miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Aybee/Miles Sagnia - Eternal Radiance [Atmospheric Existence]

A1 - Aybee - A Glance

A2 - Aybee - Isis

B1 - Miles Sagnia - Journey 2 Forever

B2 - Miles Sagnia - Journey 2 Forever" (Visual Foci reprise)

There are few artists who manage to successfully develop a signature style that not separates them from the rest. Aybee is one of those rare few that has managed to conquer a range of styles within his work from soul, techno, house and hip-hop under his many monikers. This time we see the US artist team up with Miles Sagnia for two cuts each on the Eternal Radiance EP on Sagnia's Atmospheric Existence imprint. Taking over the A-Side, Aybee serves up "A Glance" which oozes with classic US house charm. Acoustic piano chords and are layered on top of a chugging bassline and electronic melody, tightly produced and melting in its warmth. "Isis" gets heavier with a more underground vibe of crashing echoes and tinny drum arrangements. On the flip, Sagnia's "Journey 2 Forever" fuses multi-tracked choral chants, the impeccable sound of the Hammond and a rapid techy groove. His Visual Foci Reprise of "Journey 2 Forever" ditches the chants, instead opting for a sensual male vocal.

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