viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Juan Pablo - Mother mountain [Frigio Records]

Frigio presents “Mother Mountain EP” by Juanpablo. Featuring a remix by Arcanoid (Tesla), vocals by Josh Werner (Gramaphone, Antennae, Chicago) and a special collaboration by Vinz Vincenzo.
Following his “Dream EP” release last year that featured an amazing J.T.C. remix, Juanpablo drops us this time another especial EP called “Mother Mountain”. Last year his song Dream was reviewed by some specialized media as hard to describe but easy to love and we think that the first track on this record Mother Mountain will get a similar description.
Sea People is the second track and for this song Juanpablo has invited Spanish producer Vinz Vincenzo to collaborate with him in the production. This artist has been around for a long time and has made a lot of music in many different types that are not only from electronic genres and this gives a plus to the end result of this production.
And lastly, we have a remix of Mother Mountain by the mythic Spanish producer Arcanoid who has released on labels such as Tesla, Semantica, etc. His remix is pure techno, very hypnotic, dark and mental but always with his personal touch.

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Andy Stott - We Stay Together [Modern Love]

We Stay Together' is a brand new doublepack from Andy Stott, a companion piece of sorts to the radical inversions of the 'Passed Me By' EP released earlier this year. Its predecessor left many heads dazed upon impact - in the best possible sense - and these six tracks, produced in its wake, amp the pressure to throttling degrees. Entering the digital compression chamber of 'Submission' you become a willing participant, before the lights are cut and you're forced to adjust to the humid atmosphere and bruising, muscle-contracting darkroom throb of 'Posers'. Suitably initiated, the EP's fearless centrepiece 'Bad Wires' plunges into full on mud-party mode, dropping the tempo while intensifying the kinaesthetic funk with slow, clusterf*cked syncopation until you're drowning in synthesized oil and crushed-glass textures. Fully submerged by 'We Stay Together (Part One)' time becomes elasticated like worn VHS tape, calling to mind Jamal Moss and James Ferraro soundtracking a rave in a sodden, flooded sauna, before inescapably tumbling into the sheer black hole of 'Cherry Eye' and left to the slompy jack of 'Cracked'.

Vakula - Dub As Always/Untitled [Shevchenko]

A - Dub As Always

B - Track2

Ukranian-based House producer, Vakula presents th third in his boutique series, Shevchenko. A-side is a chunky Dub-House roller and the flipside contains 13-minutes of raw, spitting-circuit Techno done tracky, pure and analogue for the Jack.

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Joey Anderson (Inimeg/Strength/UQ) - Batti batti mix


1.Come This Far (FRED P Reshape)
2.Midnightopera (Workshop)
3.Scenario (Dettman&Klock)
4.Simple than Sorry (Omar S.)
5.bamboocity (Kuniyuki)
6.Pipebomb ( Specter )
7.The Law ( Dj Qu )
8.DEEPER ( Levon Vincent)
9. In a while ( Ben Klock )
10. REMOTE PEOPLE (Further Details)
12. Sorcery ( Joey Anderson ) cdr

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Yasuo Sato - The Hikari [Aesthetic Audio]

A1 - Spacelight

A2 - Gammawave

B1 - Mirage Of Night Sky

B2 - Stringent Jade Stone

Yasuo Sato’s formula for the number 13 release from Aesthetic Audio is an wonderful rollercoaster of deepness, raw substance and timeless music that clearly will keep heads nodding … can you see the light? This Side: Spacelight: begins the journey in pure deepness … beautiful chord structures & melodic synth arrangements give the project immediate lift off. Gammawave: is a bit of a bumpy and still gorgeous ride all at the same time … deepness all over the place, and then the lush chords arrive taking you to St. Elsewhere … That Side: Mirrage of Night Sky: is no frills raw essence and deepness. This dark beauty continues to build until your mind renders itself inside of the rhythm … Stringent Jade Stone: is sheer art, and the very essence of underground. This beautiful beater has very honest and innocent intentions … to leave a beautiful imprint on the canvass in your mind.

Steve Summers - In the Mode for Love [L.I.E.S]

A1 - In the Mode for Love

A2 - Different Paths

B1 - Nethermead Arches

B2 - Sunrise in Your Eyes

Jason Letkiewicz aka Steve Summers latest EP moves forward from his previous efforts touching upon the seedier and more jacking side of House music once was. Bringing to mind images of a more dangerous and exciting city where crack heads roamed free, hookers hooked, fiends copped bags and music existed as a reactionary reflection of its surroundings. Directly influenced by these times, Summers took his arsenal and concocted an emotional four song record that nods to this period as well as foreshadows the impending doom of a city wrapped in an airtight bubble.

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Vakula - You Cannot Resist [Shevchenko]

A - You Cannot Resist

B - Rural Dances

Vakula weighs in once again with the raw, untouchable and emotional warehouse music. Detroit and Chicago serve as only reference points, Ukraine acts as the surreal catalyst. You know the drill with these hand-stamped Shevchenko 12s.

Crystal Maze - Crystal Maze [aDepth Audio]

A1 - Crystal Maze

A2 - Motoneuron

B1 - Crystal Maze(Chicago Skyway remix)

B2 - Two Worlds

Amsterdam-based duo Crystal Maze have produced the ultimate mix of Detroit techno, Chicago house and electro. Their new EP also demonstrates they are capable of producing fabulous, timeless music. The enchanting title track 'Crystal Maze' captures the heart of the unsuspicious listener. It reflects the origins of electronic music, without the cliches, and is a journey into tranquility.‘Chicago Skyway' delivers aDepth audio's hottest, jackin' remix, seriously influenced by the original analogue sound of Chicago house. 'Motoneuron' evolves and pulsates, as if exploring the darkest, deepest spaces of the universe.'Two Worlds' is cinematic and downtempo, dizzying synths and a phat bassline.Crystal Maze are G-String and MaSpaventi who have, with Aroy Dee, previously released music as R-A-G on the M>O>S label.

Basic Soul Unit - Deep Diving [New Kanada]

A1 - Deep Diving

A2 - Herstory

B1 - For Some

B2 - Groundswell

Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit with 4 new cuts of submerged bass excursions for Nouveau Kanada. All tracks sound distinctly raw and heavy, but with modern nods to UK bass and spatial elektro. Stuart's deep appreciation of dusty house grooves shines through on all tracks - but his treatment of the lead cut Deep Diving pays homage to those dope Dance Mania B-sides of yore.

Jenifa Mayanja - Bu-Mako Experience 111

Northern Purpose 11 | Jose Rico

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

D'Marc Cantu - How Are We Doing? [Mos Recordings]

A - How Are We Doing?

B - A Second Earth

Next up in the 10'' series on MOS_deep another heavy 2-tracker of D'Marc Cantu, which will be followed by a (mini)-album later this year.The opening track is a fierce Chicago-styled banger kicking off with an extremely solid and frantic bassline while D'Marc's low-pitched voice asks us "How Are We Doing?". The track slowly evolves into a deep and atmospheric masterpiece with spatial strings slowly expanding throughout the track. "How Are We Doing?" is counter-balanced by the fragility and subtlety on the flipside. "A Second Earth" is a laid-back and emotional retro-futuristic techno track overflowing with sadness and melancholy, echoing the sounds of the artificial-intelligence era. Like a lost vessel drifting through space this track captivates and terrifies at the same time.

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Legowelt - Poverties Paradise [Echo Volt]

A1. Poverties Paradise

A2. Transmissions from Earth 2011

B1. El Horizonte

B2. Saucolito Park

Danny Wolfer’s is back again on Greece’s Echovolt label after last years acclaimed Comeback Dust remix.Once again we see his trademark style of soulful, narrative electronic music spread across these four barrio tinged tracks, the standout being the massive Poverties Paradise which is a deeply emotional vocal excursion reminiscent of some of the most classic Chicago cuts with the signature Legowelt stamp planted firmly on it.