viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

The Please - 's-Gravendijkwal [Purple Maze]

A1 - Abodigital Dishwasher

A2 - Laserguided Weapon

B1 - Sampler Crack

B2 - Sealed With A Kiss

Anonymous new Dutch imprint Purple Maze is to make its entrance into the under world of electronic music courtesy of a 4 track EP from The Please on September 26th 2011. The Dutch duo comprised of Hans Verhaag & Minggus Dorpmans favour lo-fi, often slo-mo sounds that cross pollinate house music with a whole other world of leftfield electronic sounds, and do just that on this new EP. A1 ‘Abodigital Dishwasher’ is a raw and lazy house beat that’s fleshed out with plenty of reverb, a languorous bassline and some warm male groans. It’s unhurried to the point of almost being stood still, yet as it slowly churns you can’t not listen in….‘Laserguided Weapon’ is a much more kaleidoscopic cut with glassy sounds, tinkling melodies and drippy keys all running down the face of some Fly-Lo like syncopated hip-hop beats, whilst ‘Sampler Crack’ is a moody and broody wedge of knackered, rough edged house that eventually splutters and spurts into life as something much more rhythmically complex but equally beautiful.The wide-reaching EP closes with ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ which glistens like chillwave, samples soul vocals expertly and marries the whole thing with plucked guitars and louche drums… it’s dynamic and dense, but hugely evocative just like the EP overall.

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