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Spekter - Pipe Bomb [Sound Signature]

A - Pipe Bomb

Collossal darkside jacker's grooves on Sound Signature! Your man from Chicago, Spekter, has appeared on some ace sides for Sistrum and Downbeat to date, before passing this tune to Theo Parrish who promptly signed it up for Sound Signature.

Legowelt - Sark Island Acid [Lies]

A - Sark Island

B1 - Backwood Fantasies

B2 - Sea Of Nuhuhu(Tape version)

Always telling stories with his songs the prolific Danny Wolfers' latest offering the "Sark Island Acid" EP once again brings the listener into his shadowy world where the sounds of Chicago and Detroit meld with a demented dreamworld in which woodland creatures attempt space travel, lonely middle-aged men cast off by society perform circuit bending experiments in their parents suburban basement and autistic fans of late night talk radio call in from the outer-reaches to discuss world politics. Three tracks with the A-side being the bubbling, subduded and beautiful title track Sark Island Acid and the B-side containing the smudged out 808 ghetto compression of Backwoods Fantasies and the epic piano driven Sea of Nuhuhu.

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

BNJMN - Louche Podcast 045

Virgo Four - XLR8R Podcast 198


01 Virgo Four "Deep Blue" (Rush Hour)
02 Praful "Underworld" (Tribal Winds)
03 Mr. Fingers "Can U Feel It" (Trax)
04 Nancy Martin "Can’t Believe" (Atlantic)
05 Virgo Four "Ride" (Radical)
06 Mike Dunn "Deep Down" (Fluential)
07 Virgo Four "This Old House" (Rush Hour)
08 Ace & the Sandman "Let Your Body Talk" (Saber)
09 Klein & M.B.O. "M.B.O. Theme" (Atlantic)
10 Mike Dunn "Deep Down (Repeat)" (Fluential)
11 Double Exposure "Ten Percent" (Salsoul)
12 The MD Xspress "Feel the Muzik" (Defected)
13 Roland Clark "God Is Good" (Soul Heaven)
14 Earth People "Dance" (Champion)
15 Black Traxx "Your Mind Is So Crazy" (Night Club)
16 Lil' Louis "Jupiter" (Diamond Records)
17 Candi Station "You Got the Love" (Source)
18 Sandee "Notice Me" (Fever)
19 Shawn Christopher "You Can Make It" (Soulfuric)

XLR8R Podcast Virgo Four 2011 05 17 by

Juju & Jordash/Downbeat - Solar Oasis [Downbeat Black Label]

A - Juju & Jordash - Avian oasis

B - Downbeat - Solaris

First release of Downbeat Black label, the sublabel of Downbeat dedicated to slow 4x4 house/electronics. Juju & Jordash provide Avian Oasis, an exquisite and delicate 4x4 piece with a special guest: an old Hohner Melodica that envelopes the track in mystery. On the other side, Solaris. A complex sci-fi soundtrack full of field recordings in continuous movement made by Downbeat illness.

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Objekt - Objekt 2

A - Track1

B - Track2

Objekt drops the tempo and ups the Techno element for a killer second release on his/her eponymous imprint. Each side is demarcated by what might be a title in the run-out groove. A-side 'I See Sound' feeds us through a passage of cold, ricocheting delays and skittering dub stabs before precipitating Hood-esque hi-hats and propulsive kicks shackled to haughty snares. With adroit EQ'ing the track continues to wink and tease until a fully fledged final Chicago jack-out. B-side, 'Where I See Numbers' swings in that teched-out Untold style, but with a more wide-open Berlin atmosphere.

Lory D - Strange Days Vol 1 [Numbers]

A - Acidronix

B - Acid Prastix

The original Italian Techno badboy presents the first in a series of hugely promising releases for NMBRS. Unless you've been asleep for the last two decades, you should know by now that Lory D has one of the most distinctive styles in Techno, or electronic music at large. These two are up there with owt he's released on Rephlex or his own Sounds Never Seen label. 'Acidronix' is a relatively brief dose of marbled acid jack, applying that uniquely sheer electro resonance to an eternally tweaking, snakey-sleazin' TechnoHouse special. 'Acid Prastix' is where he really gives the full brunt of his sound, teasing it in with the squelchiest, splashiest synths before expertly layered drum machine rolls pin you to the spot like his voodoo marionette.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Hardfloor feat. E.R.P - You know the score (Boris Divider remix)

Versalife - Night Time Activities Part 2 [Clone West Coast Series]

A1 - Unclear Matter

A2 - Electronic Suspect

B1 - Night Time In The Computer Labs

B2 - Observing The Outland

Versalife's N.T.A. part 2 is taking us further down deep into the night! This is some of the at widest, cleanest, most absorbing electro, techno tracks we've heard in a while! Especially the b-side tracks oozes twilight suave and atmosphere with its precise electro pulse and caressing midnight sounds. Versalife is creating a setting with sounds radiating the midnight atmosphere that reflects the twin peak-esque life on a almost deserted windy dutch coastal island where the clouds rush through the dark night time skies projecting all variations of grey and black on the mystifying dunes. Futuristic electro techno tracks with emotive synth work created with exploratory imagination.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Kyle Hall Nts Radio

Juniper - Theories [Underground Quality]

A1 - Fate Conspired

A2 - In The Interest Of Time

B1 - Pushed Away

B2 - Rhetorics

Underground Quality reaches release number forty with four tracks from Mancunian duo Juniper fully demonstrating the international reach of Jus-Ed's imprint. The Theories EP is a debut set from Juniper (not counting their lo-fi punk past) and fits in snugly alongside the rest of the UQ roster with "Fate Conspired" opening proceedings in languid style - simmering atmospherics sit deep beneath gloopy pads and crispy patterns that demonstrate Juniper like their drums. Following this "In The Interest Of Time" is far more experimental in tone, twisting expertly between delicate soundscapes and insistent Detroit rhythms - the whole track punctuated by vocal samples discussing concepts of reality. Both "Pushed Away" and "Rhetorics" provide a more upward slant on contemporary deepness and demonstrate the versatility of Juniper's sonic palette.

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Esteban Edame - East Lost Luv [Underground Quality]

A1 - I'll Never Give Up

A2 - Los Arcos

B1 - Mixed Feelings

B2 - Buscando

From Underground Quality's latest signing, Esteban Adame. Some pure Jackin House across four tracks with some flashes of the Detroit vibes along the way. Sun drench sewer sucking vocals rip the pavement up from beneath with ease as those melodies just fly by.

Blm - Roll 'Em [Underground Quality]

A1 - People

A2 - Rough Piano 002

B1 - Hard Feeling (live)

B2 - Delharmonic

Soulful house jams from Los Hermanos' front man.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Motion Sickness of Time Travel - ssg special


1. Air Sign / Our Galactic Covered Wagons to the Stars / "Untitled", side A / Stunned
2. Nova Scotian Arms / Slow Architecture split / "Graphics Bloom" / Sweat Lodge Guru
3. Afterlife / Hypnautic Rinse / "Open Ocean" / Stunned
4. Bernardino Femminielli / Souvenir Express / "Memoria Punto D#" / Digitalis Ltd.
5. Charlatan / Meridians / "Flares" / Hobo Cult Records
6. Tidal / Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Tidal split / "Shadow Cast" / Tranquility Tapes
7. Sounding the Deep / Glacier / "Cosmic Shore" / Sonic Meditations
8. Hobo Cubes / Emotions / "High. Y." / Los' Discos Enfantasmes
9. Lee Noble / No Becoming / "Emotive Cloak" / Sweat Lodge Guru
10. Lunar Miasma / Crystal Covered / "Purple Oscillator" / Bases Frequencies
11. Panabrite / Nordsee/ Contemplating the Observatory / "Tunnel Flight" / Digitlais Ltd.
12. Renee Hell / Club Speed / "Room 7" / Ekhein
13. Emeralds / Grass Ceiling / "Standing Water" / Fag Tapes
14. Expo 70 / Psychic Funeral / "Psychokinesis Within Meme" / Sonic Meditations
15. Sundrips / Arrays / "Silver Breeze" / Fade Away Tapes
16. Derek Rogers / Informal Meditations / "Live at Salvage Vanguard Theater, Austin, TX 2010.10.10" / No Kings
17. The Away Team / Evacuate Planet Earth/Cloud Prism split / " Skymud" / Hooker Vision
18. Reedbeds / Reedbeds / "Untitled", side A/ Calypso Hum

Kassem Mosse - Musical Generics [Mikrodisco]

A - 7 pm

B - 7 am

The 7th release on Mikrodisko delivers the perfect concept for the dissolution of the antagonism between original and replica with Kassem Mosse’s “Musical Generics”. The two tracks on offer, namely “7pm” and “7am”, showcase two very different aspects to the German producer’s aresnal, with the former touching on the deeply melodic end of techno, while the latter offers a tense.

Tevo Howard - Pandora's Box [Hour House Is Your Rush]

1 - Pandora's Box (Hope mix)

2 - Spend Some Time (Underground mix)

3 - The Promenade

4 - The Instruction (acid mix)

5 - Autumn Spell (Top Shelf September mix)

6 - Confusion

7 - Intersection

8 - Spend Some Time (pop mix)

Ranging from melodic to a bit heavier work this Tevo album is an ideal little update to your house collection. Lots of Chicago and a well sized portion of acid in it!
Tevo Howard keeps delivering the goods! After his 'Crystal Republic' EP from last year, Tevo's follow up for Hour House Is Your Rush is the 8 track 'Pandora's Box'. A release on which Tevo experiments with different rhythms and textures, which results in a varied set of tracks, from classic Chicago acid house to more Italo leanings. All carry Tevo's, by now, trademark sound.

Scott Grooves - Scott Grooves White Label Of The Month [Unknown Label]

A - Track1

B - Track2

New 12″ with no information or song titles, simply called “Scott Grooves White Label Of The Month.” The A-Side has an energetic techno track while the B-Side is a grimey, acidic drum workout.

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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Demdike Stare - Violetta video

Myriadd - Beyond This Life [Creme Organization]

1 - Beyond This Life

2 - A Hazy Memory

3 - Keep On Searching

4 - The Outer Limits

Surprise release by a mysterious UK producer. Sweet and dripping wet Chicago House beats that are as timeless as they are fitting with current trends.

Chicago Shags - Lost In A Blue Night [Creme Organization]

1 - Irrational Excess

2 - Disorderly Orchard

3 - Lost In A Blue Night

4 - South-Side Will Rise (TLR edit)

New Shags! Typically retarded but strangely enticing Chi-Haya house that swings like a tit. Produced by an auxiliary member of the New Kids Turbo and his socially challenged compadre from the Coastal region.

DJ Yoav B - Wisdom Traxx [Meakusma]

A1 - Wisdom Bop

A2 - Electricité

B1 - Sunset Glow Disko

B2 - Wisdom Box (Protect-U remix)

After releasing some highly acclaimed records on Delsin Tel Aviv-based Yoav B. releases three new tracks on the Belgian meakusma label. Gently rubbing shoulders with Detroit Techno (the way Anthony Shakir produces it) and HipHop, built on crazy loops and raw rhythms, the tracks are enhanced with psychedelic and playful sounds, that give them the feeling of being in continuous flux and movement. The mood here is absorbing yet ambivalent. On top of this, Protect-U, from the fantastic Future Times camp, delivers a remix, pulling the music away from reality, firmly aiming it for the universe. With a mid-tempo House feeling, a crispy bassline and abstract synthesizer pattern.

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Palisade - So What ? [Laid]

A - So what?

B - 18:30

Palisade AKA Redshape! After his huge releases on Delsin, Music Man, Styrax Leaves and the own Present imprint Redshape founded his new project Palisade to release the worldwide debut single ''So What?'' on Dial's House sublabel Laid.

Xdb - Bakform [Harbour City Sorrow]

A1 - Bakfom

B1 - Wentap

B2 - Battif

Harbour City Sorrow will showcase different sides of techno. After exploring the electro side of things we now go more towards the deeper housey side of techno. XDB (Kosta Athanassiadis, Metrolux, Sistrum) is walking on the border of various styles, creating his own unique blend of techno and house.

Borngraber & Struver - Urlaub [M=Minimal]

A1 - Reise

B1 - Berlin Tribal Music

B2 - Dancing Queen

Having recently dropped that essential reissue of Conrad Schnitzler's Ballet Statique, M=minimal serve up a fresh set from modern day kraut standard-bearers Borngraber & Struver. "Kosmische" these days tends to be shorthand for fluffy synth ambience, but B&S invoke the more rhythmic, pulsation-prone practitioners of 70s German electronic music, and more power to 'em for it. 'Reise' is a hugely satisying 21st century update of Schnitzler et al's sleek machine minimalism, sweeping Blade Runner synths and dubbed-out piano chords underscored by a robust techno kick - building to a truly intense denoument ,you could see this jam going down a treat on the dancefloors of the world's deeper, darker club spots. 'Berlin Tribal Music' sounds like Neubauten and Swans soundtracking a Michael Mann chase scene, while 'Dancing Queen' is thumping, mid-paced disco-prog with an unbelievable thump, up-down arpeggios and swampy strings - wonderfully over-the-top, like Goblin if they'd made it in Hollywood. And with so many artists who share B&S's interests favouring a lo-fi idiom, it's refreshing to hear music so unashamedly crisp, full-bodied and frankly state-of-the-art in its production values.

Franco Cangelli / Mixture Series 5

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Trackwerk / Guest Mix from Cez @ PopYourFunk


1. Joy O – Jels (Hotflush)
2. Norm Talley – The Journey (Scott Grooves Rmx) (Third Ear)
3. Ben Klock – Goodly Sin (Robert Hood Rmx) (Ostgut Ton)
4. Daniel P – Discomadley (Cabinet)
5. Chicago Skyway – Heaven (Aroy’s Edit) (M>O>S)
6. Rick Howard – I Won’t Lay Back (Instrumental) (Rush Hour)
7. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance (FXHE)
8. Ricardo Miranda – Urbanism (Rush Hour)
9. Rare Earth – Happy Song Or Dance (Rated X)
10. Bruce Ivery – Bruce Falls (Stilove4music)
11. Kerri Chandler – Syntax Error (Deeply Rooted)
12. Earth People – Dance (Underworld)
13. John Heckle – The 4th Dimension (Mathematics)

Delta Funktionen - Setup Three: O/f/f [Ann Aimee]

1 - Another Dimension

2 - Miss Communication

3 - Minds Into Meltdown

4 - Data Economics

Delta Funktionen delivers his third and final part of his Setup series.
More freaked, frantic and robotic as ever before.

Mike Parker - GPH16 [Geophone]

A1 - Track1

A2 - Track2

B1 - Track3

B2 - Track4

Fresh off of his stunning debut on Prologue, Mike Parker returns with 4 tracks of acidic mind melting techno on Geophone. Strictly vinyl and uncompromisingly purist in its execution, GPH16 delivers raw power and elegance.

jueves, 12 de mayo de 2011

The Definition of Jak - The Definition Of Hope [Lux Rec]

A1 - Traxx - Pzykotic House Track

A2 - D'Marc Cantu - 10x As Strong

B - JTC - Recall

X2 Members: Traxx, D'Marc Cantu & JTC drop a three track V.A. EP on the burgeoning LUX REC imprint. Each artist delivers, with some pretty signature styles on display! A great EP showcasing these maverick sickos.

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Fudge Fingas - Made Like A Tree Podcast (MLAT49)

  1. Fudge Fingas - What Works (Vakula Mix) [Firecracker]
  2. Fake Left - Roots In The Sky [IS]
  3. Billy Lo - It's The Life [Universal Frequency Modulation]
  4. Ron Trent - Seduction [Subwoofer]
  5. Fudge Fingas - The Tree [Prime Numbers]
  6. Vakula - Saturday (Fudge Fingas' SNL Mix) [3rd Strike]
  7. Hanna - Selah [Track Mode]
  8. Chicago People - Luv Changes [Smack]
  9. Shazz - Lost Illusions [Fnac Music Dance Division]
  10. The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me [Warp]
  11. Linkwood - Dirty Love [Prime Numbers]
  12. Fudge Fingas - Mass X (Vakula Mix) [Firecracker]

Lando Kal - Further [Hotflush]

A - Further

B - Time Out

Lando Kal, best known as half of Lazer Sword, steps forth with a cyber-fresh solo debut. Face-first, 'Further' tucks into HD hyper-step mode, swinging on an original US Garage rhythm buffed with silicon-fine finish and robo-dextrous edits for cutting-edge appeal. Turn it over and 'Time Out' embarks on some more discombobulated business, synching the groove between flickering, Juke-like drum timbres and full-sunken, batty-swiping subs before an aquatic 4/4 resolution and back to the twysted roll-out. Most notably, he's put his own uniquely cyber-spacious and tricky spin on a well tried style, and in the end sounds like himself.

Baaz - Only But Lately [Minuendo]

A1 - Sidewalk

A2 - I Feel

B1 - Sidewalk (Dubbyman Remix)

Baaz (Elevate, Sthlmaudio, Quintessentials or Deep Explorer) with a new 12" for Minuendo called the 'Only But Lately EP'. Two tracks On the A side: Sidewalk and I feel with a sound more closer to the dance floor, and have a crisp and solid deep house groove. On the flipside, Dubbyman puts his hands over the main track with that clasicc Deep Explorer´s aroma in a long remix for deeper mixes ....

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Deeper Reflection by Chicagodeep

Field Recording 024 | DJ QU


DJ QU | What We’ve Concluded Thus Far
2 Body’s | Body Drill
Ra.H | Timeships
-State 808 | ThermoKings
Ron Hardy | Track 3
Ron Trent | Manifesto | Aybee remix
Jeff Mills | The Clairvoyant
Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause | Wolkenreise | DJ QU remix
Charles Webster | Your Life
Tobias Becker | Britta
Lawrence | Old Joy
Pacou | Bounce
Anthony Nicholson | Mysteries of Woman

Appointment - Appointment 4

A1 - Untitled 1

A2 - Untitled 2

B1 - Untitled 3

B2 - Untitled 4

Raw and direct tracks from the Appointment guys. Four tracks with influences of the pure tracks that have been brought by the early pioneers. Gritty Urban techno tracks for the industrial cities and dark basements.

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Duplex DJ set [Clone]


Dcast Dynamics - In Darkness - Frustrated Funk 015
As One - Return To Taklimakan - New Electronica 26lp
Pop & Eye - Spinach Spaceship - Editainment
Submersible Machines - Blue Hole - Lunar Disko Records 05
XDB - Rising Sun - metrolux Music 004
Aroy Dee - Celsius - Rush Hour MOS 001
Oliverwho Factory - Galactic Transit - Rush Hour 033
Wei Chi - Faces and Places (Schwarz remix) - Compost Records 164-1
Deep Space Orchestra - Last Exit - ART 9
Oliverwho Factory - Come With Me - Madd Chaise Inc 006
Jordan Muscott - Nesbits' Way! - Rephlex 066lp
Moodymann - Freeki MF - KDJ 040
Tek 9 - Is It On? (Carl Craig Mix) SSR Records 170
Recloose - Get There Tonight - Planet E PE65248
Literon - Storm - Clone Basement Series 04
Anthony 'SHAKE' Shakir - Arise - Synchrophone Recordings 003
Juan Atkins - Dayshift - ScionAV
Bakey Usti - Nose Candy - Unthank001
Dennis Ferrer - Transitions (sasse Re-edit) - Defected
Murphy Jax ft. Mike Dunn - It's The Music (Alden Tyrell rmx) - Clone Jack For Daze 06
Matt O Brien - Dodaso (Schatrax remix) - Off Key Industries 005
Gerd - Time & Space (Duplex Northside Remix) - Clone Basement Series 06
The Vision - Detroit, One Circle - Metroplex 025
Parris Mitchell - Funk Electric - Dance Mania 195
Joey Anderson - Party in the Kitchen - Inmeg001
Obsolote Music Technology - Latency - Machine Dreams 003
Lerosa - Contamination - A Touch Of Class 022

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Linkwood - From The Vaults Pt. 1 [Prime Numbers]

A1 - Dirty Love

B1 - Untitled 1

B2 - Untitled 2

Following his widely acclaimed debut album and remixes for Appleblim and Tornado Wallace, Edinburgh's Linkwood plucks three idiosyncratic analogue House grooves for Trus'me's Prime Numbers. Face up you'll find the disco-pumped 'Dirty Love' workout full of sprightly keys and proper shifting rhythms that Pepe Braddock would be proud of. Flipside it's a luxuriously deep affair, with beautifully moody, woozy Detroit chords and sub-clad kicks on 'Untitled 1' and the masterful mid-tempo pace of 'Untitled 2' with its cascade of ethereal, dubbed-out organ and deep, grumbling bass played to brilliantly trippy effect.

Betek - U Funking Confuse Me [Balans]

A - U Funking Confuse Me (part 1)

B1 - Wood Engraving

B2 - U Funking Confuse Me (part 2)

Up next on Balans is a Brazilian old school house & techno talent extraordinaire, Betek. Hailing from beautiful Rio De Janeiro, you might not expect an artist who is dedicated to old school Roland drumcomputers and bassline machines. Betek clearly has a big love for the the EDM past, but takes it well into the new millennium with a fresh angle.

Trolley Route/Victor Santana & Band - Form Factor [Chaval Records]

A1 - Trolley Route - X -Ray

A2 - Trolley Route - Neutron

B1 - Victor Santana & Band - Gracias

B2 - Victor Santana - Fabio (Remix)

4th release from spanish Chaval Records is a split EP, made by Trolley Route aka Oscar Mulero and Victor Santana & Band.

Boxcutter - TV Troubles (from The Dissolve - Planet Mu 2011)

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Joey Anderson – Written In The Stars Mix


1. Tobyz March
2. One of Dem Gone
3. Dont judge Me
4. The Search for David S. “The Synth”
5. Suspect
6. Angel of Light
7. When He’s in jail
8. My father leaves cause he must
9. 3200 B.C. House Dancer

Jonsson/Alter - Olidan [Kontra Musik]

A1 - Olidan

B1 - Orgelpunkten

B2 - Jatten

There has been a lot of talk about a Nordic house sound lately. Here two guys thatit hit it right on the head! Jonsson/Alter aka Jonsson (Porn Sword Tobacco/Gunnar Jonsson)and Alter (Joel Alter/Jor-el) checking out some abandoned synthesizers Alter found in the streets. A jam session started that has not yet ended.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Melbourne Deepcast 039 Baaz

Black Jazz Consortium - Electric Blues [Deep Explorer]

A1 - Where it came from

A2 - Inside you

B1 - Message (Dubbyman remix)

B2 - Message

A moment of darkness to one step into the light , simply like that.Fred P arrives to the files of the Deep Explorer’s army with his Black Jazz Comsortium project.Electric Blues EP includes new fresh works from one of the men of the moment plus a downbeat remix by Dubbyman on the flipside.

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Marcellus Pittman - On a Beautiful / By Your Side [Lifetime Groove]

A - On A Beautiful Rainy Day

B - By Your Side 

Jazzy playfull laidback tracks from Marcellus Pittmann on this new label.

Reggie Dokes - Once Again [Clone Royal Oak]

A1 - Haiti

A2 - God Of House

B1 - Once Again (Morning Factory remix)

Reggie Dokes returns to his second home... Clone Royal Oak, with 3 tracks. Emotional and passioned house tracks that come straight from the heart! Raw, unpolished music... just as we like it! Title track Once Again has received a remix treatment by two young dutch producers called Morning Factory. These guys show the same passion for their productions as Reggie, and they delivered a great edit version that added some extra energy to the original mix (which is not on this record... might come later).