jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Yør - Rave [Purple Maze]

After some challenging an experimental offerings last time out, secretive musicos Purple Maze are to release their second offering, the Rave EP. It comes from equally low-key producer Yør, and is a release that operates a little closer to the dancefloor than maze 001.Despite the opening track’s title, though, ‘Rave’ is still no mindless banger. It’s heavy, analogue and deep house with a well-swung kick swaying back and forth to start it off. Soon as some minor chords drop in from above, though, the air turns dark and somber and things wallow. But with the arrival of some sandy hi-hats and grimy percussion, the mood grows optimistic rather than pessimistic, and picks up momentum as a result.‘Golden Boy’ is slightly more mobile from the off. Again taught analogue bass notes start it, but nebulous samples and percussive sounds flesh out the structure as a panning tick grows louder and a radiant synth line weaves its way throughout the whole mix, threating to explode into euphoria. As a result you stayed lock in, willing it to break out, but it doesn’t… the subtle joy of the chase is immeasurable.‘2712’ is like eavesdropping on a busy dancefloor from somewhere underground: The whole thing is in fine grain, with soft focus beats and indecipherable voices all muffled by static and tape hiss. It fades and dissipates with no warning and sounds as if it started long before we tuned in, and will go on long after the thing finishes… eerie, earthy stuff.

Maze002 - Yør - Rave EP by PurpleMazeMusic

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