viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Madteo - Timesmithing [Meakusma]

A1 - Miss Tery Flavor

A2 - Banging On The Ceiling

B1 - Use It Lose It Music

B2 - Do The Wright Thing

B3 - Falcao

Brooklyn based Madteo returns to meakusma after his critically acclaimed 'Sinister Ministers' 10inch released on the label in spring 2009. His signature stylistic approach still borders on deep, ambivalent and engaging House music and Hiphop influences. The five tracks here are some of the strongest material he has produced, with basslines, melodies and moods shifting in and out of focus all the time and once again setting a rough yet subtle mood. The 'Bangin on the Ceiling' track features a new collaboration with Hiphop legend Sensational.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Sistol/Pole - The Synth Remixes [Slices Of Life]

A - Vladislav Delay as Sistol - "Keno" (The Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix - extended version)

B - Pole - "Silberfisch" (Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix)

Everyone's dream music teacher Mike Huckaby lets loose on Vladislav Delay and Pole on this excellent 12" for Slice Of Life. Huckaby's S Y N T H remix of "Keno" was a considered highlight of Remasters & Remakes, Halo Cyan's exhaustive remix project of Delay's SISTOL recordings from the late 90s. Released only on the Double CD and as download, it was begging for a vinyl release, and thanks to Slice of Life that is now possible. One long, bubbling Motor City groove primed for the early hours of a sweaty basement, it is complemented by Huckaby's equally fine revision of Pole's "Silberfisch", all driving sub bass intricacies and tightly wound metallic percussive grooves.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Ricardo Miranda - 102point7 [ Stilove4music]

A - 102point7

B1 - Rotary Cells

B2 - Greenline

Chicago's Ricardo Miranda makes his debut for the ace Stilove4music label, maintaining a fine year in which he has already dropped some serious heat on Rush Hour sub-label Hour House Is Your Rush and his own Noble Square imprint. Title track "102point 7" is all jagged synths, throbbing arpeggios, slashing claps and a rolling acid groove, marking it out as one of his most incendiary productions to date. On the flip "Rotary Cells" is deeper still, a 909-led jacker with undulating layers of sub bass augmented by a wonderfully woozy vocal which extols the virtues of true Chicago House. This is followed by "Greenline", a stripped back jam with scuttling hats and the kind of paranoid synth melody that wouldn't sound out of place in Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky series.

Above Smoke/Ernie - Four Suns [DeepExplorer]

A1 - Ernie - Delicious Time

A2 - Above Smoke - Running

B1 - Above Smoke - Groovin You

B2 - Ernie - Funny Break

Above Smoke & Ernie on this new four track from Deep Explorer. Ernie starts the fire with “Delicious time”, a killer gospel house song with acid turns for those late night moments. “Running” represents the jazzy deep face of Above Smoke. “Grooving you” ups the tempo with lots of groove. Finally Ernie closes the 12″ with ”Funny break” a tense downbeat house experience…

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

LWE Podcast 101 - Aybee


01. Herbie Hancock, “Tools” [white]
02. Aybee, “Ozzie Davis” [Future Vision]
03. Aybee, “Nigg#z and Space Machines” [Deepblak]
04. Prof. Delacroix, “Build Her” [Deepblak]
05. Mist Works, “Common Question” (Aybee’s Immortal Mix) [Atjazz Record Co.]
06. Ron Trent, “Manifesto” (Aybee’s Blak Space Federation Slap) [Deepblak]
07. Orion 70, “Enki” [Deepblak]
08. Orion 70, “Blak Planet” [Deepblak]
09. Aybee, “Love Of” [Deepblak]
10. Aybee, “Solaris” [Deepblak]

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

The Please - 's-Gravendijkwal [Purple Maze]

A1 - Abodigital Dishwasher

A2 - Laserguided Weapon

B1 - Sampler Crack

B2 - Sealed With A Kiss

Anonymous new Dutch imprint Purple Maze is to make its entrance into the under world of electronic music courtesy of a 4 track EP from The Please on September 26th 2011. The Dutch duo comprised of Hans Verhaag & Minggus Dorpmans favour lo-fi, often slo-mo sounds that cross pollinate house music with a whole other world of leftfield electronic sounds, and do just that on this new EP. A1 ‘Abodigital Dishwasher’ is a raw and lazy house beat that’s fleshed out with plenty of reverb, a languorous bassline and some warm male groans. It’s unhurried to the point of almost being stood still, yet as it slowly churns you can’t not listen in….‘Laserguided Weapon’ is a much more kaleidoscopic cut with glassy sounds, tinkling melodies and drippy keys all running down the face of some Fly-Lo like syncopated hip-hop beats, whilst ‘Sampler Crack’ is a moody and broody wedge of knackered, rough edged house that eventually splutters and spurts into life as something much more rhythmically complex but equally beautiful.The wide-reaching EP closes with ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ which glistens like chillwave, samples soul vocals expertly and marries the whole thing with plucked guitars and louche drums… it’s dynamic and dense, but hugely evocative just like the EP overall.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

LWE Podcast 100: Chicago Skyway

Black Traxx, “Holiday” [Night Club Records]
Markey, “5 Minute Workout” [Cajual Records]
Deymare, “Your Love” [Boe Recordings]
Ethyl & Fiori, “Malmö” [Quintessentials]
Marc Vacher, “I Know” [Boe Recordings]
Jump Cutz, “Why You Wanna Play Me” (Norman’s Original Rare Groove Mix)[Luxury Service]
Groove Committee, “Let’s Groove It” [Nu Groove]
TNT Subhead, “Deep Shit Show” [Groovement Records]
Joe Drive, “Azimuth” [Mathematics Recordings]
7 Citizens, “Quietus” [Praterei Records]
Perseus Traxx, “NR-707″ [Boe Recordings]
Steve Poindexter, “Computer Madness” [Muzique Records]
Joseph Bacchilega, “Human Form” (Piero Russo/ESOM Re-Form) [PulseWave]

01. Chicago Skyway, “Plan B” [white*]
02. Chicago Skyway, “Joaquin Looks At The Stars” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
03. Chicago Skyway, “Butterfly’s Flight” [white*]
04. Chicago Skyway, “Confusion” (Wait Mix) [white*]
05. Chicago Skyway & Dcook, “Lager Dream” [white*]
06. Chicago Skyway, “Wreckage” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
07. Chicago Skyway, “Bad Driver” [white*]
08. Chicago Skyway, “Purgatory” (Yesi’s New Hair Cut Mix) [white*]
09. Chicago Skyway, “Noise” [Eargasmic Recordings*]
10. Chicago Skyway, “Chicago Skyway Theme” [white*]
11. Crystal Maze, “Crystal Maze” (Chicago Skyway Remix) [aDepth Recordings]
12. Chicago Skyway, “122606″ [white*]