jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Sistol/Pole - The Synth Remixes [Slices Of Life]

A - Vladislav Delay as Sistol - "Keno" (The Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix - extended version)

B - Pole - "Silberfisch" (Mike Huckaby SYNTH remix)

Everyone's dream music teacher Mike Huckaby lets loose on Vladislav Delay and Pole on this excellent 12" for Slice Of Life. Huckaby's S Y N T H remix of "Keno" was a considered highlight of Remasters & Remakes, Halo Cyan's exhaustive remix project of Delay's SISTOL recordings from the late 90s. Released only on the Double CD and as download, it was begging for a vinyl release, and thanks to Slice of Life that is now possible. One long, bubbling Motor City groove primed for the early hours of a sweaty basement, it is complemented by Huckaby's equally fine revision of Pole's "Silberfisch", all driving sub bass intricacies and tightly wound metallic percussive grooves.

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