domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Damon Bell - Kush Musik Wax [Deepblack]

A1 - Ezuku

A2 - Idiya

B1 - Kymestry

B2 - Ezuku(Aybee Gorilla dub)

Oakland based Damon Bell curates his first vinyl release with >Kush Musik Wax<. Damons productions are always rich with mood, swing, and depth. This release plays on Damons archival tendencies as a DJ leaning heavily on his influences of Dub, Jazz, and all things Deep. The release starts off with Damons much heralded >Ezuku< which found its way onto the playlists of Rick Wilhite amongst others. >Idiya< displays Damons flair for arrangement as he twists the vibe midway thru landing you in a completely different space than the opening. >Kymestry< is an uplifting Deep House trip that brought a smile to the face of Ron Trent while at the Deepblak studios. Closing things out is label head AYBEE with a Deep mid-tempo Dub of >Ezuku<.

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