viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Obsolete Music Technology - Mmmmmmusic [Emphasis Recordings]

A1 - Mmmmmusic

A2 - Mmmmmusic(reprise)

B1 - Distance

B2 - Mmmmmusic (Chicago Skyway Pay Toll mix)

Following up the well received Relapse EP on Machining Dreams, DJ producer Steven Tang presents Mmmmmusic”under his Obsolete Music Technology moniker. The 4-track, 12 vinyl single focuses in on melody; which has become the signature sound and of his label, Emphasis. Upon first listen of the main title track, you will hear a driving TR-808 drum intro. Then lush, emotive pads and strings comes in over the top to give the listener that emotional hook. But setting off the track is the funky synth bass voice sounding off, Mmmmmusic! Backing the title track is the stripped down “Reprise Version” and Chicago Skyway's Pay Toll Mix, where the synth bass voice is extracted and cut up into Skyway’s frenectic drum programming style reminiscent of Steve Poindexter’s Work That Motherfucker.

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