martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Yør - Modern Slaves Of Contemporary Contexts [PurpleMaze]

Expect to get lured into the Purple Maze with this third release by the Dutch imprint, once again by mysterious producer Yør with his “Modern Slaves Of Contemporary Contexts EP”. Again it will be a shadowy and esoteric dancefloor experience like few others. The EP starts with ‘ABCM’, a dystopian landscape of buzzing machines, ticking percussion and raw drums that builds and builds until eventually coalescing into a foreboding and roughshod house groove. The sound of circling space ships, dangling glass tubes and other odd effects flesh out the groove into something really quite intense. 'Dystopia' continues in Yør's tradition of contrary titles, because it's in fact a soothing cut doused in ambiance that relaxes you after the agro ride that went before. There are some bumpy beats underneath the whole thing but the large spaces above are what mostly occupy your mind, before 'Fear And Desire' comes over like a deep, spare Redshape cut: searching synths, a fine grain texture and plenty of disheveled Detroit vibes. Closer 'Phaedra's Love' is a scuffed deep house kicker with delicate tambourines, somber buried melodies and a only the faintest sense of optimism muffled in its concealed core... Modern Slaves Of Contemporary Contexts, then, is another great EP from an unordinary sonic world.

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