lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Chris Gray / Moonchildren - Go Away (You've Got To) [Downbeat]

A1 - Go Away (You've Got To)

B1 - It Was The Fried Chicken That Saved Our Sanity (Because the Ghetto Is Sad)

B2 - Sun Of God

Fans of the classic Subwoofer record label or Deep4Life Recordings understand that the Moonchildren and their spacey-yet-groovey collection of electronic music are just a regular part of the Chicago deep life. With exception of special guest Jalal Ouissal, the other characters who've made appearances are honestly just different Chris Gray personalities, he confesses.
Sometimes we realy need a good way to deal with the screwed up situations that loving someone else can bring... so this dark, bubbly, slow-paced tech-house Downbeat EP Go Away (You've Got To) is right on time for those who need a fix. The title track yearns for that psycho lover to get the hell out of your life for good.
It Was The Fried Chicken That Saved Our Sanity (Because The Ghetto Is Sad) is not just a fancy song title. It's one way Chris survived living in the impoverished Mississippi Delta. His momma's fried chicken was magic. No joke. And we round out this sensual EP with Sun of God, which pays homage to the salvation and rare appearance that the sun brings during a long, wicked, brutally-cold Chicago Winter.

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