jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Levon Vincent - Impressions Of A Rainstorm [Novel Sound]

A - Impressions Of A Rainstorm

B1 - Revs/Cost

B2 - Pivotal Moments In Life

Timeless, instant-classic material from the one and only Levon Vincent! Having played our copies of 'Man Or Mistress' and just about every other Levon 12" to the hilt by now, new material is always welcome, but he's spoiling us here. The A-side is a modern tribal House masterpiece, shaking the drums into a mammoth, speaker-owning subbass while layers of star-screaming synths expand and envelope your mind with jaw-dropping psychedelic dynamism. Then there's the B-side. 'Revs/Cost' opens the account with steppin' snare punctuations and rib crushing subs before a lashing dub chord rifles thru the whole thing, syncing with a flooded subbass to spine-chilling effect. For measure there's also the staggering 'Pivotal Moments In Life', a life-affirming piece of House music if we've ever heard one. Damn, the production values are just insanely high on each track. Calling this record anything less than essential would be a par.

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