domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Hakim Murphy - Process Part 291 (Machining Dreams)


[00:00] Beeper
[04:32] Hyperspace Gate
[09:12] Openess
[13:10] Flash Mob
[19:08] Bumps
[22:20] Freshness
[26:32] Muffintop Dreams
[32:41] Taste O’ Rainbows
[35:53] Dark Peace
[40:04] Slowdown
[44:23] Mad
[48:23] Friendly Fire
[55:05] Essence Synthesis
[62:10] Wakabadai

Jus Ed Underground Quality Hype X Fabric Promo Mix

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Madteo - Bugler Gold Pt. 1 [Hinge Finger]

A1 - Bugler Gold Pt. 1

A2 - Biz 'R' Us (Whore Powers Resolution)

B1 - Scream Seq. 2

B2 - Xtra Loose Change

The opening salvo from Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison's new label, this EP is a cracker: a rainswept blend of hip-hop, house and techno; a diverse, tense and enthralling survey of Madteo's own world of muffled, deep, body-rocking bass and layered, worked drama. After sterling releases on Workshop, Meaukusma and co — the best yet from this Paduan In New York.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Area Forty_One - Waveforms Podcast Episode12


01 Rich Oddie - Driftwork [Surface]
02 DCP - Tonikum [Z-Schallplatten]
03 The Vision - Detroit: One Circle [Metroplex]
04 Area Forty_One - Raindrop Prelude [Ann Aimee]
05 Samuli Kemppi - Rymd [Time To Express]
06 Szare - Indo-Greek (Samuli Kemppi rmx) [Other Heights]
07 Baz Reznik - The Attic [DYFR]
08 Basic Soul Unit - Flying trough the fog [Dolly]
09 Sandwell District - Feed Forward Test Session [Sandwell District]
10 Area Forty_One - Cumulonimbus [Ann Aimee]
11 The Parallel - The Parallel [Komisch]
12 Dark Comedy - War of the Worlds [Transmat]
13 Terrence Dixon - Room 310 [Meakusma]
14 Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis [FXHE]
15 3 Elements - Glow [aNaLoGiQuE]

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

Porter Ricks - Biokinetics [Type]

Type mark their 100th release with a reissue of Porter Ricks' essential 'Biokinetics'. Back in 1996, dark ambient pioneer and sound designer Thomas Köner, together with engineer Andy Mellwig, presented the Techno community with one of it's most enduring and definitive albums in the form of 'Biokinetics'. It was the first album release on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint, birthing three 12" singles which expanded and twisted the templates of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus with an aquatic torque and unique vision, taking the sound to immersive, isolated depths previously unexplored to this degree. Womb-like systolic pulses plunge us fathoms into darkness penetrated by only the faintest trace of melody, its oceanic pressure profoundly meditative and transporting, reflecting the unimaginable vastness of space. But most importantly, 'Biokinetics' achieved what so many others tried but failed within this realm; managing to shape the infinite wave with an individual sense of narrative, one which will entrance a dancefloor and equally flood the senses of a home listener, dissolving the boundaries between club functionality and artistic experience.

viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Obsolete Music Technology - Mmmmmmusic [Emphasis Recordings]

A1 - Mmmmmusic

A2 - Mmmmmusic(reprise)

B1 - Distance

B2 - Mmmmmusic (Chicago Skyway Pay Toll mix)

Following up the well received Relapse EP on Machining Dreams, DJ producer Steven Tang presents Mmmmmusic”under his Obsolete Music Technology moniker. The 4-track, 12 vinyl single focuses in on melody; which has become the signature sound and of his label, Emphasis. Upon first listen of the main title track, you will hear a driving TR-808 drum intro. Then lush, emotive pads and strings comes in over the top to give the listener that emotional hook. But setting off the track is the funky synth bass voice sounding off, Mmmmmusic! Backing the title track is the stripped down “Reprise Version” and Chicago Skyway's Pay Toll Mix, where the synth bass voice is extracted and cut up into Skyway’s frenectic drum programming style reminiscent of Steve Poindexter’s Work That Motherfucker.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Claro Intelecto - Second Blood [Delsin]

A1 - Second Blood

B1 - Hear

B2 - Voyeurism

Since emerging in 2003, UK man Claro Intelecto has pursued the deeper side of techno, and now makes his Delsin debut with a 3 track EP entitled Second Blood, which precedes the release of his full length album on the same label in march 2012.
With a discography which includes a number of 12”s, EPs and full lengths on labels like Boomkat's own Modern Love as well as Ai Records and others, Manchester man Mark Stewart is known for dropping bomb after bomb, with these new efforts being no different. First up, the title track 'Second Blood' is a lazy, scuffed and romantic sounding deep dub cut that lurches from one beat to the next with a lazy smile and soft eyes. Plenty of echo and reverb have it drifting off into the distance as warm pads and rising strings add subtle tension. Another lazy roller but this time with brighter melodic flashes, next effort 'Heart' is just as lateral, dubwise and soothing as the title track, melting your mind into a dreamy state of hypnosis before b2 'Voyeurism' lifts you out of your trance with a firmer kick drum, more cutting claps and groove that bounces a little more than it rolls. Some taught acid notes appear eventually, rounding off a cerebral, dead of night EP made as much for home listening as it is gentle Sunday afternoon comedowns.

Chris Gray - Go Away Mix

[00:00] chris gray - "go away (you've got to)" - downbeat 006
[06:49] josé rico - "cíclico" - downbeat 005
[12:19] chris gray - "fmlk3 dark" - freebeat 001
[17:29] mike huckaby - "mathematics from the jazz republic" - downbeat 003
[23:19] chris gray - "it was the fried chicken that saved our sanity (because the ghetto is sad)" - downbeat 006
[28:59] darand land - "think-ing" - downbeat 004
[34:29] various artist - "deep" (chris gray remix) - people that make music 002
[38:59] darand land - "more than roots " - downbeat 004
[43:59] chris gray - "fmlk3 cloudgate" - freebeat 001
[49:09] terry hunter & aaron smith - "no excuses" (dub) - vibe 20
[55:29] chris gray - "fmlk3 dub" - freebeat 001
[61:19] josé rico - "about it" - downbeat 003
[65:49] specter - "bustin a step" - downbeat 001
[72:49] nydc - "up in this house" - tribal america

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Chris Gray / Moonchildren - Go Away (You've Got To) [Downbeat]

A1 - Go Away (You've Got To)

B1 - It Was The Fried Chicken That Saved Our Sanity (Because the Ghetto Is Sad)

B2 - Sun Of God

Fans of the classic Subwoofer record label or Deep4Life Recordings understand that the Moonchildren and their spacey-yet-groovey collection of electronic music are just a regular part of the Chicago deep life. With exception of special guest Jalal Ouissal, the other characters who've made appearances are honestly just different Chris Gray personalities, he confesses.
Sometimes we realy need a good way to deal with the screwed up situations that loving someone else can bring... so this dark, bubbly, slow-paced tech-house Downbeat EP Go Away (You've Got To) is right on time for those who need a fix. The title track yearns for that psycho lover to get the hell out of your life for good.
It Was The Fried Chicken That Saved Our Sanity (Because The Ghetto Is Sad) is not just a fancy song title. It's one way Chris survived living in the impoverished Mississippi Delta. His momma's fried chicken was magic. No joke. And we round out this sensual EP with Sun of God, which pays homage to the salvation and rare appearance that the sun brings during a long, wicked, brutally-cold Chicago Winter.

sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

Dekmantel Anniversary Series Part 1 [Dekmantel]

A - Juju & Jordash - African Flower (Cosmic dub)

B - Morphosis - Impulse

Amsterdam enclave Dekmantel have elected to toast the five year milestone in the best way possible with a series of highly collectable twelve inches featuring tracks from artists who have contributed in that period - be it performing at their killer parties or releasing music on the label. The series gets off to a veritable flyer with productions from Morphosis and Juju & Jordash either side of this wonderfully decorated twelve inch. The latter honorary Amsterdammers open proceedings with a Cosmic Dub update of the "African Flower" jam that featured on their 04 Aesthetic Audio split with Keith Worthy which naturally smoothes out the percussive klack of the original for a more sumptuous ride. It is matched by the jittering analogue behemoth that is Morphosis' "Pulse" with skin crawling organs lifted from the Hammer school of horror excellently riding the scattergun percussive rhythms of an increasingly rippling and dusty beatdown ride.

Omar S and Ob Ignitt - Wayne County Hills Cops Part 2 [Fxhe]

A - Wayne County Hills Cops Part 2

B - Wayne County Hills Cops Part 2 (Omar S remix)

The first FXHE release of 2012 and its a monster. Two 80's style Detroit techno tracks from Omar-S and OB IGNIT.