martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

LWE Podcast 132: Ekoplekz


01. Flourescent Grey & Thorsten Soltau w/Marina Stewart, “Final Transmission From A Dead Space” (Replekz) [m.m Label]
02. Thought Broadcast, “Breaking Test” [Editions Mego]
03. Ekoplekz, “Soviet Drum Stems” [Punch Drunk*]
04. Innercity, “Bodycells Fortress” [Further Records]
05. Time Attendant, “Sanquine Campaigner” [Exotic Pylon]
06. Young Echo, “Ritual” [*]
07. Woebot, “Maplin” [Hollow Earth]
08. Libbe Matz Gang, “Toluene Blues” [Libertatia Overseas Trading]
09. Stuart Chalmers, “The Unseen Menace” [The Lows And The Highs Records]
10. Helm, “Stained Glass Electric” [Pan]
11. IX Tab, “Seconds (A Djinni Haniver)” [self-released]
12. KTL, “Phill 2″ [Editions Mego]
13. Eric Lanham,”No Ordinates” [Spectrum Spools]
14. Emptyset, “Interstice” [Subtext]
15. NHK, “Stomp 1″ [Pan]
16. Nick Edwards, “Plekzationz Part 1″ (extract) [Editions Mego]
17. Heatsick, “Vom Anderen Ufer” [Pan]
18. Tod Dockstader, “Electronic” (reMMix) [Mordant Music*]
19. eMMplekz, “The Square Quill” [Mordant Music*]

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