miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Kuba Sojka - Mysterious Intrigue [Mathematics]

A1 - Stupid Lover

A2 - Here Comes

B1 - Mysterious Intrigue

B2 - Magical Trumpeter

C1 - Do Not Be Afraid

C2 - Awakening Silesia

D1 - Voyager 1

D2 - Metropolis

D3 - I Can't Stop(Acid mix)

Splendidly full spectrum dedication to Detroit and Chicago from Poland's Kuba Sojka. 'Mysterious Intrigue' is his second release on Mathematics, expanding ont the 'Bright Shadow Of A Star' showcase with two plates spanning beatdown, piano House, acid and more romantical styles. The first late is largely more loved-up and smoky, but the second covers the ruder stuff, from the climactic peaks of 'Do Not Be Afraid' to the hard-bodied wriggle of 'I Can't Stop (Acid Mix)'.

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