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Ricardo Miranda presents Latin Soul Brothas - Bomba Is Black [Neroli]

A1 - Bomba Is Black

A2 - Back From Detroit

B1 - Termino Mi Amor (GU extended remix)

B2 - Mod Pad

Right after Neroli’s 10th anniversary second celebration EP the label are back with more of Ricardo Miranda's magic! Ricardo and the Latin Soul Brothas serve once again a mix of deep spiritual latin tinged house rhythms. "Bomba is Black", "Back from Detroit" and "Mod Pad" are all hypnotic deep yet organic jams that deserve to be heard! Also included an unreleased extended remix by Glenn Underground of "Termino Mi Amor", a now classic song released by Ricardo on Vega Records from a few years back

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Bleep 043 Podcast 203 - Juanpablo


1. ArD2 - Those People - (Unreleased)
2. ArD2 - Utopia - (Unreleased)
3. Japanese Synchro System - Check It Spread It (Carl Craig Rmx) - Life Line
4. Twilight Ritual - Fear Of Loosing You (Sneaker Rmx) - Frigio (Unreleased)
5. Microsmiles - Drugs Are Right - Logistic Records
6. Keith Tucker - My Mental State - Seventh Sign
7. 2 AM/FM - Desolate Cities - M.O.S
8. Juanpablo ft Vinz Vincenzo - Sea People - Frigio (Unreleased)
9. Virgo - Knightro - Rush Hour
10. Sfera Celeste Project - Celestial Stars - Visitors
11. Loosefingers - What Is House? - Alleviated
12. Lektroluxe - Cybernautics &Neuro Antics - Frigio (Unreleased)
13. Jeff Mills - Something In The Sky / part6 (track3) - Something In The Sky
14. Juanpablo - Oldest Language - Frigio
15. Arcanoid - Force Of Gravity - Tesla
16. Funckarma - Mepeche - Thin Consolation
17. Dj F - Suspense - Semantica
18. Black Devil - No Regrets - Rephlex

LWE Podcast 92: Iron Curtis


01. Robag Wruhme, “Brücke Eins” [Pampa Records]
02. Black Jazz Consortium, “Message” [Deep Explorer]
03. Baaz, “Way Out Citti” [white*]
04. Tara Cross & Henk Wallays, “Microphone Connection” [Vinyl-on-demand]
05. Ta’Raach, “A BC Date” (Edit) [All City Records]
06. Moodymann, “The Set Up … Then Imma Come Lookin For You!” [KDJ]
07. Specter, “Bazerko” [Tetrode Music]
08. Blaze ft. Alexander Hope, “How Deep Is Your Love” (Acapella)
[157 Shelter Records]
09. Marcellus Pittman, “If The Earth Could Talk” [Unirhythm]
10. Jason Lev & Cedric, “Call Us Cool” [Truth Is Light]
11. Jerome Derradji & Rahaan, “The Way It Goes” [Stilove4music]
12. Jürgen Paape, “Triumph” [Kompakt]
13. Shake, “Simpatico” [Frictional Recordings]
14. 2562, “Aquatic Family Affair” [When In Doubt]
15. Iron Curtis, “In A Shady Rainy Backyard” [white*]
16. WK7, “Higher Power” (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
17. Stephen Brown, “Status Byte Part 1″ [Djax-Up-Beats]
18. Unit Moebius, “Biosoft” [Bunker Records]
19. Mr De’, “Superugly” (Funk Piano Mix) [Electrofunk Records]
20. Sha-lor, “I’m In Love” [ZYX Records]
21. Tevo Howard, “The Instruction” (Acid Mix) [Hour House Is Your Rush Records]
22. Marvin Belton, “Love Will Find A Way” (Dark Dub) [Ferrispark]
23. John Osborn, “Epoch 4″ (V2) [TANSTAAFL]
24. Gesloten Cirkel, “Insummer” [Moustache Techno]
25. Vakula, “Beat Ja” [3rd Strike Records]
26. Emmanuel Top, “Flux” (Sunshine People Edit) [white*]

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Marcel Fengler - Thwack (remixes) [Mote Envolver]

A1 - Thwack (Norman Nodge remix)

A2 - Thwack (PAS remix)

B - Thwack (Mike Parker remix)

Marcel Fengler doesn't mess around, and neither does he with his productions. Released in May last year, his "Thwack EP" showcased the kind of pulsing, throbbing techno sound that few other producers can equal in intensity. It was a perfect match for Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver imprint that continues a fresh and consistent release schedule of heavy, driving techno records. Whether marked by their distinctive "Berghain sound", their relentless intensity, or simply their affinity for the dance floor, Mote-Evolver's releases remain unmatched for their quality.
Now, having gathered together some of the most seasoned techno producers, Mote-Evolver presents three remixes of Marcel Fengler's "Thwack."

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LWE Podcast 91: Milton Bradley

Redshape - PG Podcast 042


1. Dirk Von Lowtzow: “Tod In Theben I” (Dial)
2. Phidias: “Cygnus Astratus” (Freund Der Familie)
3. Japanese Synchro System: “Check It, Spread It (C2 Main Mix)” (Life Line)
4. Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir: “Arise (Trus'Me Remix)” (Syncrophone)
5. Jeremiah Feat. Vusa Mkhaya: “Khawuleza (Oracy's Phantom Sound Mix)” (Base)
6. Redshape: “Manhatten” (Delsin)
7. Urban Tribe: “Program 1” (Mahogani)
8. XDB: “Desert Storm” (Metrolux)
9. E-Dancer: “The Move (D-Wynn Mix)” (KMS)
10. Jay Ahern: “Deep In The Feeling (Morgan Geist Re-Version)” (Cheap & Deep)
11. RNDM: “Hideaway (Dub)” (Laid)
12. Ultramarine: “Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)” (Real Soon)
13. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli: “Serenity (Soundstream's Dusty Machine Mix)” (Ostgut Ton)
14. E-Dancer: “Heavenly (Juan Atkins Re-Mix)” (KMS)
15. Redshape: “Son Of A…” (Present)
16. Fitchie Feat. Joe Dukie: “Midnight Marauders” (Sonar Kollektiv)

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domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Legowelt - Mixtape For Viceland

Mike Huckaby Show - July 2011 - CJam Detroit 99.1 FM

1. BJak - your Love ft Janet Cruz(Above Smoke Remix) [Deep Explorer]
2. James Johnston - Move Forward [City Fly Visions]
3. Baaz - Sidewalk [Minuendo]
4. The Warm Signal - Roller [Audio Parallax]
5. James Johnston - Feeling Good In the dark (Moodymix) [4Lux]
6. JP Source - On The Reed Again (Part 2) [Audio Parallax]
7. Moodymanc - Paint It Black (Larry Heards After Dark Mix [Tsuba Colours]
8. Bearight - Lovestoned [Boe Digits]
9. The All City Harmony Show - I See (Moodymanc Deep Reflection Mix) [Ornate]
10. Deymare - Then Some More [Morris Audio Citysport Edition]
11. Brawther - Space Funk (Deep Club Mix) [Secretsundaze]
12. Dubbyman - Kirigi Is Coming [Ornate]

Mike Huckaby Show - July 2011 - CJam Detroit 99.1 FM by Lel

Specter exclusive mix for Tetrode\Downbeat Party

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Mike Dehnert - Bricolage [Fachwerk]

A1 - Montage

A2 - Isolateur

B1 - Treibholz

B2 - Picon

Fachwerk delivers one after another twelve that stands out!. Straight no nonsense tracks from Mike Dehnert who is the talk of the town after his heavy Delsin album released earlier this year. Clean and powerful produced tracks that each has its own character making this one of the most versatile and intimate releases Mike Dehnert ever produced.

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Recondite - Plangent #002

A1 - Haptic

B1 - Backbone

B2 - Yield

After the well recieved Plangent 01 release Recondite continues with further explorations of the sonic scenerie. The three tracker gets off with a lovely post Basic Channel, Dub Techno interpretation of a techno track for the warmer days. The B side does a great job in fusing soft beats and low key melodies with raw structure,drive and pressure. Plangent records slowly becomes the face for the otherside of Berlin techno together with a label such as Giegling. Gritty deep techno, with some influences from Dubstep here and there... slowly moving away from the much abused Detroit reference.

The Echelon Plan - Black Dots In An Ocean Of White [Inchoate]

A1 - Live Forever

A2 - Pulsations

B1 - Reunions (Delta Funktionen mix)

B2 - Reunions

Surface Records launches its sister label – Inchoate. Inchoate has been created with the intention of releasing the purist house sounds to be found, without boundaries and limitations. Expect the unexpected, forthcoming releases have some weird and wonderful guests, with artists from London, Detroit via Paris and Berlin. The first release kicks off with great gusto, and sees the mysterious Echelon Plan drop 3 tracks of pure deepness. Couple this with a rather special guest remixer, in the form of Delsin wonder kid Delta Funktionen and you have an extremely exciting prospect indeed !

Redshape - Son Of A...[Present]

A - Son Of A...

B - Kracken's Game

Hot on the heels of the brilliant 'In Trust We Space' EP, Redshape delivers two more top quality techno tracks on his own label Present. 'Son Of A...' brings back the freestyle craziness of the masked one, which we know of tracks like 'Dog Day'. Going acid in the Redshape-way! 'Kracken's Game' is more of a synthy slow builder - setting a densed atmosphere.

Laurel Halo - Constant Index (Actress Violet Remix)

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Nuel - Aquaplano Ltd 03

A1 - Untilted

A2 - Untilted

B1 - Untilted

B2 - Untilted

Donato Dozzy's buddy Nuel is back at the helm for the third Aquaplano Ltd twelve which holds four cuts of intergalactic electro leaning techno futurism.

Eduardo De La Calle - The Concept Sampler [Analogue Solutions]

A1 - The Concept Sampler

A2 - Jonson Sampler

B1 - Food & Revolutionary Sampler

More explorations of the murky depths of techno in its rawest form from the Analogue Solutions camp, this time with the brilliantly monikered Eduardo De La Calle at the helm. Pressed up on red marble vinyl, the grubby bass of "Jonson Sampler" marginally outdoes the rubbery synth work of "The Concept Sampler" in the 'how to impress Juno' stakes. Flip over for the subtly epic "Food & Revolutionary Sampler" which is doused in swathes of Millsian techno paranoia.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Dadub /IA/MIX_27

MDF - "LED" (Farmacia 901)
Marcel Dettmann - "Home" (Ostgut Ton)
Xhin - "Key" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Inigo Kennedy and Isodyne- "Lagrange Point" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Dadub - "Metropolis" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Aoki Takamasa - "Rn4-09"(Raster Noton)
Blawan - "Fram" (Hessle Audio)
Ramadanman - "Blimey" (Hessle Audio)
Pangaea - "You and I" (Hessle Audio)
Cyclo. - id#01 (Raster Noton)
Emptyset - "Gate" (Caravan)
Pfirter - "Universe (Edit Select Dub)" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Xhin - "Plexus" (Meerestief)
2562 - "This Is Hardcore" (When in Doubt)
Peverelist - "The Blues" (Tectonic)
Pfirter - "Audiometria (Lucy Remix)" (Stockholm LTD)
Kode9 and The Spaceape "Kryon (feat. Flying Lotus)" (Hyperdub)
Randomer - "Brunk" (Hessle Audio)
Burial - "Stolen Dog" (Hyperdub)
Alva Noto & Sakamoto - "Micron III" (Raster Noton)
Andrea Congia - "Mari" (Mime)
Andrea Congia - "Assulenu" (Mime)
Dadub - "No Struggle (feat. Peak)" (Aquietbump)

Anthony Shake Shakir - Piper [Frictional Recordings]

A1 - Piper

B1 - So Delivered

B2 - Millenium Blues

Should you ever be quizzed as to why exactly Mr Shakir prefers to called "Shake", direct that inquisitive soul to the A Side of the Detroit hero's latest release. Shaking is one way to describe the sensation that runs through "Piper" as drums rattle with a roughness of texture unparalleled to these ears. Faint strains of calypso melodies permeate throughout amidst a sea of huge sounding sub bass which makes for one of the most militantly thrilling techno tracks we've heard in a long, long time! Changing tact, Shakir lays two heaving slabs of Motor City beatdown across the B Side with "So Delivered" alternating between slickly chopped drums and searing pads and Eastern wood block rhythms, whilst "Millenium Blues" provides a more solemn, downtrodden excursion through rusted metallic head nod material.

John Heckle - Extrovert/Introvert [Tabernacle Records]

A1 - r136

A2 - My Only Hope

B1 - The Extrovert/Introvert

B2 - Where Are You Now?

John Heckle featured on our first release and returns with an E.P. that demonstrates why he’s regarded by many as one of the most promising producers around. His music displays an impeccable understanding of classic house and techno, whilst maintaining a freedom and originality.

Aroy Dee - Zero'' // podcast #048

RA Label of the Month 1107 Mix: Restoration


Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits (Appointment Remix 1) (Decks Reworx)
Creative Swing Alliance - Now (Loving You) (MCDE)
Marieu - Light 1 (Enlightened Wax)
The Analogue Cops - CRC 09 (Restoration)
The Guy On The Couch - Time Stopping (Earth Mothern)
Lucretio - A Mountain (Machines State)
Third Side meets nd_baumecker - Retro Vogue (Restoration)
Roy Davis Jr. - Symphonic Days (Chord 44 Records)
Appointment - A1 on AP-004 (Appointment)
Lucretio - Thinking Right (Restoration)
Lucretio - Loveliness (Competence Dubplates)
Lucretio - Ion Storm (Competence Dubplates)
Third Side meets nd_baumecker - Burning (Restoration)
Marieu - Light 3 (Enlightened Wax)
Soul Providers feat. Michelle Shellers - Rise (Bini & Martini Vocal Mix) (Ocean Traxx)
Lucretio - The Peace (Machines State)
Steffi ft. Virginia - You Own My Mind (The Analogue Cops Remix) (Ostgut Ton)
Dwayne Jensen - I See the Sun Light (Soiree Records)
Appointment - B1 on App-002 (Appointment)
Michael Frosinone - No. 1 (side A) (Unpredictable Records)
Ballistiq Beats - Yardman Riddim (Instrumental) (Keysoundrecordings)

Download: RA Label of the Month 1107 Mix: Restoration

DJ Qu - Resident Advisor (RA.267)

  1. Slam Mode - Eternal [Ibadan]
  2. Chris Brann - Tama Felise [Obliq Sound]
  3. Fred P - FP Project4 [Unreleased]
  4. Amo E Mathieu - Lamb Of Sun [Earthumental]
  5. Levon Vincent - WKO [Unreleased]
  6. Aybee - 11:11 [DeepBlak]
  7. Dennis Ferrer - Red Room (Beat Loop) [Objectivity]
  8. Big Moses - Brighter Days [Nite Grooves]
  9. DJ Jus-Ed - Gitty Up [Unreleased]
  10. The HouseFactors - Play It Loud [Black Market Int.]
  11. DJ Qu - In This Society [Unreleased]
  12. Kit Clayton - Belt Frictional Problem (DJ Qu's Edit) [Throw]
  13. D.F.T - Weird Or Wired
  14. Danza Electronica - Ritmo Total [Federation Of Drums]
RA.267 DJ Qu

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DJ Deep - Deeply Rooted Mix

Sigha - The Politics Of Dying [Our Circula Sound]

A1 - The Politics Of Dying

A2 - Over The Edge (Shifted remix)

B - The Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin remix)

Sigha wastes no time in treating us to more of his pressurised, crunchy techno - swiftly following that crucial Hotflush release with the second drop on his own imprint Our Circula Sound. If heads were impressed when Dettmann was enticed into providing a remix for the last twelve then those same heads will be further dazzled with the accompanying remixes cast for "The Politics Of Dying", with both James Ruskin and Shifted onboard. This shouldn't shift the spotlight away from Sigha however as the original title track is filled with the sort of metallic textures and tightly wound rhythms that are perfectly suited for the dark spaces. The mysterious Shifted takes on "Over The Edge" and delivers a darkly brooding techno odyssey with controlled percussion rattles and dubby nether regions. Ruskin hogs the B Side with an elongated version of the title track delving deep into the dystopian ether with menacing results.

San Laurentino - Traces [Mathematics]

A1 - Magnetic Steps

A2 - Traces (feat Madmatt)

B1 - The Olympians

B2 - Lazy Angels

New signing to the Mathematics label, San Laurentino brings this EP after his great release on the Electric Minds imprint. “Magnetic Steps” is a slow electronic journey while the title track flies farther into space. “The Olympians” and “Lazy Aangels” on the flip continue the cosmic feel.

jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

In Loving Memory 4:4 + Special 1 [Styrax Records]

A1 - Sven Weisemann - Deep Passion (Sven Repassion mix)

A2 - Morphosis - They Just Don't Care

B1 - Lowtec - Stamping Ground

B2 - STL - Laio

C1 - John Daly - Birds

C2 - Derek Carr - 25th

D1 - John Beltran - Rainy Day Savior

D2 - Sam McQueen - Simple Pleasures

A - Ron Trent - Piano Track

B1 - Larry Heard - Dolphin Dream

B2 - Herbert - Fat King Fire

C - Isolee - Raum Zwei

D1 - Reggie Dokes - Black Thoughts (The Tribal mix)

D2 - DJ Qu - Be Who You (main mix)

Styrax Records presents the last part from the serie "In Loving Memory". The release comes with an artwork by James March, best known for collaborating with the seminal 80's band Talk Talk, producing all their iconic album covers. The sleeve is used for the acceptance of all "In Loving Memory" parts 1 to 4. As special bonus the Special1 (2x12inch vinyl) with rare and classic tracks y Ron Trent, Larry Heard, Herbert, Isolée, Reggie Dokes and Dj Qu.

TLR (Crème Organization) - Juno Plus Podcast 12

Redhook-Uzuri Session a Mix By Anthony Parasole

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Anstam - Baldwin

ANSTAM // BALDWIN ( unofficial music video ) from Nikita von Teickenberg on Vimeo.

Sounds From The Planet Delsin - Promo Mix July 2011


01 John Beltran - Nephila's Oneiric (Sven's Glorify Tribute To John Beltran) (Delsin 087)
02 JT - Swfysu (Indische Buurt 01)
03 Conforce - Luminous (Delsin 089)
04 Redshape - Kracken's Game (Present 09)
05 Aroy Dee - Beauty (MOS 014)
06 Aroy Dee - Beauty (Ra.H's Cabinet Mix) (MOS 014)
07 Area Forty_One - Coalescence (Ann Aimee 014)
08 Morphosis - Dirty Matter (NWAQ's Via Mezzacapo Dub) (Delsin MMD R1)
09 John Beltran - Brilliant Flood (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) (Delsin 089)
10 Mike Dehnert - Palindrom (Delsin 086)
11 Redshape - In Trust We Space (Present 08)
12 Conforce - Vacuum (Delsin 089)
13 D'Marc Cantu - Set Free (MOS Deep 005)
14 R-A-G - Rage (MOS Deep 006)
15 Mike Dehnert - Phase Response (Delsin 085)
16 Area Forty_One - Raindrop Prelude (Ann Aimee 014)
17 Delta Funktionen - Theatre (Ann Aimee 013)
18 Redshape - Static (Ann Aimee Upcoming)
19 Chicago Skyway & DCook - Lager (Obsolete Music Technology Remix) (MOS Deep 007)
20 Morphosis - Wild In Captivity (Delsin MMD)
21 Mike Dehnert - Moment (Delsin 085)
22 Delta Funktionen - Another dimension (Ann Aimee 015)
23 Delta Funktionen - Torpor (Ann Aimee Upcoming)
24 Area Forty_One - Mjolnir (Ann Aimee 014)
25 Mike Dehnert - Framework (Delsin 086)
26 Morphosis - Androids among us (Just For One Day remix) (Delsin MMD R1)
27 Area Forty_One - Cumulonimbus (Ann Aimee 014)
28 John Beltran - Water Colored Dreams (Delsin 088)

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Morphology - Urania's Mirror Remixes [Zyntax Motorcity]

A1 - Absence Of Matter (Hardfloor remix)

A2 - Hydrus Constellation" (Headnoaks remix)

B1 - Bit Space (Legowelt remix)

B2 - Origins Of Life (Arne Weinberg remix)

Those electro nuts who indulged in Urania's Mirror , the excellent debut set from Finnish analogue experts Morphology, might just elicit a shriek of excitement at this twelve inch shaped addendum from Zyntax Motorcity given who the Detroit label have enlisted on remix duties! Hardfloor, Legowelt, Arne Weinberg and Headnoaks each tackle tracks from the album on this classy looking (and decidedly weighty) white twelve inch with the legendary German 303 manipulators opening proceedings with a taut acid refix of "Absence Of Matter" which quickly settles into a Martian groove of multiple acid ripples. It's the accompanying remix of "Hydrus Constellation" from compatriot Headnoaks that impresses more, delivering a more expansive acid soundscape that cascades with metallic fractals of electro rhythms across a bed of almost Miami centric bass. From these experimental embers, Legowelt swerves it all back towards the floor with an elegantly poised take on "BIT-Space" that sees deep orchestral movements and odd vocal tones embellish a shuffling house groove with typical Wolfers eccentricity.

Dj Yoav B - Made Like a Tree Podcast 049


1. DJ Yoav B - Love Iz [Delsin]
2. DJ Yoav B - Électricité [Meakusma]
3. DJ Yoav B - Hot One [Wabi Sabi]
4. DJ Yoav B - Temptation [Syncrophone]
5. DJ Yoav B - Love Dub [Delsin]
6. DJ Yoav B - Wisdom Bop [Meakusma]
7. DJ Yoav B - Peace [Syncrophone]
8. DJ Yoav B - Soul Surrender [Delsin]
9. DJ Yoav B - Bust A Groove [Wabi Sabi]
10. DJ Yoav B - Boogie Down Saturn [Wabi Sabi]
11. DJ Yoav B - Sunset Glow Disco [Meakusma]

Silent Servant - El mar (Svreca Remixes) [Semantica]

A - El Mar (Svreca remix 1)

B - El Mar (Svreca remix 2)

This new Semantica release is a bit different compared to their last few releases. A more dancefloor orientated house/techno hybrid by Silent Servant (and including a remix by Oscar Mulero) which is of the same high quality as his releases on Sandwell District and Historia y Violencia.

Aiken - Mer [Semantica]

A1 - Mer

A2 - Changed Life

B1 - Conclusion (Architectural remix)

B2 - Trust Ourselves

Three tracks of darker, rolling Techno on the debut vinyl outing for Aiken, backed with an Architectural remix by Reeko. Aiken's original productions skirt pneumatic Dub Techno on 'Mer' and more hypnotic, slinkier pumps on 'Changed Life', or dissonant, metallic stomp of 'Trust Ourselves'. Reeko's Architectural remix of 'Conclusion' is more experimental, leaning towards an aquatic, bass-driven Dub Tech swing.

domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Miles - Facets [Modern Love]

A1 - Flawed

A2 - Lustre

B1 - Primer

B2 - On the fly

Miles Whittaker has been an integral part of the Modern Love label since its inception in 2002 - as one half of both Pendle Coven and Demdike Stare, as well as his own productions under the MLZ and Millie monikers. After almost 15 years writing music, this is the first release Miles is putting out under his own name and marks a turning point of sorts in his production style, or rather, in its sequencing. The Facets EP brings together different ends of his production style, unifying elements of the House and Techno he\ s most commonly released as MLZ together with the more broken production signatures usually reserved for Millie and the darkened tribalism of Demdike Stare. \ Flawed\ opens the set with a Linn loop from the archives, stretched and slowed down with an intoxicated aesthetic that\ s somewhere between House and Dub, before \ Lustre\ re-configures source material originally keyed in by labelmate Andy Stott with a nice line in squashed percussion. \ Primer\ on the flip extends from a Demdike Stare outtake and veers off into an analogue drum machine workout, before \ On The fly\ ends the set with a recording made straight to mixing desk from an array of mis-wired and malfunctioning drum boxes, contact microphones and samplers, over at his studio The Mill earlier this year.

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Actress - Maze

Actress/Maze from Luke Alexander on Vimeo.

Levon Vincent - Man Or Mistress [Novel Sound]

A1 - Man Or Mistress

B1 - Making Headway

B2 - No Regrets

The return of Levon Vincent!!! It's over 18 months since he dropped the masterful 'Double Jointed Sex Freak', and aside from a couple of low key remixes on Moodmusic and UQ we've been left starving for new material. As expected, his production is super right and tight, built for soundsystems capable of handling his signature bass weight and those massive kicks. Spanning the A-side 'Man Or Mistress' haughtily minces up to a teasing square bass before stealthily unleashing an almighty synthline for macho movers and the ambiguous Adonis inside you. By the track's end it's pure tops-off time. Flip him over and 'Making Headway' serves a non-too-subtle arrangement of panting, barking noises over thrusting subs with that wide-style New York spaciousness, and finally 'No Regrets' deploys sweetly forlorn vocal licks on a more warped kicker for the midday dancing crew.

Move D - Workshop 13




Another excellent outing from Move D on Workshop, quite possibly his best and most diverse yet. The A-side is one of those insinctively jazzy numbers he specialises in, working in a distinct Afro-rhythmic lilt with bobbling marimba-like patterns around sensually tingling strings and light-headed guitar licks. Lush! B-side finds a more muscular House groove powered by chunky Toms and seductive chords corralled with an unmistakable expertise, and tips out to a down-slow Boogie soul joint in his deeply charming style.