sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

D'Marc Cantu - How Are We Doing? [Mos Recordings]

A - How Are We Doing?

B - A Second Earth

Next up in the 10'' series on MOS_deep another heavy 2-tracker of D'Marc Cantu, which will be followed by a (mini)-album later this year.The opening track is a fierce Chicago-styled banger kicking off with an extremely solid and frantic bassline while D'Marc's low-pitched voice asks us "How Are We Doing?". The track slowly evolves into a deep and atmospheric masterpiece with spatial strings slowly expanding throughout the track. "How Are We Doing?" is counter-balanced by the fragility and subtlety on the flipside. "A Second Earth" is a laid-back and emotional retro-futuristic techno track overflowing with sadness and melancholy, echoing the sounds of the artificial-intelligence era. Like a lost vessel drifting through space this track captivates and terrifies at the same time.

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