martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

LWE Podcast 132: Ekoplekz


01. Flourescent Grey & Thorsten Soltau w/Marina Stewart, “Final Transmission From A Dead Space” (Replekz) [m.m Label]
02. Thought Broadcast, “Breaking Test” [Editions Mego]
03. Ekoplekz, “Soviet Drum Stems” [Punch Drunk*]
04. Innercity, “Bodycells Fortress” [Further Records]
05. Time Attendant, “Sanquine Campaigner” [Exotic Pylon]
06. Young Echo, “Ritual” [*]
07. Woebot, “Maplin” [Hollow Earth]
08. Libbe Matz Gang, “Toluene Blues” [Libertatia Overseas Trading]
09. Stuart Chalmers, “The Unseen Menace” [The Lows And The Highs Records]
10. Helm, “Stained Glass Electric” [Pan]
11. IX Tab, “Seconds (A Djinni Haniver)” [self-released]
12. KTL, “Phill 2″ [Editions Mego]
13. Eric Lanham,”No Ordinates” [Spectrum Spools]
14. Emptyset, “Interstice” [Subtext]
15. NHK, “Stomp 1″ [Pan]
16. Nick Edwards, “Plekzationz Part 1″ (extract) [Editions Mego]
17. Heatsick, “Vom Anderen Ufer” [Pan]
18. Tod Dockstader, “Electronic” (reMMix) [Mordant Music*]
19. eMMplekz, “The Square Quill” [Mordant Music*]

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Tiga Bakso - Rasuna [ Vlek]

Tiga Bakso grew up in former East Germany, in a concrete cube.
He got exposed to eastern european and russian culture, DT64 and of course,communism.
Heavily influenced by 90' techno and early electronics, field recordings,
percussions, jazz, he's trying to be a hybrid between all genres.