lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

V/A - Uncanny Valley 004

1 - Sneaker - You think you think

2 - Cvbox - Machinematch

3 - Stefan Lohse - Platschern

The Uncanny Valley-quartet is rounded up by the Ace of Spades. Before starting to release its first Artist-EPs, the compilation-series is rounded up for now with the roughest EP so far. Sneaker’s You Think You Think! takes no prisoners and comes with a dark bass line you can't really resist. The track is a musclebound monster and includes claps that are out of control and freaked out vocals by Sneaker himself. No less rough is cvbox' machinematch, even if its acid-thunderstorm builds up far more subtly. Finally, Plätschern by Stefan Lohse takes us on a 100-BPM-journey straight into analogue wonderland...

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