lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Hieroglyphic Being/Specter/Aroy Dee - Elusive Triumph [Sequencias]

A - Hieroglyphic Being – Night Thoughts(2AM remix)

B1 - Specter – Padded Cell

B2 - Aroy Dee – Shuffle

In the list of ways to impress with your debut release, Sequencias score highly with this triple drop of typically forward thinking house manoeuvres from Mathematics boss Jamal Moss, Aroy Dee from the M>O>S stable and your man Specter. Jamal Moss heads the queue with the disjointed, primal thump of “Night Thoughts (2am Mix)” under his Hieroglyphic Being guise, presenting the sort of almost scary house deviation that somehow crams several disparate elements together under one unifying, if off kilter rhythmic thrust. Those who were taken by the alien sounds of “Pipe Bomb” Specter’s release on Sound Signature earlier this year will no doubt be interested by “Padded Cell” which delights via the growing acid oscillations and the percussive sensations that positively bounce off the elastic bassline. Aroy Bee closes proceedings in fine style via “Shuffle” which is dipped in that all too elusive vintage techno flex, sounding very much like the product of 1980s Detroit as opposed to modern day Amsterdam.

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