lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

RA Label of the Month 1107 Mix: Restoration


Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits (Appointment Remix 1) (Decks Reworx)
Creative Swing Alliance - Now (Loving You) (MCDE)
Marieu - Light 1 (Enlightened Wax)
The Analogue Cops - CRC 09 (Restoration)
The Guy On The Couch - Time Stopping (Earth Mothern)
Lucretio - A Mountain (Machines State)
Third Side meets nd_baumecker - Retro Vogue (Restoration)
Roy Davis Jr. - Symphonic Days (Chord 44 Records)
Appointment - A1 on AP-004 (Appointment)
Lucretio - Thinking Right (Restoration)
Lucretio - Loveliness (Competence Dubplates)
Lucretio - Ion Storm (Competence Dubplates)
Third Side meets nd_baumecker - Burning (Restoration)
Marieu - Light 3 (Enlightened Wax)
Soul Providers feat. Michelle Shellers - Rise (Bini & Martini Vocal Mix) (Ocean Traxx)
Lucretio - The Peace (Machines State)
Steffi ft. Virginia - You Own My Mind (The Analogue Cops Remix) (Ostgut Ton)
Dwayne Jensen - I See the Sun Light (Soiree Records)
Appointment - B1 on App-002 (Appointment)
Michael Frosinone - No. 1 (side A) (Unpredictable Records)
Ballistiq Beats - Yardman Riddim (Instrumental) (Keysoundrecordings)

Download: RA Label of the Month 1107 Mix: Restoration

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