jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Vakula - BrokenMix73

Redose 1 - Donato Dozzy & Hieroglyphic Being Reworks [Morphine Records ]

A - Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen - Spacepops(Donato Dozzy rework)

B - Madteo & Sensational - Freak Inspector(Hieroglyphic Being rework)

Spacepops (originally released on doser009) getting some special treatment from Donato Dozzy - one of our heroes from the more psychedelic & percussive side of the techno world. The track hints towards ‘club use’ while luring ears into the avant garde through seductive tweaks of the EMS Synth,. Freak Inspector, from Madteo's infamous Memoria album, gets a total re-mash by Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being- left to brew for a few years in the Morphine curing closet and now at optimum maturity for it’s release. Two masters of their respective games meeting over the sides of this 12” with more in common than we’d previously imagined…

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Huerco S./Lenta - Other Heights White Label 9 [Other Heights]

A1 - Huerco S - Mogen

A2 - Huerco S - Ames

B1 - Lenta - Un

B2 - Lenta - Pain

Other Heights return to its split format to present spacy techno works from Huerco S. and Lenta. Huerco S. and Lenta? Who? Precisely. Even more so with its White Label series, there’s no agenda with Other Heights than to deliver fine, ethereal electronic music. To assiduously navigate the infinite pool of net-published material, stumbling upon delicious exotic gems—regardless of categorical boxes like genre or scene—to press in micro-runs and drop capriciously into the hands of like-minded aural adventurers. What is it that you seek, sonic traveller? To be led into those eyes-closed moments, to bask in sheets of dopamine-inducing chords? To become lost in the pulse, hypnotised by intoxicating rhythms and tiers of gently undulating timbres? For the time being, your search is over. Huerco S. is from Kansas City, USA—Lenta, from Russia. And Other Heights White Label 009 is their record.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Vatican Shadow - Kneel Before Religious Icons [Type Edition]

Dominick Fernow might be best known for his industrial incantations under the Prurient moniker, but in recent months his attention has shifted towards a different outlet. Fernow’s interest in electronic music (from the clamorous grind of Muslimgauze to the recently defunct Sandwell District imprint) has been well documented, and it comes to a frothy head with his Vatican Shadow project. Revolving around themes gleaned from Iraq war propaganda and yellowing stacks of newspaper clippings, the tracks on ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ are a perfect representation of Fernow’s modus operandi. Behind a wall of tape hiss, drum machine rhythms beat out memories of early Ministry and AFX while sickly FM synthesizer pads crawl and heave into the abyss. Like much of Fernow’s output prior to this, the emphasis is on society’s darker crevices, but Vatican Shadow is steeped in an alarming mystery and sulfuric smoke that is sure to surprise recent converts.

Wanda Group - Cleaners [Vlekd]

WANDA GROUP was formerly known as DEM HUNGER, who also featured on our very first and acclaimed “AMAI” 7” (alongside CUPP CAVE).
This 8-track album announces a WANDA GROUP vinyl release on VLEK this autumn.