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Ryo Murakami – Live @ WOAL

Ernie - PersonalDeeper Mix Spring 2011

Ernie - PersonalDeeper Mix Spring 2011 by Ernie Minuendo Recordings

Owen Jay & Kai Alce – Batti Batti Live webcast

1st Hour – Owen Jay
2nd Hour – Kai Alce

Tracklist for 1st hour (Owen Jay):
Cloud – Jupiter Drift – Exceptional
Quiroga – Really Swing – All Nite
Kyle Hall – Fuse N Me – Wild Oats
Dj Qu – Be Who You Want – Strength Music
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – Moonrise (Test CDR)
Freestyle Man – Wazi Wazi Theme – Wazi Wazi
Patrick Specke – Antman – (Delano Smith Remix)
Rick Wade- Need You Back – Mack of Moscow Ep – Shanti Records
Christopher Rau – Childhood – Smallville
Marcellus Pitmann – Razz 09 – Unirhythm
Kai Alce & Jovonn – A Salute to (Gemini Mix) – Balance Alliance
Volcov- Friday – Neroli
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – Afterparty – Underground Quality Promo

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Owen Jay/Melchior Sultana - Distant Dream [Batti Batti ]

1 - Distant Dream (original mix)
2 - Distant Dream (Owen Jay remix)

Following their recent Memories of You Ep on Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality Label, Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana are back with another fine release on the Batti Batti imprint. Distant Dream is purely a deep house track with interesting drums patterns, warm pads and a hypnotic lead sound that flows in half way through the track. The raw feel makes it evident that analogue hardware equipment was used in the production. On the remix side, Owen Jay loops things up with a rough sounding, peak-time edit making use of a solid distorted kick, phasing drums and deep immersing pads.

Frustrated Funk - Tidal Waves

lamanchanegra frustrated funk mixed up..

Arne Weinberg - Integrity Constraint Part 2 [aDeph Audio]

A1 - Deep Red Skies
A2 - Syial (Stephen Brown Remix)
B1 - Pathway To Syrinx
B2 - Solar Flare

Arne Weinberg’s Integrity Constraint – Part 2 is a worthy follow up to the well-received first release in this series. Arne has produced these tracks in his atmospheric and well-known style, in which beautifully arranged sounds embrace the listener in a timeless journey.
The A-side starts with ‘Deep Red Skies’, an interpretation of these memorable moments at the end of a long summer evening, featuring rich, warm synthesiser textures and lively percussion. Next is Arne’s ‘Syial’, remixed by Stephen Brown, who has releases on Transmat, Subject Detroit, Djax-Up-Beats and his own Realtime label. This epic 8 minute remix is beatless, deep and moody, slowly increasing in intensity with elegant synth sweeps.
‘Pathway to Syrinx’ crawls into dark, muddy crypts, discovers sinister acid-spitting creatures searching for every soul – wobbling basslines, 303 and macabre sounds. The EP ends with ‘Solar Flare’, another deep cut with pounding beats and an irresistible groove.

Space Dimension Controller live @ Das-Ist, Timbuk2, Bristol

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Maurice Donovan - Babeh / Satisfied [The House Sound Of Ssssss]

A - Babeh
B - Satisfied

Original house-master Maurice Donovan aka Ramadanman pulls out his 808 and lubes up his reel-to-reel for two muscular, sweaty, stripped-to-thebone trax on sssss.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Clubberia Podcast 077 - Desolate

June - Cube Runner [These Days]

A1 - Cube Runner (Virtual Reality mix)
A2 - Cytheria
B1 - Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Lost Dancefloor)
B2 - Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Empty Dancefloor)

Ace debut album from the highly intriguing June, following a blink-and-miss-it 12" last year and ahead of a forthcoming Mathematics release. Including two DJ Sprinkles remixes, 'Cyntheria' is a canny mix of vintage Chicago moods and grooves with more European Italo influences, best heard in the Sally Shapiro-like title track, the Jamie Principle-aping 'Blue City' or the slightly camp French jack of 'Les émotions s'éteignent'. Make sure to check DJ Sprinkles' Breakbeat and jeep-bass infused 'Lost Dancefloor' mix or his sublime, Leyland Kirby-esque 'Enpty Dancefloor' mix.

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Melbourne Deepcast 036 Dj Qu


Willie Graff – To The Music (DJ QU Remix) / Isgud Records
DJ QU- Bottom / White
Joey Anderson – Hungry for You / White
Dj Jus-Ed – Untitled / Unreleased
Levon Vincent – Dance with Me / Unreleased
Unknown – Untiled / Unreleased
DJ QU – Movement / Underground Quality
Black Jazz Consortium – Help is on the Way / Unreleased
Nicuri – Untitled / Unreleased
N.Non Stop – House Nation / Kstarke Records
Actress – Crushed (DJ QU’s edit) / original found on Prime Numbers

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Takeshi Kouzuki - Leisure Mix No.2

Perseus Traxx mix for This is Our House


01. Andromeda [Bunker 3093]
02. Hot Pursuit
03. New Drum Kit
04. Jackin’ The Dancefloor
05. Nod Of Acknowledgement
06. Soul Force (by Soul Force aka N.Rogers & R.Thompson – vocal sample by Palmer Brown – sampled from “Do You Remember House?” by Blaze)
07. Close
08. Alternate Systems
09. Return To Seriphos (Aroy Dee’s edit)
10. Remake 508 [Future Flash 001]
11. Star Destroyer (Aroy Dee’s edit)

viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Ricardo Miranda - Floorwax [Hour House Is Your Rush]

A - Floorwax
B - Redline

'Floorwax' urges us to do the damn thing, assuming that he leaves us no choice but to slam dance to this hypnotic acid work out, which reminds us slighly of earlier DJ Funk material. 'Redline' further explores the boundaries of acid house originale. It starts out with just drums and a pulsating acid line, but halfway through a utopian string line eases in and shows us the way to the promised land.Classic Chicago house!

Walt J - Divinity (Reissue) [Fit Sound]

A1 - Untilted
A2 - Untilted
B1 - Untilted

Reissue of the ''Divinity'' EP by Walt J, originally released on Dow Records in 1997. This is the first release on the Walt J series on FIT. And we are happy to see this because somehow Walt J always stayed a bit under the radar, even tho he released some great raw Detroit techno tracks.

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Burial - Street Halo [Hyperdub]

A1 - Street Halo

B1 - Nyc

B2 - Stolen Dog

Street Halo' is the first solo Burial 12" in four years. It's a peach. A-side 'Street Halo' is a yearning 4/4 roller tucked with all the hallmarks of his finest and usefully cut at 45rpm in case you want some slopped and screwed fun. Flipside, we find the slowdown soul-tugger 'NYC' featuring a more prominent vocal in the style of his songs from 'Untrue', but best of all is 'Stolen Dog', hankering after a twoc'ed mutt through a beautiful, Roedelius-like lead refrain, barely-there rhythms and swarming spectral shapes.

Versalife - Night Time Activities Part 1 [Clone West Coast Series]

A1 - Solenoids Of Insomnia

A2 - Panopticon

B1 - Tales Of The Unexpected

B2 -Aurora Strain

First part in the triptych of Versalife! Pure intense atmospheric electro techno tracks constructed on the costal areas of the dutch west coast. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! (The following Versalife releases 06.2 and 06.3 are scheduled for the next 2 following months).

Dj Qu - Gymnastics [Strength Music]

 Gymnastics Part A/B

A1 - First Down

A2 - Juicyfriut

B1 - Babyluv

B2 -Prayer

Gymnastics Part C/D

A1 - Slydin Thru

A2 - Mud The Congo

B1 - Step Back Up

B2 - Get Sum

Gymnastics Part E/F

A1 - Thriller

A2 - Jus Ed's Aerial

B1 - Open Arm

B2 - What We've Concluded

B3 - Mixing Room

DJ Qu, the New Jersey based producer and DJ, real name Ramon Lisandro Quezada will release his debut album on Strength Music stable. The album will include a 3×12″ providing 12 dark, stripped-down productions in his well known style.

Wireman - Monobloc [Inner Surface Music]

A1 -Monobloc

B1 - Distance

B2 - To The Sleeper

Wireman inaugurates new MCR imprint ISM with three tracks of clinically gritty Technohouse. Frontways, 'Monobloc' is a stealthily dubbed-out jacker with corrugated chords and sparse, purposeful beat programming designed to grip on a big rig. Flipside 'Distance' drops the pace and becomes more introspective, kinda like a chillier Claro Intellecto production replete with mumbling square bass and chromed-out stabs. 'To The Sleeper' applies the finishing touch with funked up House mechanisms minimised for maximum effect at silly O'clock.

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Mark E - Stonebreakin' Mix

Ryo Murakami - In Chain [Curle]

A1 - In Chain

B1 - Feel It

B2 - In Chain (Fred P reshape)

Two Brilliant Detroit Inspired Deeep House Tracks From Mr Murakami, Backed Up With A Remix From The Magnificent Fred P. From Soul People Music In New York!.

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Maxmillion Dunbar - Max Trax for World Peace [Future Times]

A1 - Polo

A2 - Ballroom

B1 - Piano & Dream World

Maxmillion Dunbar returns to Future Times with his first release there since it began with his Outrageous Soulz 45. Max Trax For World Peace takes the house sound Maxmillion hinted at on his 2010 Cool Water LP into sublime territory. Blissful tracks for a nice introvert trip.

domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Refined Textures Vol 1 [Atmospheric Existence]

A1 - Dan - Foundations

B1 - Bittersuite - Squeeze In

B2 - Miles Sagnia - Can We Heal Them?

Atmospheric Existence Recordings keep up their annual release rate with label boss Miles Sagnia inviting 1Dan and Bittersuite to join him on only the third release. Newcomer 1Dan opens proceedings with the sprawling soft machine funk flex of "Foundations", a track driven by gutter deep bass movements, steppy syncopation and rich sonic textures that no doubt helped influence the title of the EP. Bittersuite then step forward with the upwards acid dub pressure of "Squeeze In" which steadily accrues an acidic overtone before a delightful left turn into a futuristic mechano soul rhythmic thrust. It's left to Sagnia to provide the final moment with the tightly relentless throb of "Can We Heal Them" that slowly reveals its inner acid brilliance.

Nagual - Core 1993: I Feel The Rhythm [Slow to Speak]

A - I Feel The Rhythm

The majesty of Ron Trent's formative arsenal may best be represented by his space-soul masterpiece 'I Feel The Rhythm.' Closer in relation to the soulful circuitry of the early techno classic 'Altered States' than the aspiringly Afro-centric jams later unfurled under the USG banner, 'I Feel The Rhythm' conveys the same lush melodic warmth without suppressing the ghost in the machine of electronic futurism. Tough repetitive percussion and bubbling bass synthetics faithfully carry forward that signature floating synth riff eternally imprinted in the memory of so many house and techno heads alike. The next chapter of 'slow to speak's CORE series, the seminal Trent track is presented here in its sharpest form, the legendary Nagual version, featuring the housey vocal cut-and-pastes of clever 1990s production to oil up the rusted cogs of Trent's machine-funk, forming an undying club landmark that still slays with the same steamroller force it wielded way back in 1993. Pressed on a full 12" side to yield maximal aural annihilation, 'I Feel The Rhythm' once again stalks unexpecting party people worldwide, as yet uninitiated into the eternal brotherhood of Prescription worship.

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John Daly – Hybrid Life Podcast 014

Kyle Hall - Oats B So DEEP Mix


1. Juergen Junker - "Headache"
2. Omar-S - "Day"
3. Rhythm & Sound - "Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)"
4. KDJ - "Forever More"
5. Smith-Hall - "Power in Unity"
6. Screamin' Rachael - "Rock me"(Deep Underground DUB)"
7. Kai Alcé - "Corner Manuvers"
8. Moodymann - "Mahogani 9000"
9. Nu Era - "Terah"
10. Theo Parrish - "Sawala Sayale"
11. Oasis - "Oasis-Nineteen"
12. Rhythm & Sound - "See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)"
13. The Sun God - "Patterns"
14. Fingers Inc. - "I'm Strong (Instrumental Mix)"
15. Rick Wade - "Players Theme"

Lowtec - low mix 041209

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Adonis & Charles B - Lack of Love [Mathematics Recordings]

A - Lack of Love (Summer of 88 - Extended Replay)

B - Reck the Joint (Reck the House RMX by Steve Poindexter)

In 1988, Charles B & legendary house music producer Adonis dropped this track that made a huge impression on the world of dance. Over 20 years have passed & we now get a special reissue with an unreleased "ext re-play" mix plus an unreleased remix of "Reck the Joint" by Steve Poindexter

Theo Parrish - Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be [Sound Signature]

A - Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be

B - 360@1:29ON696 (feat Dumminie Deporres - full version)

Standardly superb House music from Theo, dropping off a couple more cuts from his 'Sketches' LP. Firstly there's a much needed vinyl pressing of his outstanding 10 minute aquatic electro funk killer 'Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be', giving the nod to Drexciya in a masterfully fluid and intuitive groove construction. Flipside is the 12+ minute tropically jazzy guitar and synth vibe-out of '360@1:29on696 (Full Version)' featuring longtime collaborator Dumminie Deporres.

Jus Ed & Move D Present It's a Struggle

Chris Gray - Mental Patient [Deep4life]

Released: 2002

A1 - Ah Feu Ben Din La
A2 - Wish I Could Say Hello
B1 - Harsh Reality In The Halfway House
B2 - Eyefolds And Straight Jackets

Side A kicks off with ‘Ah Feu Ben Din La’, using maniacal congas, brooding bass & tales from the Darkside-type pads, ‘Wish I Could Say Hello’, is straight downtempo chillout, ‘Harsh Reality The Halfway House’, is bewildering, befuddling, zany and sexy-all at the same time. Vocalist Mental Patient scats all over this dark and jazzy house groove. Just when you’ve written him off as a nut, he delivers a very relevant message for the times. ‘EyeFolds And Straight Jackets’, is a flighty soundtrack that will pleasurably put you out of your misery with it’s touched pads/strings, simmering bass & determined downbeats.

Luv Jam - Mature Oak [Phonicawhite]

A - Mature Oak
B - Mature Oak (Cottam remix)

Phonica Records kick off 2011 with the fourth installment of their limited Phonica Whites series, pairing the production talents of Luv Jam with the first ever official remix by the phenomenon that is Cottam.

Omar S / MK - Sarah / Given (MK Dub) (Fxhe)

A - MK aka Mark Kinchen - Given
B - Omar S - Sarah

Split release between Omar-S and 4th Measure men (Area 10) as a Mark Kinchen (KMS) dub!

MD - It Ain't What It Used To Be - Unknown Label

A - It Ain't What It Used To Be
B -
Megalopolitan Soul

Classic early 90s sounding detroit stuff reminiscent of classic Red Planet and U.R. Must have for the Detroit fetishists.. for all others... just check.. its a good record for sure!

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martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Marcellus Pittman - The East side Story - Seventh Sign

A1 - An Afternoons Delight
B1 -
The Mad Underdog
B2 - You Want Me (Never)

7th Sign warmly welcomes Marcellus Pittman to the label. With a distinctive sound that pulls together soul and electronic texture into a form without compare, Marcellus already boasts a formidable track record. He is a member of the seminal 3 Chairs alongside Kenny Dixon Jr., Rick Wilhite and Theo Parrish. As if this weren't enough, his remarkable releases on Sound Signature, Track Mode, FXHE, Fit and his own Unirhythm imprint have further cemented his position as the hottest modern producer around today.

Alex Agore / James Johnston - Improper Change - No Matter What

A1 - Alex Agore - Improper Change
A2 - Alex Agore - Improper Change (Lady Blacktronika There For Alex mix)
B1 - James Johnston - I Know It's Not Time
B2 - James Johnston - I Know It's Not Time (Rick Wade remix)

No Matter What Recordings; a new sonic melting pot of ideas founded by Eastern Berlin’s Alex Agore (4lux, Kolour, Royal Oak) and Glasgow’s own James Johnston (4lux, Kolour, Dikso). This collaborative journey of intellectual freedom will explore the infinite combinations of form and function, dark and light, kick and hat, bass and melody. Forever searching, despite what stands in the way, without regard for the consequences, persevering for that perfect beat.

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Dj Skirt – Planeta Modular Mix 22

1. Fret – Stuck – Resonance
2. Regis (Sleeparchive remix) – Asbestos – Infrastructure
3. Smear – Buranda – Mnx
4. Frank Hunter – Kicks – Terminal
5. Female/Regis – Goatbone – Rodz Konez
6. Damon Wild (Surgeon remix) – Opaque – Synewave uk
7. Oscar Mulero – Beyond Pit Lane – Warm Up Recordings
8. Deecoy & James Cotton – Un-Invited – Antennae
9. Fanon Flowers – Steel Curtain – Sonic Mind Records
10. Paul Mac – 001 // A2 – c-side
11. Radial – Plafond – Token
12. Pierantonio Gualtieri – Joint Adventures – Urban Mantra
13. John F – Stone Cold – Exhibit
14. Daniel Steinert – Zahn Der Achse – Tinnitus
15. Charlton – Black Slong – Pohjola
16. Erase – The Joke’s On You – Electromechanix
17. Justin Berkovi – Brighton To Victoria – Force Inc

Heinrich Mueller - Resident Advisor 250


Voice of Relativity
Dopplereffekt - Mirror Symmetry
ArD2 - Sabotage
Beta Evers - Confusion
ArD2 - Utopia
Gedankenexperiment - Conclusion
Urban Tribe - Carbon 14
Paka - Solitude:
Dopplereffekt - Myon Neutrino
Dopplereffekt - Sterilization
Der Zyklus - Polar Coordinates
Dopplereffekt - Scientist
Zwischenwelt - Remote Viewer
Dopplereffekt - Plastiphilia
Zwischenwelt - Shadow Being
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
Zwischenwelt - Telemetric
Dopplereffekt - Speak and Spell
Dopplereffekt - Satellites
Der Zyklus - Biometric Systems
Urban Tribe - Amygdala
ArD2 - Drug of a Nation
Zwischenwelt - Premonition
Der Zyklus - Biometric ID
Zwischenwelt - Enigmata
Zwischenwelt - Multiplexsistence
Arpanet - Universe Oscillation
Beta Evers - Only for My Satisfaction
Dopplereffekt - Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor
Zwischenwelt - Clairvoyant
Neuroleptica - Tardive Dyskinesia
Zwischenwelt - Shadow Being
Dopplereffekt - Anti Neutrino
Zerkalo - I Know More
Arpanet - Grossvater Paradoxen
Dopplereffekt - Z^0 Boson

Brando Lupi - Spherical Float - Samuvar

A1 - Spherical Float
A2 - Egg Shaped
B1 - In DuBt

Samuvar is back on track after a long break, this time presenting to you brando lupi from italy. he is well known for releases on elletronica romana, orange groove, dozzy records and on his own imprint detune records

Fred P - Louche Podcast 038

BNJMN - LWE Podcast 77


  1. BNJMN - We Are The Weather [Svetlana Industries]
  2. Jacques Greene - Sorted [White]
  3. Actress - Maze [Werk Discs]
  4. James T. Cotton - The Boxx [Spectral Sound]
  5. Lone - Cloud 909 [Magic Wire]
  6. Model 500 - OFI (SDC's Evasive Funk Mix) [R&S]
  7. Lone - Once In A While (Midland Mix) [Werk Discs]
  8. Agoria - Panta Rei [Infiné]
  9. BNJMN - Arose [White]
  10. Maya Jane Coles - What They Say [Real Tone]
  11. Kassem Mosse - Untitled [Workshop]

Rick Wilhite - Limited Japan Promo #1 - Still Music

A - Cosmic Soup
B - Cosmic Jungle

Essential Detroit House music from the Godson!!! This is the 1st of two limited Japan promos which landed on these shores featuring exclusive tracks not included on his recent 'Analog Aquarium' LP. A-side is the raw and ready groove controller 'Cosmic Soup', while flipside you'll find the incredible exclusive 'Cosmic Jungle', nearly nine minutes of deep trekking vibes powered by Maurizio-like bassline and wiped with moody strings, all in that shady, inimitable Detroit style.

Rick Wilhite - Limited Japan Promo #2 - Still Music

A - Muzic Gonna Save The World (part 1)
B -
In The Rain

Essential Detroit House music from the Godson!!! This is the 2nd of two limited Japan promos which landed on these shores featuring exclusive tracks not included on his recent 'Analog Aquarium' LP. A-side we get the exclusive 'Muzic Gonna Save The World Pt.2', while the B-side features an almighty disco edit taken from the album on 'In The Rain'.

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 003: 19.454.

19.454. This hidden man behind the number first came to our attention through Horizontal Ground releases 01 and 03.
This mix blends together a selection of dreamy soundscapes layered over raw techno beats.

Sankt Goran - Slobban - Unknown label

A1 - Funkig Gura Med Hus
A2 - About Your Woman
B1 - Amour!

In Collaboration with Aniara records Sankt Goran presents a old Swedish release that has been released as promo only in 1999. Its a release Called Slobban by a late 90’s trio of Jens Johansson, Peter Gustafsson and Carl Magnus Ernström from Falun in the woods of Dalarna, two hours north of Stockholm. Almost classic Detroit Techno tracks with some jazzy influences from these guys that have been playing around and tweeking their Deep Bass Nine, TB-303, Korg DW8000 and Yamaha DX7 & DX10, sprinkling some samples on top with the Casio FZ-10M since 1994.