumental Dub Version)
17. Alexis Le-Tan – Marathon man – Future Times
18. Ghost Note – Albularyo – Golf Channel