viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Levon Vincent - Man Or Mistress [Novel Sound]

A1 - Man Or Mistress

B1 - Making Headway

B2 - No Regrets

The return of Levon Vincent!!! It's over 18 months since he dropped the masterful 'Double Jointed Sex Freak', and aside from a couple of low key remixes on Moodmusic and UQ we've been left starving for new material. As expected, his production is super right and tight, built for soundsystems capable of handling his signature bass weight and those massive kicks. Spanning the A-side 'Man Or Mistress' haughtily minces up to a teasing square bass before stealthily unleashing an almighty synthline for macho movers and the ambiguous Adonis inside you. By the track's end it's pure tops-off time. Flip him over and 'Making Headway' serves a non-too-subtle arrangement of panting, barking noises over thrusting subs with that wide-style New York spaciousness, and finally 'No Regrets' deploys sweetly forlorn vocal licks on a more warped kicker for the midday dancing crew.

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