martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

LWE Podcast 132: Ekoplekz


01. Flourescent Grey & Thorsten Soltau w/Marina Stewart, “Final Transmission From A Dead Space” (Replekz) [m.m Label]
02. Thought Broadcast, “Breaking Test” [Editions Mego]
03. Ekoplekz, “Soviet Drum Stems” [Punch Drunk*]
04. Innercity, “Bodycells Fortress” [Further Records]
05. Time Attendant, “Sanquine Campaigner” [Exotic Pylon]
06. Young Echo, “Ritual” [*]
07. Woebot, “Maplin” [Hollow Earth]
08. Libbe Matz Gang, “Toluene Blues” [Libertatia Overseas Trading]
09. Stuart Chalmers, “The Unseen Menace” [The Lows And The Highs Records]
10. Helm, “Stained Glass Electric” [Pan]
11. IX Tab, “Seconds (A Djinni Haniver)” [self-released]
12. KTL, “Phill 2″ [Editions Mego]
13. Eric Lanham,”No Ordinates” [Spectrum Spools]
14. Emptyset, “Interstice” [Subtext]
15. NHK, “Stomp 1″ [Pan]
16. Nick Edwards, “Plekzationz Part 1″ (extract) [Editions Mego]
17. Heatsick, “Vom Anderen Ufer” [Pan]
18. Tod Dockstader, “Electronic” (reMMix) [Mordant Music*]
19. eMMplekz, “The Square Quill” [Mordant Music*]

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Tiga Bakso - Rasuna [ Vlek]

Tiga Bakso grew up in former East Germany, in a concrete cube.
He got exposed to eastern european and russian culture, DT64 and of course,communism.
Heavily influenced by 90' techno and early electronics, field recordings,
percussions, jazz, he's trying to be a hybrid between all genres.

sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Smoke Machine Podcast 040 Ness

Sonic Router Mix #139: Basic House [Opal Tapes]


Mama Geedee – Intro
Steve Peters & Steve Roden – Winds Through Bleak Timber
oɴᴅ ᴛoɴ – Indastrial Terminals (Reworking Best Available Technology)
Jason Crumer – IV. Sault Ste. Marie Mi
Basic House – Canc
Smackos – The Unbearable Sadness of Dimensions
Tuff Sherm & PMM – Obelisk Mumble
YYU – Toastoven (Huerco S. Mix)
Huerco S. – Elma (ruff rub)
Tuff Sherm & PMM – Lances Rompues
Best Available Technology – Sound 37
Basic House – 64 Bummer

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Theo Parrish - Any Other Styles [SoundSignature]

A - Any Other Styles

B1 - Any Other Styles (Short Version)

B2 - Beat These

3 ruff & rugged martial arts related beat tracks from the boss!

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Decimus - 11 [Digitalis Recordings]

Pat Murano's Decimus project has been all over the map in the past few years, undertaking a massive effort to put out a series of 12 albums in accordance with the zodiac of Decimus Magnus Ausonius. Previous to this Murano was perhaps best known as one of the founding members of No Neck Blues Band, K-Salvatore, & Malkuth, but it is with Decimus that the full story finally unfolds. With 11, Murano is going schizo and taking you down a hellish aural rabbit hole, deep into the abyss.
I'm not exaggerating when I say this might be the weirdest record we've ever put out on Digitalis. 11 opens with layers of looped, rusty-sounding strings mashed together with slowed down, death-rattle vocals. With buried crunch rhythms peaking out from the morass, the whole effect is like wandering through a funeral procession through a post-apocalyptic metropolis. Everything moves rapidly until it doesn't. Murano slows things to a crawl, pushing the demonic howl under a pane of glass. Blown-out minimal beats emerge to carry the bones along, but it feels like the worst is inevitable and there's no place to go but down.
And that's when Murano pulls the rug out from beneath. Solemn guitar chords are plucked like feathers, mourning the loss of the sun but never losing faith entirely. Of course, that's just a tease because just as abruptly as it appears, the section is destroyed and replaced by sharp synth stabs and manipulated tribal death marches. Everything has a crunch to it. 11 sounds like an album that was found in a sandy tomb. It's simultaneously ancient and still looking forward. The whole album is so disorienting and disfigured that it's oddly beautiful.
The thing about this installment in the Decimus saga is how much of story it tells. Murano deftly jumps from one chapter to another, throwing so many ideas and styles into the cauldron and spitting out something that flows like magic. This is the soundtrack for modern times, in all its ugly glory.

lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

A Colourful Storm 014 - 91 Fellows

Vanese Smith, of Pursuit Grooves fame, has unveiled a new alias through which she has been able to delve into the realm of cinematic dub; 91 Fellows. Her contribution consists of a 30 minute original composition titled 'Terrapin SkyDome', and forms the soundtrack to a fictitious short film of the same name. The piece invokes imagery of the dark, steam-filled streets of her home city of New York, before traversing far beyond through the interplanetary field. A Colourful Storm

Smoke Machine Podcast 054 NX1

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

mnml ssgs mx fnl - Svreca


Fumio Hayasaka - Interlude
Thomas Köner - Tiento Para El Alma
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason - Unbreakable Silence
Eleh - Woven Over
Roly Porter - Giedi Prime
Haswell & Hecker - Kanal GENDYN (extract)
Esplendor Geometrico - Japo (Andreas Tilliander Remix)
Ekoplekz - Dromilly Vale
William S Burroughs - Burroughs Called The Law
Pogrom - Pogrom 4
Harmonia & Eno - By The Riverside (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)
Senking - Black Ice
Various - Untitled
Raime - The Three Chambers Of Our Entities
Popul Vuh - Cobra Verde (Mika Vainio Remix)
Svarte Greiner - Baandspiller I Solnedgang
Atom ™ - Winterreise
Miles - Primer
TV Victor - 130509 (Tobias Freund Edit)
Onmutu Mechaniks - Phospor (Norman Nodge Remix)
Pole - Silberfisch (The Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)
Morphosis - Impulse
Wincent Kunth - Promise
The Traveller - A100
Peter van Hoesen - Axis Mundi
Function - Inter
Cio Dor - Wasserkraft
Rrose - A, With All Faces Bleached Out
Edit Select - Surface To Air (Lucy Remix)
Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now
Sandwell District - Feed Forward Test Session (Recorded Live In Berlin - 23/10/2010)
Abdulla Rashim - Untitled From Asayita
Factory Floor - A Wooden Box
Wincent Kunth - Sinking
Sigha - How To Disappear
Shifted - Telic
Abdulla Rashim - Untitled From Weldiya
Battles - Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix)

sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Alarma! - Mentiras Politico [Machining Dreams]

A1 - Clasificado

A2 - HR8791

B1 - Declasificado

B2 - Reptil

DJ Spider aka Alarma! brings out a socially conscious 4 tracker from the CD ''Escrito Con Sangre''. 2 tracks atmospheric stuff w/2 audio verite tracks. Declasificado is our pick here! one intense deep slomo house cut with is very impressive!

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

Metasplice - Topographical Interference [Morphine Records]

A1 - Thermite Jack

A2 - Bohrium Slunk

B1 - Buoyant Slighe

B2 - Laminate Resonan

"Metasplice is a twisted debussy-esque of primal drums+chords over top of the chaos.
the sound of an atom splitting.
the sound of a nuclear explosion; the sound of the end of the world...
dialogue between an electronic experiment in nature and a synthesizer."
Traxx (Nation, Chicago)

Donato Dozzy - mnml ssgs mx fnl

This may sound strange to readers in the northern hemisphere, but every year in June I go to ground. It’s the log cabin feeling, a desire not so much to hibernate as to really hunker in my bunker, settle in my own private log cabin.
Over the past three years or so, this yearly inclination has been cast in relation to music in general, and house and techno in particular. I keep wanting to get back beyond the contemporary, behind what I’d taken my archive to be: somehow the inclination to hunker down typically goes hand in glove for me with a desire to get to the roots of the music. And this has been intensified by the fact that, as we just announced, Chris and I have decided to end our mix series for good.
What are the roots of house and techno? We know the stock answers; I know they’re not good enough. We have to go further, think harder, look a bit deeper.
Two and some years ago, I speculated about this: house/techno might emerge and take place in relation to a space; it might take place in relation to a tradition, whether rooted in hedonism, worship, or ritual; or it might take place in relation to a social context… these days it seems we’re desparately trying to locate and stake out spaces and traditions, but of course a key part of the reason for this, what motivates it, deep down, is that the social context is dominant. And the dominant social context is the internet. And the internet is dominating and overdetermining the spaces and the traditions, soaking them up, para-siting them, to the point where electronic music is just something, maybe, you download and comment on. Then I read this piece, and found out that, well, it's happening to another 'industry'...
I think I can speak for many of us when I say that this is something a bit sad, something that gives you the sense that ‘there is no one to talk to’, nowhere to go. But it’s moments like these when we do hunker down and take stock, reflect, and try to re-locate spaces and traditions for the music we love so much. These are also the moments where inspiration, where new movements, really come from.
Dozzy has offered us this mix as a way to do that. It’s a way to get back something or get back to something… was it something we ‘had’? Was it something there ‘was’, or was it just something we remember? All Dozzy said was:‘voodoo forever’

Joey Anderson Mix [Inimeg Records]

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Inverted Audio MIX 67 Cassegrain


1. Demdike Stare - Metamorphosis
3. Cassegrain - untitled
4. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Visitor
5. Forward Strategy Group - TTH
6. Bill Youngman - Wespe
7. Roberto - Going Fast Nowhere
8. Skudge - Man On Wire (Marcel Dettman remix)
10. Cassegrain - Plate #1
11. V.A - 9 (Autechre remix)
12. Aiken - Second Balance (Regis Remix)
13. Dscrd - The Dawn

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

J.T.C. - The Controller [Minimal Rome]

Casual Violence | Nothing is Written | Mantis Radio #106


01 | Casual Violence | Nothing Is Written | Maieutics
02 | Giorgio Gigli & Obtane | Patterns Of Behaviour | Zooloft
03 | Lapse | Sound 6 | Unreleased
04 | Haus Arafna | Hingabe | Galakthorro
05 | Sandwell District | Grey Cut Out | Sandwell District
06 | Svreca | SS09 [Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa/Steven Porter Remix] | Semantica
07 | Subjected | Untitled | Vault Series [Vault 08]
08 | Cub | C U 1 [UST Remix] | Cub
09 | Orphx | Compulsion | Hands
10 | Alva Noto | Uni Acronym | Raster Noton
11 | Regis | Blinding Horses | Blackest Ever Black
12 | Cio D'Or | Organza [Milton Bradley Remix] | Prologue
13 | Imaginary Forces | Old Rituals | Unreleased
14 | Cio D'Or | Magnetfluss [Milton Bradley Remix] | Prologue
15 | Casual Violence | Cardinal | Unreleased
16 | Casual Violence | Thought And Language | Unreleased
17 | Delusions | Untitled [Svreca Remix] | Ballistic
18 | Regis | White Stains | Downwards
19 | Regis | Purification | Downwards
20 | Raidho | Reodan | Rune
21 | Whitehouse | Why You Never Became A Dancer | Very Friendly
22 | Destroy Aliens | Untitled | Destroy Aliens
23 | Sandwell District | Svar | Sandwell District
24 | Sigha | Drown | Hotflush
25 | Jeff Pietro | Still | Borrowed Language
26 | Allan Nonamaka | Without Control | Fervent
27 | Planetary Assault Systems | Call From The East | Ostgut Ton
28 | Jeff Mills | The Industry Of Dreams | Axis
29 | Milton Bradley | Escaped From The Dark | Zooloft
30 | Siege | Aftermath Contrast | Unreleased
31 | Orphx | Preta Loka | Sonic Groove
32 | Emptyset | Aleph | Caravan Recordings