lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Jose Rico - Yagoba Itzoiten [Downbeat]

A1 - September Rain

A2 - September Rain (Urtzi remix)

B1 - Stage

B2 - Ciclico

After being enclosed for several years with his MPCs and synthesizers, José Rico carries out the fifth Downbeat 12”, influenced heavily by Detroit, Chicago and the gorgeous chords of jazz. The record starts with “September rain”, a classic deep house track with warm percussion, deep synths and an untreated piano. Perfectly capturing the mood of its title. Urtzi reworks it into a darker, more downbeat affair with spooky synths and a warbled bassline. Again the beauty lies in its restraint and sophistication. Flip over for “Stage” and its untreated drums, Hammond, vibes and keys placing it somewhere between Tetrode and Deep Transportation. Possessing an infinite quality that desires the track to be endless; definitely a record for the hazy daytime hours anyway. Finally we close on “Ciclico” and its strange but welcoming piano stabs and wobbly bassline. Gorgeous, and completely hypnotic. A diverse release for deep house lovers.

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