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Steven Tang - DJB Podcast #160


Joe Drive - Vanguard - RD-2452 - Mathematics
Specter - Pipebomb - Sound Signature
Obsolete Music Technology - Relapse - Machining Dreams
Steven Tang - Uprise In The Orient (Chicago Skyway Rework) - Syncrophone France
Chicago Skyway - Lager (Obsolete Music Technology Remix) - MOS Deep
John Heckle - Life On Titan - Mathematics
Chris Mitchell - Lonely Nights - 84 - Plan B Recordings
Obsolete Music Technology - Distance - (Unreleased)
Keith Worthy - The Dark Symphony - Abstract Art Vol. 1 - Aesthetic Audio
Phuture - Slam Dance - Windowpane
Hakim Murphy - Magda C2 - Examplars EP - Machining Dreams (test pressing)
Tob Jona - Metro 501 - Troika EP - A.R.T.Less
Steven Tang - Optimal Signals - Uprise In The Orient - Syncrophone France
John Heckle - Ahead Of Time - The 4th Dimension - Mathematics

martes, 28 de junio de 2011

John Beltran - Ambient Selections (Kassem Mosse/Sven Weisemann remixes) [Delsin]

A - Brilliant Flood (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)

B - Anticipation (Sven's Glorify Mix)

In addition to the "Best Of Ambient" compilation from John Beltran, two remixes are made to honour one of our favourite electronic music producers of all time. The a-side gives us a reinterpretation of "Brilliant Flood" from rising star Kassem Mosse together with his studiomate Mix Mup. This remix smoothly pimps up the track whilst leaving the atmosphere of the original intact. On the b-side, Sven Weisemann made a composition as a tribute to John Beltran, which contains elements of different original cuts. The result is Sven's Glorify Tribute Mix, a dreamy epic adventurous nine-minute masterpiece in three parts.

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Black Jazz Consortium - Structure [Soul People Music]

A1 - Truth In High Places

A2 - Far Away

B1 - Levels

B2 - What Up With The Love

Fred P is the mind behind Black Jazz Consortium. Recording for a wide range of labels - most notably Jus-Ed's Underground Quality - Fred has gained a following of true deep house lovers worldwide. Gauzy vintage keys, poetic spoken words and soft drum patterns are what define Black jazz Consortium's classicist take on ocean deep house. The Structure EP contains four different yet equally mesmerizing tracks, the starting block of "Truth In High Places" riddled with healthy kicks and tribal drums. The meandering keys, shafts of light and soft vocals are quite bewitching, and their combination results in a hypnotic and analogue track - very much Black Jazz Consortiums staple. "Far Away" holds a punchier groove with uptempo drums and repetitive vox - it's the ascending warm synth grooves layered with delicate piano keys that make it just irresistible. "Levels" and "What Up With The Love" on the B-Side are both finely executed pieces; the former with its piercing and swaying pads mixed with balmy keys and the latter with its more dance orientated groove augmented by crisp hats.

Keith Worthy feat G Marcell/WorthyIsDeepMixes - The Rise Of The Dijital Teknobots [Aesthetic Audio]

A1 - Dijital Teknobots

A2 - Groove With Me

B1 - Groove With Me(instrumental)

B2 - Groove With Me (Worthy Aesthetic Treatment)

Keith Worthy's sublime Aesthetic Audio presents Rise Of the Dijital Teknobots, a selection of what is described as proper genre free no frills deepness from himself and Gmarcell. All four tracks here are quite delightful arrangements, with the set opener "Dijital Teknobots" in particular retaining a hold on your facilities. Crystalline textures of utopian sound coalesce around abstract percussive touches as chords swoop gently in the background, whilst the intermittent vocal yelps add a sense of menace. "Groove With Me" follows, introducing some more percussive impetus though the luscious instrumental arrangements are in no way discarded on a track that seeps Midwest emotion. Check the flip for the Worthy Aesthetic Treatment of "Groove With Me" which discards with the vocals for some thick set Detroit futurism.

Convextion - Resident Advisor (RA.265)

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Chicago Skyway & Dcook - Lager [Mos Deep]

A1 - Chicago Skyway - Bad Driver (Aroy Edit)

B1 - Chicago Skyway & Dcook - Lager Nord

B2 - Chicago Skyway & Dcook - Lager (Obsolete Music Technology Remix)

After releasing his Heavens EP, Chicago Skyway is back on MOS deep with another epic release, ranging from melodic deepness to wild-jackin’ dance floor-madness. The Lager EP kicks off with Bad Driver, a raw and solid Chicago-banger with an irresistible driving bass-line, rattling beats and atmospheric strings. For Lager Nord on the flipside Chicago Skyway teams up with his compadre Dcook, delivering an emotional and dreamy classical Detroit Techno influenced track. Lager is reworked by Steven Tang, another rising star in Chicago's contemporary electronic-music scene, known for his Obsolete Technology imprint and his Verged Sessions on Aestatic Audio. Steven’s Obsolete Technology Remix focuses on lush orchestrated strings and deep synths flowing over a massive foundation of thumping beats.

Vakula - Juno Plus Podcast 11

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Juju & Jordash - Unleash The Golem part 1 [Golf Channel]

A1 - Chelm Is Burning

B1 - Chelm Is Dubbing

First up Juju & Jordash with ‘Unleash The Golem’ which is more specifically made up of ‘Chelm Is Burning’ and ‘Chelm Is Dubbing’. Giving you a minute excerpt of these doesn’t really do them justice but its safe to say they are more deep musical journeys for the head and feet with influences coming in from Sakamoto, Can, Mr Fingers, Thelonius Monk, Ornette Coleman and Cabaret Voltaire.

mnml ssgs: Ssg special - Einóma

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Red Rack'Em - Feel My Tears [Bergerac]

A1 - Feel My Tears

B1 - Courting

B2 - How We Do

"Feel My Tears" is a warehouse burner on many levels. Perfect for those summer evenings of drug loneliness. "Courting" is a big room post-post-dustep UK garage-house stomper with a very loud snare drum. The last track on the record "How We Do" is a strange jazz techno house hybrid, taken from the Early Years album and now available on vinyl due to popular demand.

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

NVPodcast 04 - Ernie - Abyssal Fever

Morphology - Euclidean Algorithm [Semantica]

A1 - Euclidean Algorithm

B1 - Spacetime Interval

Morphology land two tracks on Semantica. The title of 'Euclidean Algorithm' refers to "an efficient method for computing the greatest common divisor (GCD)" and cuts a fine figure of sleek, Drexciya-inspired electro with rolling electro-funk percussion and crisp melodies. 'Spacetime Interval' is more minimal, perhaps more specifically like a Heinrich Mueller's style.

Patrice Scott - Analog Dreams (Reshaped) [Sistrum]

A1 - Analog (Johannes Volk remix)

B1 - Analog (XDB reshaped)

B2 - Analog (Beatless dub)

After receiving such a warm reception from those around the world who appreciate timeless electronic sounds, it was only fitting that Patrice Scott’s “Analog Dreams” would eventually rise again, refreshed, in the form of a remix project. Knowing the mixes had to be special while maintaining the authenticity of the original, Patrice tapped two of the worlds finest electronic craftsmen for the honor, both hailing from Germany – XDB and Johannes Volk. These talented artists bring forth just enough vibe from the original mix and offer their own unique interpretations, which are sure to delight those with a tasteful ear.

A1 – Johannes Volk Remix A hypnotic, slow builder which utilizes key elements of the original whilst injecting dubby stabs and deep tones, this is the kind of hypnotic groove we love here at Sistrum – simple, effective and layered with lovely textures for the body and the mind. But don’t be fooled – there’s a stiff kick and a bubbly bass pulse backing things up and making this a one of a kind, deep dancefloor delight. Many thanks to Johannes for delivering this one, as only he can.

B1 – XDB Reshape XDB brings lush synthscapes to the forefront as classic percussion patterns emerge to give just enough shuffle and shake. Resonant synth bass stabs accentuate the groove even further and analog strings soar above, providing more layers of melodic texture. In keeping with the tone of the original, XDB’s mix is meaningful both on the dancefloor and in your living room. Play it loud, play it soft, there are details to be enjoyed in this excellent re-interpretation. Quality, period.

B2 – P. Scott Beatless Dub Rounding out the EP, Patrice offers up a fine and fitting closing statement in the form of his “Beatless Dub,” stripping away the kick drum and letting the rest of the sounds work their magic. Beautiful, haunting and hypnotic, this one is strictly for the mind. Relax, close your eyes and be soothed.

Jonsson/Alter - En Livfull Skildring [Kontra Musik]

A1 - En Livfull Skildring

B1 - Dvärg

B2 - En Livfull Skildring - Move D remix

Jonsson/Alter - the new project from Henrik Jonsson and Joel Alter - presents the follow up to their debut EP - Olidan. After the summer their full-length album will drop!. The deliver some fresh and organice house tracks (ok that sounds like a grocery store in Williamsburg, but seriously.. thats how it sounds ;-) Move D did on of his irresistible remixes and shows why he is one of the hottest house producers around! Another strong Kontra Musik release.

Kuba Sojka - Mysterious Intrigue [Mathematics]

A1 - Stupid Lover

A2 - Here Comes

B1 - Mysterious Intrigue

B2 - Magical Trumpeter

C1 - Do Not Be Afraid

C2 - Awakening Silesia

D1 - Voyager 1

D2 - Metropolis

D3 - I Can't Stop(Acid mix)

Splendidly full spectrum dedication to Detroit and Chicago from Poland's Kuba Sojka. 'Mysterious Intrigue' is his second release on Mathematics, expanding ont the 'Bright Shadow Of A Star' showcase with two plates spanning beatdown, piano House, acid and more romantical styles. The first late is largely more loved-up and smoky, but the second covers the ruder stuff, from the climactic peaks of 'Do Not Be Afraid' to the hard-bodied wriggle of 'I Can't Stop (Acid Mix)'.

XLR8R Podcast 203: Fred P. a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium


01 Urban Soul "Alright" (Polar)
02 XDB "Sotarin" (Sistrum)
03 Tazz "Lost" (Underground Quality)
04 Damon Wild "Avion Return (Marcel Dettmann Mix)" (Synewave)
05 Marcelus "Perception" (Planet E)
06 Efdemin "Plenum" (Kann)
07 The Martinez Brothers "The Causeway" (Objectivity)
08 Agnes "You Did Naughty?" (HuddTraxx)
09 Paris Underground Trax "NYC Underground" (MILU)
10 Kink "Leko" (Burek)
11 Fumiya Tanaka "Ring Bell" (Sundance)
12 DJ QU "Everybody's Dark" (Soul People)
13 Session View "Orange" (Enypnion)
14 Fred P. "In Between Gates (Fred P. Reshape)" (Soul People)

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Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism [Noble Square]

A1 - Urbanism

A2 - Urbanism (Chiba mix)

B1 - Urbanism (Dcee Eargasmic mix)

B2 - You Are Your Art

Ricardo Miranda's "Urbanism" will be familiar to those smart minds out there who indulged in last year's illuminating Rick Wilhite curated Rush Hour comp Vibes New & Rare Music. Sensing the potential for further exploration, Noble Square embellish the gliding utopian ode to Chicago with two new remixes whilst also slipping in an all new Miranda production for good measure. Miranda himself remixes the track as part of the collaborative Chiba project with Argentinean Hernan Cronner which realigns the track down an overtly muggy outer galactic Detroit electro path, with urgent stabs matched by the relentless march of drum machines in full effect. In contrast, Eargasmic's Daryl Cura opts for a subaqueous rattle, with the swathes of emotive chords on an upwards bent - furthermore the gradual interweaving of a hypnotic synth wiggle truly impresses!

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Jason Fine - Da Da [FXHE]

A - Da Da

B - Jack To Body

After various releases for the Kontra Musik label, Jason fine returns with his second 12" for the FXHE imprint. Some jackin house for the heads!!

Podcast: DJB.158 - Neville Watson

Track listing

1. Ron Trent - Altered States (Light City Mixx) - Djax-Up-Beats
2. Terrace - In Search Of Myself - Djax-Up-Beats
3. Orgue Electronique - Texas Brooklyn Heaven - Clone
4. Alexander Robotnick - Made in China (Orgue Electronique Mix) - Creme Organization
5. KiNK & Neville Watson - The Long Wait - Hour House Is Your Rush
6. Sensurreal - Excuse Our Dust - Beam Me Up
7. Gerd - Arkest's Blaze - Beam Me Up
8. Pauli Vs Tyrell - Little - Clone
9. Alexander Robotnick - The Dark Side of the Spoon (Bangkok Impact Mix) - Creme Organization
10. Sendex- Pleasure - Bunker Records
11. Orgue Electronique - Bitter Cherry Leaves - Creme Organization
12. Planet Gong - Unification - Djax-Up-Beats
13. L.I.E.S - Comeback Dust (Legowelt Remix) - Echovolt records

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Jared Wilson - Let Your Body Make Your Body [Dolly]

A1 - Detroit Tracks 75

A2 - Girl, I'm Waitin

B1 - Let Your Body, Make Your Body

B2 - Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Conforce Dusk Till Dawn mix)

Weird yet very funky & playable Chicago inspired house/acid tracks by Detroit's Jared Wilson. Jacking rhythms, nasty 303 basslines and whispering voices creating this nice old-fashioned sexual energy... just how we like it. Conforce on remix duties delivers a deep & moody techy house rework, perfect for the early morning hours.

Vladislav Delay - Latoma [Echocord]

A1 - Latoma

A2 - Korpi

B1 - Latoma (Villo remix)

After a recent Jubilee Compilation the Echocord label is back publishing the first Vladislav Delay release since his acclaimed Tummaa Album in 2009. While Sasu Ripatti continuously digs deeper into abstract acoustic music and jazz-influences with both Moritz von Oswald Trio and his Vladislav Delay Quartet, his moniker Vladislav Delay returns to electronic sounds. The Latoma EP includes 2 new tracks plus a remix by Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer.

Shifted - Control [Mote Envolver]

A1 - Control

A2 - Structure

B1 - Drifting Over

B2 - Resurface

Further deviations in the art of primal machine funk from the mysterious Shifted with Control his/her/their second release for Luke Slater's imperious Mute Evolver imprint. "Control" sets the tone perfectly with a stripped down tribal rhythm attacked by cascading streams of devilish sub bass. Alongside this, Shifted cranks up the pressure on "Structure" with the bass heavy lead forcing the skipping percussion into rhythmic action, with a raft of ghosts seemingly trapped deep in the machine. Don't be expecting any respite on the flip either, with "Resurface" a minimalist, industrial pounder filled with scratched rhythmic textures that crawl under your skin as Shifted works towards a thrilling crescendo. Finally "Drifting Over" is on some mutant Martian vibe sounding very much like Mike Denhert given the stems to Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky catalogue.

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Tetrode Downbeat Party

Tetrode Downbeat Party Sat Jun 4 2011 Live recording..pt 3-Specter by Tetrode Music
Tetrode Downbeat Party Sat Jun 4 2011 Live recording.pt 4.Jose Rico,Urtzi,F-On by Tetrode Music

Ernie - Black Noise [Bliq]

A1 - Burning Detroit

A2 - Burning Detroit (Ordell remix)

B1 - La Posse

B2 - Terra Nostra

Ernie unveils his special blend of timeless cuts exclusively on “Black Noise EP”.
“Burning Detroit” is a voyage into the abyss through a constant stream of warm pads layered with crafty percussion whereas Ordell reworks “Burning Detroit ” into a lighter afrobeat groove.“La Posse” is a fusion of underlying analogue bass stabs with raw machine drums and “Terra Nostra” concludes the release as a darkroom bonus cut.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

DJ Qu – Mix for Battibatti


1. DJ QU intro,
2. Mikel-Say it ain’t -Slag Records,
3. Kerri Chandler Beats_QU’s loops,
4. Nina Kravis-Voices(DJ QU Rmx)-UQ,
5. Babyford-3am Gargoyle Requiem-Force,
6. Boddhi Satva-Punch KoKo dub-Vega Records,
7. Master C & J-In the city-Statestreet,
8. Pacou-Bounce-Cache,
9. Rick Wilhite-Can u feel me-Still Love for music,
10. Martinez Brothers-Don’t know yet-Objectivity,
11. Schatrax-Restless Nights-Schatrax,
12. DonRay-Have U Forgotton-Massive,
13. Timmy Regisford feat. Arnold Jarvis-Masterpiece-Apt.,
14. James T. Cotton-Don’t even try it-Spectral Sound

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

RA Label of the Month 1106 Mix: Uncanny Valley

Cinematic Orchestra feat. Roots Manuva - All Things to All Men (Ninja Tune)
Andrés - Step to the Side (Mahagoni Music)
Eddie C - November 30 (7 Inches Of Love)
Karizma - Early Rize (R2)
Scene from Blade Runner; Music by Vangelis
Credit00 - Wave Memory (Uncanny Valley)
Theo Parrish - Timeislafinacharunninout (Sound Signature)
Sneaker - You Think You Think (Uncanny Valley)
Ike - Ribbons (Philpot)
Theo Parrish, Osunlade, Rick Wilhite feat. Billy Love - Blame It on the Boogie (Still Music)
Andrés - Skate Palooza, Detroit USA (Mahagoni Music)
Hair - Blances (United States Of Mars)
C-Beams - One (Smallville)
Jacob Korn - She (Iron Curtis RMX) (Uncanny Valley)
Farben - Kursbuch 1 (Faitiche)
C-Beams feat. Tina Slotta - Strollin (Uncanny Valley)
Soul Clap - Funk Sex (Double Standard)
Kassem Mosse - Untitled (Workshop)
Soulphiction - Midnight Funk Infinity (Philpot)
Stefan Lohse - Plätschern (Uncanny Valley)
Matthias Reiling - Interlude (Interview with Eyedea. RIP) (Giegling)

LWE Podcast 87: Conforce


01. Unknown artist, “Cladistic Mutation” [white*]
02. Anthony Rother, “Past Represents The Future” [Kanzleramt]
03. Monolake, “Wasteland” [Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music]
04. Mike Dehnert, “Kontextfrei” [Delsin]
05. Milton Bradley, “A Sky Full Of Numbers” [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
06. VCS2600, “Verilog Circuit Synthesis” [Stilleben Records]
07. Submersible Machines, “Cold Seep” [Lunar Disko Records]
08. Morphology, “Magellan Probe” [diametric.]
09. Murphy Jax ft. Mike Dunn, “The Music” (Alden Tyrell Remix)
[Clone Jack For Daze Series]
10. Conforce, “Spoiled” (XDB Remix 2) [Clone Basement Series]
11. AnD, “Untitled B1″ [Horizontal Ground]
12. Conforce, “Fictional Environment” (Delta Funktionen Remix) [Field Records]
13. Unknown artist, “Dx/Revolt” [white*]
14. Mike Dehnert, “Klartext” [Delsin]
15. Marcel Dettmann, “Factory Report 2″ [Kontra-Musik]

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Dieptepunt - Feeling Deep [ Dieptepunt ]

A - Feeling Deep

B - Feeling Deep (Versalife 257 KM To The North remix)

New small label from Rotterdam by a wellknown player in the scene who wants to find his Dieptepunt. This 'debut' release comes with a Versalife remix (by Conforce).

Ital - Culture Clubs [Lovers Rock]

A - Culture Clubs

B1 - Eternally Yours

B2 - Culture Clubs (No Culture)(Heiroglyphic Being remix)

Anyone who checked Ital's recent release for Not Not Fun offshoot 100% Silk will need no extra incentive to indulge in this release for Lovers Rock. The deviations from the house music template shown there are further explored on Culture Clubs, not least on the elegantly dizzying shifts in rhythmic direction that permeate through the opening title track. A schizoid approach to pitch shifting the gloopy sounds creates a mystical effect which is replicated on the B Side opener "Eternally Yours". Based around a rawer sound, with tinny stunted rhythms at the fore, Ital employs similar shifting techniques on a track that gains increasingly abstract intentions as it progresses. Given the esoteric sounds that permeate through every Mathematics release, label boss Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being seems a perfect fit to invite on board for remix duties and the resultant remix of "Culture Clubs" is typically unique! We're not entirely sure what studio techniques Moss employed to get the viscous stretched out qualities that pervade throughout but it's crazy good, especially the midpoint grind to a halt.

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

KMFH aka Kyle Hall - Down! [Wild Oats]

A - Down!

B - Xero

Kyle Hall switches into filtered House and carnival rhythm mode for his latest Wild Oats. Face up, 'Down!' jams on a raw jacking vibe with boogie soul samples wrenched in 'n out of the mix strutting 313 effect. Face down, 'Xero' is sexier, shaking with hypnotic Latin percussion and spiked with Detroit accented keys and wicked Moodymann style edits and breakdowns.

R-A-G - Rage [Mos Deep Recordings]

A1 - Rage(extended Epic version)

A2 - Without U (G-String dub)

B1 - Harolds Invention

B2 - Rage (Spaventi & Aroy rawmix)

B3 - Without U (reprise)

MOS Deep presents this 2nd EP by this new Amsterdam underground jacking crew, consisting of MOS label boss Aroy Dee, G-String, known from the infamous Intergalactic FM and Amsterdam's best kept production secret known as Marco Spaventi! Five times house beauty & energy!

This Is Our House Guest Mix: Andrew Ingram – Who Lives in a House Like This


01. Shake – Dreamlights,
02. Tyree – I Am
03. MD – Megapolitan Soul
04. Risque III – Essence Of A Dream
05. The Abstract Eye – Nobody Else
06. Rodney Bakerr – Flashback (Trippy Mix)
07. Bam Bam – The Underworld
08. Gesloten Cirkel – Moustache
09. Daniel Andreasson – cONCUSSION36
10. Equation – The Answer (Frankie Bones Long Division Mix)
11. Brassica – Lydden Circuit
12. The Analogue Cops – Refused
13. Patrice Scott – 2000 Black
14. Joey Beltram – My Melody
15. John Heckle – The 4th Dimension
16. Midnight Star – Operator
17. Elec Pt. 1 – Sky 13
18. Rhythm Formation – Ready For The Darkness (Ready For The Rhythm)
19. Traktor – White Traktor
20. Code Industry – Behind The Mirror