martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Yasuo Sato - The Hikari [Aesthetic Audio]

A1 - Spacelight

A2 - Gammawave

B1 - Mirage Of Night Sky

B2 - Stringent Jade Stone

Yasuo Sato’s formula for the number 13 release from Aesthetic Audio is an wonderful rollercoaster of deepness, raw substance and timeless music that clearly will keep heads nodding … can you see the light? This Side: Spacelight: begins the journey in pure deepness … beautiful chord structures & melodic synth arrangements give the project immediate lift off. Gammawave: is a bit of a bumpy and still gorgeous ride all at the same time … deepness all over the place, and then the lush chords arrive taking you to St. Elsewhere … That Side: Mirrage of Night Sky: is no frills raw essence and deepness. This dark beauty continues to build until your mind renders itself inside of the rhythm … Stringent Jade Stone: is sheer art, and the very essence of underground. This beautiful beater has very honest and innocent intentions … to leave a beautiful imprint on the canvass in your mind.

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